James Leon Hennesy and Lucy Virginia Myles

James Leon HENNESY AND (1) Lucy Virginia MYLES, (2) Lucinda POUNDS, (3) Della NOBLES

James Leon HENNESY was born 4 May 1873 at Franklinton, Washington Parish, LA, the 2nd son and 4th child of 9 born to James HENNESY (of GA) and Nancy Caroline WELCH (of Washington Parish).

In 1898, at the age of about 25, James married Lucy Virginia MYLES, daughter of John William Edward MYLES and Sarena MILLER. She was born 1875 or 18 January 1871 or 28 January 1871.

Between 1899 and 1906, James and Lucy had 5 children:

  • Zula HENNESY b. 1899 Washington Parish, LA, d. 1925 Washington Parish, LA at about 26. Married Wilbur KNIGHT b. 22 Oct. 1892, Franklinton Area, LA., died Jan 1970, Franklinton LA at about 78.
  • Jewel HENNESY b. 25 Oct. 1901 or Dec. 25 1901, Washinton Parish, LA., died 9 April 1979 at Bogalusa LA at about 78. He married Heloise MCGUIRT and a woman named Maidie.
  • Esmond Edward HENNESY b. 1903 June 1 married Ethel Lorena Simmons
  • Zoe HENNESY was born 1905 at Washington Parish, LA and died about 1989 at Washington Parish, LA. She married Ray MIDDLETON.
  • Zeta HENNESY was born 26 May 1906 at Washington Parish, LA. She died 24 July 1906 at two months. Her mother died two days beforehand.

LOUISIANA GENEALOGICAL AND HISTORICAL SOCIETY, BE IT KNOWN AND REMEMBERED Volume Two Bible Records 1961: Pages 1 – 60 Bible of Samanthy Lewis, gives 28 January 1871 as Lucy MYLE’s date of birth.


“Died – Mrs. Leon Hennessy of Aurora, La., died at her home Sunday morning, July 22nd at 10 o’clock. She was the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Edward Myles. Mrs. Hennessy had _____ children. Funeral services were conducted Monday at 11 o’clock am and the body was laid to rest near the home.”

James Leon HENNESY was named for his father, James. He was a farmer, miller and merchant. His daughter, Ethel HENNESY, wrote of him, “James Leon owned and operated a sawmill, cotton gin and grist mill on the Tangipahoa River…apparently operated restaurants, stores and post office as well.”

Jean Hennesy Kearns, a granddaughter, writes:

“I don’t remember when Grandpa Hennesy died, but I can remember being held in his lap as he sat in a large chair in his living room in Bogalusa, Louisiana. His name was James Leon Hennesy. I remember him as being a gentle, loving man. We visited him only once a year when Daddy had his two week vacation. I always thought that we were going to Uncle Jewel’s house, but found out only this year that the home was Grandpa Hennesy’s. When Uncle Jewel’s first wife died, he and his children made their home with Grandpa. Then when Grandpa died, the house became Uncle Jewel’s.

“He had a hard life…

“Grandpa Hennesy tried farming during his early adult years, but determined that ‘there was a better way to make a living’ and began operating a mill on the Tangipahoa River, which my father says was unique in that it was not only a saw mill but also a corn mill. Daddy tells of Grandpa building a house down by the mill so he could look after the children during the day. At night they would return to their home. He continued with the mill until he bought a country store on the Bogalusa-Franklinton highway, which he operated for many years. Grandpa married Lucinda Pounds after my father and Uncle Jewel were grown and they had one daughter, Lucille, before the death of Lucinda. His last marriage, in his later years, was to Della Nobles.

“I’ve always been fascinated with the connections between the families of my mother and father. The country store Grandpa Hennesy bought was a short distance down the highway from the farm owned by Lucious and Annie Simmons…In fact, Grandpa Simmons’ land bordered the store property. Last month, as I talked with my father, he told me about his father and my mother’s father working together. It seems that Grandpa Simmons owned a sawmill at one time, also, and Grandpa Hennesy’s store was the ‘company store’ where the mill employees got all of their supplies. Once a month Grandpa Simmons would reimburse Grandpa Hennesy for purchases made by his employees. Daddy said the first $100 bill he ever saw was one my Grandfather Simmons gave his daddy to pay off their monthly balance.”
From MY PERSONAL PROFILE AND FAMILY OF ORIGIN by Jean (Hennesy) Kearns, November 20, 1991.

