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Mary Lou Noyes original


Mary Lou Noyes (adjusted)

Courtesy of Nancy Benton, this is a photo of Mary Lou Noyes, daughter of Ray Noyes and Bettie Brewer of Liberal, Missouri.

Mary Louise “Mary Lou” Noyes, b. Nov 15, 1913 at Liberal, died May of 1953 in Kansas City. At the age of 15, she married (1) Frank Bevans Jr., on Aug 10 1929 in Crown Point, Lake, Indiana. They divorce, and at the age of 19 she married (2) Philip J. Hurt on Sept 6 1933 in Carthage, Jasper, Missouri.

Mary Lou was living at Laurenburg, NC at time of Ray’s death in 1941.

“Mary Lou attended school at KSTC in Pittsburg, KS. She married Frank BEVANS first, then Philip HURT. She and Phil lived in Kansas City, KS. She died during an asthma attack and is buried in the Masonic Cemetery in Kansas City.”
SOURCE: Nancy Benton

“Mary Lou lived in Kansas City, but came home at least once a month. Most of the dresses I had in high school were her hand-me-downs. I was the envy of all. Since she could have no children of her own, she loved to spoil us.”
SOURCE: Nancy Benton Feb. 26 2001 email

Mary Lou died May 1953 at the age of 40. She had no children.

Obituaries for Elizabeth “Bettie” Brewer Noyes of Liberal, Missouri

We have two obituaries for Bettie Brewer. I appear to have lost the obitnoyesbbettie1.gif of the below obituary, but still have the second. Both were courtesy of Nancy Benton.

Elizabeth “Bettie” Brewer Noyes (line of the blog’s author) was the wife of Ray Noyes and daughter of David Nathaniel Brewer and Delana Louise Fowler.


“Mrs. Bettie NOYES, eighty-six, lifetime and prominent resident of the Liberal community, died at Oak Haven rest home at FT. SCOTT, Tuesday forenoon. The eighty six year old woman had been in frail health for the past five years, suffering from degeneration of the circulatory system. She had been a patient in the FT.SCOTT rest home for the past eighteen months.

“She was born on the farm of her parents, David Nathaniel BREWER and Delanie Louise BREWER, three and a half miles northeast of Liberal, July 22, 1877. She was married to Ray NOYES, a young LIBERAL farmer, in 1895.

“She and her husband settled on the Noyes homestead in the LIBERAL vicinity following their marriage, where they reared their children and took a prominent part in the general affairs of the community and in the Methodist church. At the death of her husband in 1941, the widow took up residence in LIBERAL where she remained until it was necessary for her to enter the rest home.

“She was the first person to be baptized as a member of the Methodist Church, in the organization of which her father had played a leading role. She was twelve years of age at that time, and maintained an abiding and devoted interest in the church throughout her lifetime.

“She leaves one son, Jim NOYES, widely known and successful LIBERAL farmer; and three daughters, Mrs. Charley BRYANT, well-known Liberal woman, Mrs. Cora DIXON, Shreveport, Louisiana, and Mrs. Lloyd MCKENNEY of Carthage. One daughter, Mrs. Mary Lou HURT, died in 1953.

“The body was taken to the Komantz (?) funeral home at FT. SCOTT to be prepared for burial. The last rites were set for 2:00 p.m. Saturday at the Methodist church at LIBERAL, the Rev. Lavrey LANEVILLE (?) officiating. Internment follows in the Liberal City….”

The remainder of the article is cut off.


Bettie Noyes obit 2

The second obituary for Bettie Brewer reads:


“Funeral services for Mrs. Betty Noyes who died July 9 at Oak Haven rest home in Fort Scott were held last Saturday afternoon at 2 o’clock in the Liberal Methodist church with the pastor, Rev. Larry Linville, officiating.

“Mrs. Evan Cooper and Mrs. Howard Talbott sang “How Great Thou Art” and “Rock of Ages.”

“Casket bearers were Albert Snodgrass, Raymond (?), Frank Miller, Rex Jackman, Bob Williams and Francis Jones.

