Old store of John B. Simmons

“This is the old store of John B. Simmons in the Union community near Magnolia. It is no longer there. Uncle John was considered to be the rich uncle and had a beautiful home near the store. The house burned after Uncle John and Aunt Lou died, I believe.”

Bob Ann Breland

Old Simmons Store

“John B. Simmons, son of Reuben and Frances Simmons, was
born June 16, 1862, died Feb. 25, 1946. He married Lulu “Lou”
Brown, born July 2, 1873, died Dec. 5, 1949. (Lou was a sister
to Julia Brown Simmons, the wife of John B.’s nephew, William F.
“Blow Gun” Simmons.) John B. and Lou ran a store in the Union
community in Pike County, Miss. and “Uncle John” was one of the
more prosperous members of the family. (Their large home across
the road from the store was remembered by my father, Seldon
Lang, as quite handsome for the time. The house burned several
years after the death of John B. and Lou, but the old store
building still stands on the corner, overgrown with weeds and
trees in 1991.) The children of John B. and Lou Simmons are
listed below.

A. – Helmer Simmons.

B. – Alice Simmons.

C. – Jewell Simmons.

D. – Prentis Simmons.”

Source: Bob Ann Breland