James Leon married second Lucinda POUNDS who was a cousin, daughter of George Washington Pounds and Amanda. Their daughter was Lucille HENNESY, born 19 July 1920 at Washington Parish, LA and died Nov. 10 1999 at about the age of 79. She married Tom FARLEY, a widower with several children.

Lucinda, born about 1886 in Louisiana, must have died shortly after Lucille’s birth.

James married third, Della NOBLES. ABSTRACT ARTICLES FROM WASHINGTON PARISH’S ERA LEADER IN FRANKLINTON, LOUISIANA 1921-1930 BY: BONNIE DIER, FRANKLINTON, LA. 70438 gives their marriage license as having been taken out April 17, 1924.

James Leon died at the age of 65 in 1938. James Leon HENNESY, Lucy Virginia MYLES HENNESY, and Zeta HENNESY are all buried at the Hennesy Cemetery, located On The banks Of the Tchefuncte River, below Mt. Hermon.

C. Hennesy
Jean Hennesy Kearns
Ethel Simmons Hennesy
Nancy Caroline Welch Hennesy’s bible

Census info:

1900 Ward 1, Washington, Louisiana

187/193 HENNESY Leon Head wm May 1872 28 md 0 yr b. LA parents b. LA merchant. 0 months not employed, can read and write. Owns home, Not mortgaged (appears to be), Farm, farm #178;
Lucy Wife wf Jan or June 1872 28 md 0 yr 0 children b. LA parents b. LA, can read and write

1910 Louisiana, Washington Parish, Ward 1
pg. 11 ancestry.com
64/67 POUNDS Wanda 47
Mary L. 23
William A. 21
John W. 19
Leon J. 17
Millie J. 15

68/74 HENNESY Merida B. 33 md 7 years b. LA parents b. LA Farmer
Lula A 27? 4 children 2 surviving
Idie N? daughter
Lubie Daughter
69/75 HENNESY Marion H. 37? md 8 years Farmer
Maude E. 35 7 children 6 surviving
Clarence C. 16
Myrtie S. 14
Elbert I. 13
Curtis M. 7
Levi M. 5
Kirby H. 3
Jetti? D. 1
CORKERN John C. father-in-law 71
Lourainey mother-in-law 59 6 children 6 surviving

75/81 HENNESY J. Leon 35? wd Farmer General farm
Zula H? 8
Jewell J. 7
E…. son 6

77/83 CROW Henry B. 33 md 10 years farmer general farm
Malissa ? md 10 years 4 children 4 surviving
Ethel E. 7
Eva A. 5
Pinkney E. 3
Jewel W. 1
John W. father 60
Adrine D. mother 55 9 children 8 surviving

122/129 CARPENTER Willie J. 30 md 6 years Farmer General Farm
Effie J. 25 3 children, 3 surviving
Bessie 5
E? 3
Leo 1

(several pages over)
28 of 34 at Ancestry.com
illegible numbers MYLES Thomas I. 41 md. 18 years Farmer General Farm
Lucy? 38 5 children 3 surviving
Ambus 12
Earley E. 8?

Supervisor’s Dist No. 6
Enumeration District No (repeatedly crossedout)
16 day of Jan 1920
Washinton Collon?
Page 13 A
(Trans. note: 25 at Ancestry.com)
196/206 WARD Vernon
197/207 HARWELL John
198/208 HENNESY James Head (owns or rents is not given, some other illegible marking) mw 47 md can read and write b. LA father b. GA mother b. LA Clerk Grocery wage worker
POUNDS Lucy Cousin fw 34 md can read and write b. LA father parents b. LA
HENNESY Jule Son mw 18 sg school can read and write b. LA parents b. LA
Elzy Son mw 16 sg school can read and write b. LA parents b. LA
(Trans. note: John HARWELL, 38, at 197, is a merchant grocer and James’ employer. Lemus WARD, who lives in household 196, is also a worker at the grocery.)

1930 Bogalusa, Washington, Louisiana
630 456 548 HENNESY James L. head owns $2500 doesn’t live on farm mw 56 md 26 when first married, can read and write b. LS parents b. LA, salesman for wholesale co., wage earner, not at work day before or last working day, not a veteran;
Della wife 49 md first md at 14, can read and write b. LA father b. MS mother b. TN;
Lucille daughter fw 10 sg. attends school can read and write b. LA parents b. LA;
NOBLES Willis stepson 12 sg can read and write b. LA parents b. LA.