“Mrs. Noyes was born July 22 1877 on a farm three and a half miles northeast of Liberal, the daughter of David Nathaniel Brewer and Delana Louise Brewer. She was married to Ray Noyes in 1895. They settled on a homestead in this vicinity and lived there until the death of Mr. Noyes in 1941. Mrs. Noyes moved into town after the death of her husband and resided at ther home on north Main street until 18 months ago when she entered the home at Fort Scott.

“Among those from a distance attending the funeral were Mr. and Mrs. Robert Benton and family of Tulsa, Okla., Mr. and Mrs. Vernon Smith of Selah, Wash., Mr. and Mrs. David Brewer, Mrs. A. Montgomery and Mrs. A. Moore of Everton, Mr. and Mrs. Schyler Brewer and Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Brewer of Stockton, Mr. and Mrs. Walter Brewer, Mr. and Mrs. Alva Brewer, Mr. and Mrs. Paul Brewer, and Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Brewer of Joplin, Mrs. and Mrs. Phillip Hurt and family of Prairie Village, Kan., Mrs. Stella Poindexter of Greenfield, Mr. and Mrs. Carl Spurling of Mapleton, Kan., Mrs. Pearl Ferona (?) of Lamar and Mr. and Mrs. John Daly of Carthage. ”

COMMENT: The Dalys were close friends of daughter Dorothy Nadeen and her husband, Lloyd McKENNEY. It would be interesting to know who the family of Vernon SMITH was, who came from Selah Washington for the funeral, Selah being where Jessie Brewer JONES, Bettie’s sister, had moved.

Delana Fowler Brewer and Family, Spring-Summer circa 1924

Delana Brewer and family, circa 1924

This photo is courtesy Nancy Benton who supplied identification. Left to right: Levy Jones with hands on son Herbert’s shoulder, Delana Brewer, Mary Brewer Spurling with Katherine (child of Mary or Jessie) in front; Jessie Brewer Jones; Bettie Brewer Noyes with Lena Minor in front; Mary Lou Noyes and Dorothy Noyes.


Delana Brewer and family, tinted, c. 1924

Delana Fowler Brewer was the wife of David Nathaniel who’d died in 1921 in Greenfield, Dade, Missouri. Levy Jones was a son-in-law, husband of daughter Jessie. Mary Brewer was another daughter, as was Bettie Brewer Noyes, wife of Ray Noyes. Mary Lou and Dorothy were daughters of Bettie Noyes. Lena Minor was a granddaughter of Bettie Brewer Noyes by Cora Vera Noyes and John J. Minor, Cora’s first husband.

Wonderfully enough, Jim and Dieanna Swearngin sent me a photo from the same reunion that had come down through Dieanna’s family which shows everyone gathered in front of the porch.

Image courtesy Dieanna and Jim Swearingen

From the look of the front porch, I think this photo was taken at the Ray Noyes home in Liberal, Missouri.

Ray Noyes and Bettie Brewer


Courtesy of Nancy Benton

Ray NOYES was born 4 Jan 1874 at Anna, Union, Illinois, the youngest of 6 known children and the 4th son born to James Allen NOYES and Caroline ATWELL. The family record reports he was 10 pounds at birth.

Obituary and family accounts vary as to when the move to the freethought community of Liberal, Barton Co., MO took place, but we have Caroline Atwell NOYES’ partial account of the three week trip which places it beginning August 9 1882, when Ray was eight years of age. He would remain in Liberal all his life, dying there 20 Jan 1941 and the age of 67 years and 16 days.

Ray married Elizabeth Jane “Bettie” BREWER, 24 June 1895, at Liberal. He was 21 and she was 17.

Elizabeth was the 5th of 11 children and the 2nd girl born to David Nathaniel BREWER and Delana FOWLER. She was born 22 July 1877 at Liberal, Barton Co. MO and died 9 July 1863 at Liberal Barton Co. MO. She is buried at the Liberal Cemetery.

Ray and Bettie would have five children between 1895 and 1913.

Ray came to Liberal with his family in 1881. It took three weeks to come from Anna, IL. He inherited the homestead east of Liberal and lived there until he died in 1941 of a heart attack brought on by a bout of asthma.

Papa was a true family patriarch. Whatever said was to be followed even by his grown children. He did not think it was proper for girls to wear short socks. One day he caught me at school with short socks. Was I ever in trouble. Not only did he go tell mother, but he bought 6 pair of silk hose and told her to make sure I wore them. I was not allowed to wear shorts or slacks and my dresses always had to fall below the knee.

SOURCE: Granddaughter Kathleen DORR communicating memories of Pansy, daughter of Ray

He was a small man (5’6″) but seemed like a giant to me. When he spoke, you jumped first and then asked where. He had a glass eye (resulting from a firecracker injury) which he enjoyed taking out and showing to us children.”

SOURCE: Pansy, daughter

They were probably the second most prosperous family in the county. Ray and Bettie continued to raise strawberries. I can remember going to their place and picking them. They also had an orchard and cattle.

SOURCE: Nancy Benton, granddaughter, 27 April 2003

Bettie was born on the farm of her parents 3-1/2 miles northeast of LIBERAL. She married Ray in 1895 and moved to the NOYES homestead east of LIBERAL.

In 1890 Bettie BREWER, age 12, daughter of David and Delanie BREWER who resided 3 1/2 miles NE of LIBERAL became the first person baptized at the Liberal Methodist Church. The church was organized December, 1889.

Mama NOYES, as she was known to her grandchildren, moved to LIBERAL after the death of Papa. She remained there until she could no longer take care of herself, then moved to home of daughter, Pansy. She was a very fashionable lady in her time. She collected pitchers and liked to garden.

She died at the Oak Haven Rest Home in FT. SCOTT, KANSAS, and is buried in the Liberal Cemetery.

SOURCE: Granddaughter Nancy Benton.

The children of Ray and Bettie were:

  1. Pansy Ruth Noyes b. Dec 8, 1895 at Liberal, died Sep 25, 1985 at Liberal. She married Charles Morton Bryant.
  2. Cora Vera Noyes b. Sep 14, 1897 at Liberal, died in September of 1982 at Shreveport, Louisiana. She married (1) John J. Minor, then (2) Will B. Dickson.
  3. Ray James Noyes b. Aug 8, 1903 at Liberal, died in 1969 at Liberal. He married (1) Mildred Snip, then (2) Eula Millard.
  4. Dorothy Nadeen Noyes b. Jan 13, 1908 at Liberal, died Apr 28, 1985 at Carthage, Missouri. She married Lloyd Clinton McKenney.
  5. Mary Louise “Mary Lou” Noyes, b. Nov 15, 1913 at Liberal, died May of 1953 in Kansas City. She married (1) Frank Bevans Jr., then (2) Philip J. Hurt

The 1900 census shows the family in Central, Barton, Missouri.

1900, Central, Barton, Missouri

James Allen NOYES is in the household of his son, Ray. Ray’s brother, Paul, lives several households down and his sister Viola is lilving with her husband several households preceding.

Sheet No. 3
Supervisor District 13
Enumeration District 18
5 June enumeration by David E. Harpole
( page 5)

Preceding households appear to be John RHINE, Thomas WILLIAMS, James HANSHAW, John SMITH and Charles DURHAM.
20 48/49 HARMON O. E. Head wm Dec 1854 age 45 married 21 yrs. b. Michigan F-Vermont M-New York Farmer 0 can read and write, 0 months unemployed, F F 50
21 E. Viola Wife wf Dec 1860 39 md 21 yrs, 1 child 0 living, b-Michigan F-Michigan M-Vermont can read and write
22 Robert adopted son wm Oct 1887 12 sg. b-Missouri F-Penn M-Michigan Farmer 9 months unemployed, can read and write
23-29 49/50 Frank and Nancy STONE household Farmer
30 59/51 William H. GRIVET household Farmer
31-33 51/52 Newton WINNER household Farmer
34 52/53 NOYES Ray Head wm Jan 1875 25 married 6 years b. Illinois f-Michigan m-Vermont Farmer can read and write O F F 54
35 Bettie Wife wf July 1877 22, 2 children 2 living, b- Missouri parents-Illinois, can read and write
36 Pansy Daughter wf Dec. 1895 4 sg b. Missouri f-Illinois m-Missouri
37 Cora Daughter wf Sept 1896 3 sg b. Missouri f-Illinois m-Missouri
38 James A Father wm Dec 1824 75 Wd b. Michigan Parents-NY can read and write