John William Edward Myles and Sarena Dillon

John William Edward MYLES was born 17 March 1844 to Isaac Abner MYLES and Samantha Bickham Clower MYLES.

John was married 7 Sept 1865, at 21, to Sarena (Serena) “Rene” A. MILLER, b. 1846 MS. She was the daughter of Thomas MILLER and Maritty (Maritta) DILLON..

John and Sarena had the following children:

  • Newton R. b. 15 August 1866, Franklinton area, LA, died 7 Sept 1868 at the age of 2.
  • Nancy “Nora” Lenora b. 18 Nov 1867.
  • Isaac Thomas b. 7 March 1869 m. Lucy
  • Lucy Virginia b. 1871 Jan 28 married James Leon HENNESY
  • Samantha R. b. 10 Feb 1873
  • Margaret Maritta “Ritta” b. abt. 1875 according to the 1880 census
  • George b. 1877 Louisiana
  • John b. 1880-1887
  • Malissa b. c. 1884 married Henry Buchanan Crow
  • Lillie L. b. 1880 according to the 1880 census
  • Effie b. c. 1887 Louisiana married William J. Carpenter

Edward MYLES is given by his descendants as having been a farmer and county surveyor. In the 1880 census he is shown as being a schoolteacher.

In “LOUISIANA GENEALOGICAL AND HISTORICAL SOCIETY, BE IT KNOWN AND REMEMBERED Volume Two Bible Records 1961: Pages 1 – 60 Bible of Samanthy Lewis” Edward MYLES is given as having married Sarena MILLER, not Lucy MILLER as per some of the initial info I’d been given. This fits in with Jean Kearns having written of Edward’s spouse being Rene. Rene would be a nickname of Sarena.

Notes on children in bible:

Newton R. 1st child of Ed MYLES and Serena
Nancy Lenora, 2nd child of Ed and Serena called Nora
3rd child of same, Isaac Thomas — Ambus’ father
4th child was Lucy.
5th child was Samantha
6th child was Margaret Maritta, called “Ritta”

Joint statement of Lillie MYLES, Malissa Myles CROW and Olivia Bickham NETTERVILLE (1st 2 daughters of Ed Myles, and last, dau. of Abner Clower BICKHAM).

“Four little ones of Ed and Serena in order: a crippled boy — Lillie, single — John — Malissa married CROW –Effie, now dead, married Will CARPENTER.”

Lillie is the Lyly L. seen in the 1880 census.

Edward may be seen in the Washington Parish 1888 Voter Registration Record. I have thus far located the family in the following censuses:

1870 Washington Parish
pg. 277
76/81 STRINGFIELDS William and Lavinia and family
77/82 KEMP Isaac and Samantha and family
78/83 ROBERTS Williams and Lucy and family
79/84 MYLES Edward 26 farmer personal value $165 b. LA
Serena 22 b. MS
Leonora 3 b. LA
Thomas 1
80/85 BRUMFIELD Daniel and Sarah and family
pg. 228
91/96 MILLER Simon 46 or 46 farmer RE $1000 personal $900 b. MS
Serena 36 b. MS
William 17
rebecca 18
Hughe 15
Jeptha? 13
Simon 11
Morgan 7 b. LA
? 3 male
Lerena 1
pg. 231
40/40 KNIGHT William 46 farmer RE value: $100 personal $500 b. LA
Martha 58 b. MS
Sarah 13 b. LA
James 11
Clarinda 10
George 3
Manas 5
Morgan 5
41/41 NOBLES Franklin 29 farmer b. MS
Frances 25 female farm laborer
41/41 RICHARDSON Sylvester 30 and family
pg. 249B
9/9 POPE 10/10 WHITE Martin and Caroline
11/11 BREELAND Elijah 40 farmer $300 b. MS
Mora 42 b. MS
Franklin 13 b. LA
Leroy 12 b. LA
Mende? 10 b.MS
Lisha 6 b. LA
Warren 5 b. LA
Lorena 1 b. LA
BROWN Bella 30 farm laborer b. MS
12/12 THOMAS Benjmain and family
pg. 295
33/33 KENNEDY Henry 64? Farmer RE $200 personal value $500 b. MS
Nancy 55 b. MS
Joseph 15 b. MS
Uriah 13 b. MS
James 12 b. MS
Jefferson 9 b. LA