39 53/54 JACKMAN Henry Feb 1849 51 married 21 years b. Penn parents-Penn
40 Mabel March 1863 37 5 children, 3 living b. Michigan F-Michigan M-Rhode Island
41 Hiram July 1881 18 b. Missouri
42 Amy May 1880 20 b. Missouri
43 Benton Oct 1891 9 b. Missouri
44 54/55 BECKMAN George April 1866 34 married 7 years b. New York F-Prussia M-Germany
45 Emma 1871 28 2 children 2 living b. Indiana parents-Indiana
46 Harold 1894 5 b. Missouri
47 Basil 1897 3 b. Missouri
48 55/56 NOYES Paul Head wm Nov 1869 30 married 9 years b. Illinois F-Michigan M-Vermont Farmer o months unemployed, can read and write, O F F 57
49 Edna Wife wf Dec 1872 27, md 9 years, 3 children, 3 living b. Missouri parents-Illinois Can read and write
50 Grace Daughter wf Mar 1892 8 b. Missouri f-Missouri m-Illinois
Pg. 21B
51 Ormil Daughter wf May 1893 7 sg wf b. Oklahoma Ter. f-IL m-IL did not attend school
52 Garrett Son wm Dec. 1896 3 b. Oklahoma Ter f-IL m-IL
Following households are STEVENSON, FOOTE Virginia, WILSON, JACKSON Louis, JACKMAN Allen, STRICKLAND Julia and son Lemuel, MOHLER James, JACKMAN A. M. , JONES William, Viola, Iva and Eva and Marcus, CHESTER Hiram and Permelia, BARNES E. J. and STACY William.

In 1901, Ray inherited the homestead east of Liberal from his father, James Allen NOYES, upon his death.

I’ve yet to locate the family in the 1910 census. They are shown in the 1920, Central, Barton, Missouri census.

Ray and family are in the household next to his sister Viola HARMON.

1920 MO, Barton Co.
Central Township
Roll: T625_902
pg 8A
ED: 25
Image: 0812
Enumerated 27 and 28 of January by Clara Conner(?)
1 Fm 154/162 NOYES Ray head own Free mw 46 md. can read and write b. IL father b. MI mother b. VT Farmer homefarm 118
2 Betty wife fw 42 md. can read and write b. MO father b. IN mother b. IL
3 James Son mw 16 sg. can read and write b. MO father b. IL mother b. MO
4 Dorothy Daughter fw 12 sg. can read and write b. MO father b. IL mother b. MO
5 Mary L. Daughter fw 7 b. MO father b. IL mother b. MO

6 Fm 155/163 HARMON Orren E. Head Own free mw 65 md. can read and write b. MI father b. VT mother b. NY Farmer homefarm 119
Viola Wife fw 59 can read and write b. MI father b. MI mother b. VT

COMMENT: On pg. 4A in Lamar, Barton Co., Missouri, is a George NOYES b. IL, parents from NH and CT, is also in Barton Co. It is not known currently who he may have been.

1920 MO, Barton Co.
Lamar Township
77/80 NOYES George Head 62 b. IL father b. NH mother b. CT Farmer General Farm
Minnie wife 57 b. IL father b. NH mother b. CT

The family in 1930.

Year: 1930; Census Place: Central, Barton, Missouri; Roll: T626_1175; Page: 1B; Enumeration District: 2; Image: 0803.
Enumerated April 3
91 23/23 HARMON O. E. Head own Un Radio Not a farm mw 75, md at 23, can read and write, b. MI father b. VT mother b. NY no occupation
92 Emma Wife fw 69 md at 17, can read and write, b. MI father b. MI mother b. VT
93 24/24 NOYES Ray Head own Radio Farm mw 56, md at 21, can read and write, b. IL father b. MI mother b. VT, Farmer, Own farm
94 Betty Wife fw 52 , md at 17, can read and write, b. MO father b. IN mother b. IL

95 24/25 NOYES James Head rent mw 26, md at 22, b. IL mother b. MO Farmer own farm
96 Mildred wife fw 21, md at 18, can read and write, b. MO father b. Il mother b. MO bookkeeper bank

The obituaries of Bettie and Ray, and other photos, can be found linked in the Noyes Line section.

Ray Noyes Family Photo circa 1921-1922

Noyes family. Courtesy of Nancy Benton.

This photo, circa 1921-1922, would be from Liberal, Missouri. Nancy Benton supplied the following identification.

From left to right: O.E. Harmon; Viola Harmon; Edna Noyes; Jamie Noyes; Paul Noyes; Charles Bryant–Bettie Noyes in front of him and Mary Lou Noyes in front of Bettie; Ray Noyes with Lena Minor in front of him; Pansy Noyes Bryant with Ray Bryant in front of her; Dorothy Noyes.

Viola b. 1860 was a sister of Ray Noyes, and was married to Orrin Ellie Harmon. Edna was Edna Stark b. 1872, married to Paul Noyes b. 1869. Jamie Noyes was a son of Ray Noyes and Elizabeth “Bettie” Brewer and was b. 1903. Charles Bryant, b. 1890, was the husband of Pansy Noyes b. 1895. (Pansy, Viola and Ray were all siblings, children of James Allen Noyes and Caroline Atwell.) Mary Lou was Mary Louise b. 1913, the youngest daughter of Ray Noyes and Elizabeth “Bettie” Brewer. Ray Bryant was the eldest son of Charles Bryant and Pansy Noyes, their only child at the date of this photo. Lena Minor, b. 1916, was the daughter of John J. Minor and Cora Noyes. Her parents don’t appear in the photo.

Photo of Dorothy and Mary Lou Noyes

Artistic license taken

Original courtesy of Nancy Benton

Sisters Dorothy Noyes and Mary Lou Noyes, daughters of Ray Noyes and Elizabeth “Bettie” Brewer Noyes. Gram always took pride in having been a fashionable dresser in her youth. The photo was perhaps taken in Liberal, Missouri but is not outside the family home.

The style would seem to be from about 1928. Isn’t likely after that. And I don’t think it would be before as Mary Lou was 15 in 1928. Gram was married in July of 1928 so I’m guessing this is the winter beforehand.

Family Record – Marriages of the Children of Ray and Betty Noyes

Courtesy of Nancy Benton.

Marriages of the children of Ray and Betty Noyes

Pansy Noyes to Charlie Bryant at Greenfield Mo. Apr 24 – 1915. Saturday

Cora Noyes to John J. Minor at Greenfield Mo. Oct 18 – 1915 Moneay

Cora Minor Noyes was married to W. B. Dickson at Shreveport La. May 3 – 1923

Ray James Noyes to Mildred Snip Oct 21 – 1926 Thursday at Carthage Mo

Dorothy Nadeen Noyes to Lloyd C. McKenney Fri July 27 – 1928 at Girard Kans.

Mary Louise Noyes to Frank Bevans Jr. on Sat Aug 10 – 1929 at Crown Point Ind.

Mary Louise was married to Philip J. Hurt Sept 6 – 1933 Wed. at Carthage Mo.

Ray James was married to Eula Millard Nov 17 – 1933. at Greenfield Mo. Friday

Family Record – Children of Ray and Betty Noyes

Courtesy of Nancy Benton.

Children of Ray and Betty Noyes

Pansy Ruth Noyes was born near Liberal Mo Sunday Dec 8th, 11 oclock 1895 9 lbs

Cora Vira Noyes was born near Liberal Mo Tuesday Sept 14th a.m. 5 oclock 1897 – 10 lbs

Ray James Noyes was born near Liberal Mo Sat Aug 8th 7 oclock 1903 – 12 lbs.

Dorothy Nadeen Noyes was born near Liberal Mo Monday June 13th 8 oclock 1908 – 11 lbs

Mary Louise Noyes was born near Liberal Mo Friday Nov. 15th 5 oclock 1912 – 10 lbs

NOTE: Ray Noyes was the son of James Allen Noyes and Caroline Atwell Noyes. Betty Noyes was the daughter of David Nathaniel Brewer and Delana L. Jane Fowler.