1880 Washington Parish Wards 1 and 2
pg. 159
158/158 BROWN Frances M. and family
159/159 MAGEE Richard and Matilda
160160 BACKHAM David and Marty and family
161/161 BURKHALTER Amy and family
162/162 STRINGFIELD William and Lavina and family
LEWIS, Tabitha
163/163 STRINGFIELD David and family
164/164 MILES William E. 37 school teacher b. LA parents b. LA
Serena 33 b.LA parents b. MS
Nancy L. 12 b. LA
Isaac T. 11 works on farm
Lucy V. 9
Samantha R. 8
Margaret M. 5
George W. 3
Lyly L. 5/12
pg. 159 B
MILLER William R. 27 farmer can’t read or right, b. MS parents b. MS
Sarah R. 26 can’t read or write b. LA parents b. MS
Selena 8 b. LA
Nancy 6
Teresa 3
Tener born Sept. stepdaughter
166/166 SLOCUM Handy (b) 21 laboring on farm b. LA parents b. LA
Sarah 17 b. LA parents b. LA
167/167 MILLER Simon A. 20 farmer b. MS parents b. MS
Rebecca A. 21 b. MS father b. MS and mother b. LA
168/168 DAWSON (b) Samuel and Violet and family
169/169 MILLER Zeptha Y. 23 farmer b. MS parents b. MS can’t read or write
Clarkey R. wife 23 b. LA parents b. LA can’t read or write
Abner F. 3 b. LA
Clara M. 1 b. LA
170/170 MILLER Hugh L. 26 farmer b. MS parents b. MS
Maranda Y. 29 b. LA father b. GA mother b. LA
Eugens H. 7 b. LA
Molly or Mally F. 5
Alice E. 3
Callee E. 9/14 Sept.
BULLOCK Lumeta or Lumenta 63 mother-in-law b. LA father b. SC mother b. GA
171/171 SLOCUM Green D. and Ellen and family
pg. 160
181/181 MILLER Wesley W. 22 farmer b. MS parents b. MS
Cyntha AP 28
Willes C. 2
Ertha D. b. Dec
pg. 170
183/183 HARVEY Cinton
184/184 KEMP Isaac and Samantha and family
185/185 OGDON? Calvin H. and Sarena and family
MILLER Sarah mulatto or white 10 servant b. LA parents b. LA
pg. 164B
261/261 BICKHAM Alexander 69 b. LA parents b. GA and SC., and Rebecca
KENADY Hard 15 grandson works on farm b. LA father b. LA mother b.KY
Thomas E. 10 grandson works on farm
MILLER Eliza 25 servant b. MS parents b. MS
pg. 165
263/263 BRUMFIELD John W. and Samantha
264/264 BACKHAM Ab…? and Harriet and family
265/265 MILLER Thomas 60 farmer can’t read or write and neither can children but wife can b. MS father b. TN mother b. MS
Nancy 45 b. MS parents b. SC
Martha 19 b. MS
Sayborn 17 works on farm
Marion? 13 works on farm
ELizabeth 11
Margaret 18
Angeline 9
Rarford 8
Eli 8
James 5
Flora G. 2
pg. 166
294/294 ALFORD Seaborn and Laura
295/295 MILLER Fleet M. 63 farmer b. MS father b. TN mother b. MS
Elizabeth 62 b. MS parents b. LA
Smiley 34
296/296 BANKSTON Simpson and Catherine and family
pg. 166/166
305/305 MILLER Ranford L. 46 b. MS father b. TN mother b. MS and Angeline b. MS parents b. SC and family

Among those buried at the Hezekiah Magee Cemetery, Washington Parish, LA are:
Edward MYLES b. 17 March 1844, d. 4 August 1920 (Mason) husband of Sarena MILLER
MYLES Sarena A. Miller b. 25 October 1846, died 2 March 1924, wife of Edward MYLES, daughter of Thomas and Maritta Dillon Miller James

Census data
Hezekiah Magee cemetery data

Photo of James Leon Hennesy and Lucy Virginia (Myles)

Original photo.

Black and white restoration.

Colored restoration.

Now this colored restoration I think worked very well. I like how it glows and I think it does bring them to life a bit.

James Leon Hennesy (4 May 1873 – 1938) and Lucy Virginia Myles Hennesy (abt 1871 Jan 28 to 22 July 1906) married 1900 Jan 28 in Washington Parish, Louisiana. There was no indication on the photo of photographer or date. I don’t know which of their five children this might have been, but I would imagine it was a christening photo.

Zula was the oldest child but we don’t have a secure birthdate on her. Their eldest son, Jewel, was born, it seems, Dec 25 1901 (someone had given me a date of Oct 25 at one point). Zula in the 1910 census is given as being 8 years of age and in 1920 she is 19. Her Louisiana death record gives an estimated birth of 1901. Impossible. Even if Jewel was born in December, Zula could not have been born in 1901, not with Jewel having been born in December of 1901. So I suppose we should figure on a birthdate of 1900 for Zula.

I’ve seen a photo of a relative wearing a dress similar to Lucy’s, the same ornamental ruffle at the shoulder, and that photo is given as being from 1902. Zula and Jewel were born so closely together that it’s going to be difficult to fix on who this child is by a time frame. The picture could even be possibly of Esmond Edward Hennesy, b. June 1903. The child looks to be perhaps a month or two months at most, but the landscape is such that it’s difficult to tell whether it’s spring or fall. For instance, the flowers in Lucy’s hair would indicate spring, but a tree behind appear to be defoliated, and what if the flowers were instead decorative costume flowers? So it could be fall. Or it may be spring and they’re simply seated before that woodsy kind of undergrowth that is always more branches and vines than foliage. The forest palate is mostly piney evergreen so it’s near impossible to say, at least for me.

To be considered then is whether they would have had a special photo made of only one child or would they have included the other children as well. If one is inclined to think they would have had a family photo made then as there is only one child this may be Zula. Or perhaps this photo ended up with Esmond and Ethel because it was a photo of Esmond.

Lucy had 5 children between 1900 and 1906. That’s a lot. Too many. Her death was associated with the last birth. She perished and the child, Zeta, died two days later.

Volume Two Bible Records 1961: Pages 1 – 60 Bible of Samanthy Lewis. Gives 28 January 1871 as dob.

“Died – Mrs. Leon Hennessy of Aurora, La., died at her home Sunday morning, July 22nd at 10 o’clock. She was the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Edward Myles. Mrs. Hennessy had _____ children. Funeral services were conducted Monday at 11 o’clock am and the body was laid to rest near the home.”

James Hennesy and Nancy Caroline Welch

James HENNESY was born 4 Jan 1839, the 1st son and 4th of 5 children to Isaac HENNESY and Judith Ann GILL.

On 19 March 1868, at about 29 years of age, James married Nancy Caroline WELCH who was 20, born 9 Feb 1848. She was the 1st daughter and 3rd of 5 children born to James Daniel WELCH and Caroline BULLOCK.

Between 1868 and 1886 James and Nancy would have 9 children, 2 of whom died in infancy or early childhood:

  • Nancy Ellen HENNESY b. 31 Dec. 1868, LA, died 9 Dec. 1932 at El Paso, El Paso Co., Texas at about 64. She married, 14 Jan 1888 at Amite, Tangipahoa, LA, James E. BONDS, son of Frank BONDS. A child was Emmy BONDS who married Willy GRAY and died in 1985. Source: Curtis Hennesy
  • Cora M. HENNESY b. unknown, d. 11 Feb. 1918. married on 18 Feb. 1907 Ronald A. WALKER. They had Mae Idelia WALKER b. 17 Nov 1909 died 1983; Acy WALKER b. 8 Aug. 1911; and Ocy WALKER b. 13 July 1913. SOURCE: Nancy Hennesy bible.
  • Marion Isaac HENNESY, b. 3 May 1871 at Tangipahoa Parish LA., died 1 Nov 1948 in Houston, Harris Co., Texas, at 77. On 2 Feb 1893 he married (1) Fanny Samantha CROW and (2) Maude Edith CORKERN.
  • James Leon HENNESY b. 4 May 1873 married Lucy Virginia MYLES.
  • Laura Jane HENNESY, b. 16 Feb. 1875, d. 13 Apr. 1935 at 60, married on 5 Sept. 1898, Andrew Jackson DAVIS b. 4 June 1861, died 13 Jan. 1924. He was the son of James DAVIS and Rachel. Together they had Della Monetta DAVIS and Etta DAVIS. Source: Marriage from Nancy Hennesy Bible. Children’s names from James Guy, descendant. paint_hog@hotmail.com Jan 2002.
  • Meredith Bunyan HENNESY, b. 5 Nov. 1876, d. 2 March 1933 at abt. 57, maried Lular R., b. 26 Jan. 1882, d. May 1971 at about 89. They had 4 children: Ila Norman b. 1904; Lubie H. b. 1907 died 1977; Aubrey E. b. 1912 died 1982, and Ruby b. 1919. A newspaper article featuring Ila may be seen here. Lular and Meredith are both buried at the Stony Point Cemetery, Junction Of La Hwy 10 & La Hwy 450, Behind Stoney Point Missionary Baptist Church.
  • Addie H. HENNESY, b. 17 Nov. 1878, died 3 June 1911 at about 33. On 12 Jan 1905 she married John GIVENS. Addie is buried at the Hennesy Cemetery.
  • Norman HENNESY, b. 5 April 1881, died 5 April 1885 on his 4th birthday. Norman is buried at the Hennesy Cemetery.
  • Della HENNESY, b. 28 Feb. 1885, died 16 Sept. 1887 at about 1 and 1/2 years of age. She is buried at the Hennesy Cemetery.

James and Nancy Hennesy settled in Washington Parish, Louisiana. James was a farmer. Ethel (Simmons) Hennesy wrote, “Nancy may have been part Indian, Cherokee.”

Curtis Hennesy wrote that James may have been born in Natchez, MS or Marion County, MS. He gives that “C.C.S”s letter” says they lived in Bailey’s Mill, 1st Ward, which is near old Nebo Church in what is now Tangipahoa Parish.

James H. was a private in Company E, 3rd (Wingfields) Battalion, Louisiana Cavvlry. He enlisted May 01, 1862, at Camp Moore, LA. (Tangipahoa station). On roll to June 30, 1862. An Internet search shows:

James Hennesy, private in Company E, Regiment 3, Cavalry, birthday January 2, 1840, died October 3, 1911, Parish Tangipahoa, Cemetery code LA-AAA-09 (Hennessey cemetery, located on the banks of the Tchefuncte River, below Mt. Hermon). EVEN: _DATE2 30 JUN 1862

This online roster of the 3d Louisiana Cavalry, C. S. A., also known as the 1st Louisiana Cavalry Regiment, Partisan Rangers; 9th Louisiana Cavalry Battalion, Partisan Rangers or Wingfield’s Cavalry, shows James HENNESY. It also supplies a history.

Curtis noted that James and Nancy’s house was between the Hennesy store (Stoney Point) and Lular’s house. A tornado in 1912 blew the house down.

I have thus far only located James and Nancy in the following census:

In this census we find James and Nancy living between Isaac HENNESY, James’ father, and James Daniel WELCH, Nancy Caroline’s father.
pg. 138 2 W. Tangipahoa (ancestry.com 128)
SINSEY William 45 (b) farmer b. VA and Millie and family
ELLIS Maria 40 (b) farming b. MS (and family)
PEAK Chapman 48 Farmer b. MS (and Eliza and family)
Patsy 16 (b) servant
Benton 9 (b) servant
HENNESSEY Isaac 65 b. GA
Judy 65 b. GA
HENNESSEY James 26 farming RE value $600 personal $640 b. MS
Nancy 22 b. LA
Hellan 2 b. LA
WELCH Jam. D. 58 farmer $1500 $1135 b. MS
Caroline 54 b. GA
William H. 24 b. LA
Edward E. 18
Nicholas 16
BURKHALTER M. (f) 20 (mulatto) b. LA
Rosa A. 2 (mulatto) b. LA
Charles? J. 2/12 (mulatto) b. LA
270/270 HOTTEN Andrew 65 farmer $6000 $665 b. NC
Mary 55 b. GA
Susan 5 b. LA

1880 Ward 4, Tangipahoa, Louisiana
11 66 ENNIS James wm 40
Nancy wf 32
Ellen wf 11
Marion wm 9
Leon wm 7
Laura wf 5
Merida wm 3
Adda wf 1
PASMAN Gid (or Sid) wm 25 Labors on Farm b. LA parents b. LA

James and Nancy appear to be living in a rooming house or apartment situation in 1910?

1910 District 24, Police Jury Ward 1, Washington, Louisiana
66/70 Stevens Dick ? R. and Evie and family
66/71 Walker Rudolph A. and Cora and family
66/72 Hennesy, James L. 70 b. LA parents b. LA farmer
Nancy C. 62 b. LA parents b. LA

James HENNESY died 2 Oct 1911 at about 72. Nancy Caroline WELCH died 6 Nov 1925 at about 77.

Curtis Hennesy gathered the birth and death dates for James and Nancy from headstones in the Hennesy Cemetery.

A headstone in the Hennesy cemetery shows Della Hennesy born February 28, 1885, and died September 16, 1887. She is probably a child of James and Nancy.