Location of Heaston and Scarborough Families in Doniphan Co., Kansas

Below are the locations of the Heaston and Scarborough families in Doniphan County, Kansas, who had moved there from Ohio. This has been of interest to me as Isabel McKenney was said to be Ioway and these families located on and next the Ioway reserve, along with others from the same area, this after Isabel having married George W. McKenney and being found in Ohio with him in 1850.

The Scarboroughs moved later. Mark Scarborough’s sister, Rhoda, was married in 1835 to another George W. McKenney b. 1816 who would have been a close relation of our George W. McKenney Sr., but was not his father. Mark Scarborough b. 1808 in Belmont, Ohio, moved with his family to Jefferson, Andrew County, Missouri, via Indiana, by 1859.

1860 Jefferson, Andrew, Missouri
48/48 George Sutton and Margaret, 25 and 27
49/49 Mark SCARBRAUGH 57 farmer OH
Cornelia 36 PA
Johnathan 15 OH
Amanda 4 IN
Samuel 1 MO
50/50 Mildred MCGEE 64 VA

Mark’s sibling, Rhoda, and her husband George W. McKenney b. 1816, had also moved to Missouri and were living in Haw Creek, Morgan County with son Francis and his new wife, Barbara Miller. Francis reported in his bio that he and his wife were traveling through the Missouri frontier looking for a place to live. They settled in Indiana, where, as with the Mark Scarborough family, they had also been living just previous the move to Missouri.

By 1865 the Mark Scarborough family was at Iowa, Doniphan, Kansas.

1865 Iowa, Doniphan, Kansas
Permila 42 PA
Johnathon A. 20 OH
Amanda J. IN
Sam E. MO
Issac A. 3 MO
Emma 1/12 KS.

In 1870 and 1880 they are at Center, Doniphan, Kansas.

220/241 SCARBROUGH Mark 68 farmer $300 $450 OH
Permelia 46 PA
Amanda 14 IN (married Lewis R. Edwards in 1880)
Samuel 11 MO
Isaac A. MO
illegible 5 KS
Thomas S. KS

238 SCARBOROUGH Johnathon 35 farmer OH father b. OH mother b. PA
Margaret M. 17 OH parents b. OH (Margaret Ann Harmon)
239 SCARBOROUGH Permelia 58 PA parents b. PA
Amanda J 22 b. IN father b. OH mother b. PA
Samuel 20 b. MO
Isaac A 17 b. MO (will marry Sarah Catherine Jennings and die at Troy in 1950)
Emma S 15 b. KS
William S 12 b. KS (will marry Permelia Round in Troy in 1889)

Jacob G. Heaston b. 180 in PA married Catherine Forney. In 1840 they were living near the Sheaffers/Shaffers in Harrison County, Ohio.

1840 OH, Harrison Co., North
(image 7 ancestry.com)
William MINISH
Geroge SHEAFFER 22 1 – – – – 1/ 1 1 0 1 0 0 1
John SHEAFFER – – – – – – – – – 1
Benjamin CLARK
Jacob HEASTAND (Rulo in 1860, moves to Doniphan and Brown counties)
Joseph OVERHOLT (married first to Frances Forney then Catherine Firebaugh)
William PICKEN (married first to Frances Overholt then Mary Shaffer, daughter of George)
Henry PERRY?
John …
Solomon SHITTZ
Michael FOULTZ
William H…
James ENGLISH (married to Jane Picken, they moved to Mahaska, Iowa)

(pg. 155)
Francis BARTOW – – – – – 1 / – – – – – 1
James BARTOW – – 11- – – 1/ 111 – – – 1
Jeremiah SHEAFFER – – – – 1 / – – – – 1
Joseph CLARK
William SUMERS
Samuel MINOR
Nicholas DUNFEE
(pg. 156)

Joseph LYONS
George R. BLACK
Elijah BARTOW – – – – – – – – – 1

By the late 1840s the Sheaffers/Shaffers and Bartows (related, Mary Bartow married Robert Eugene McKenney and Jeremiah Shaffer married Elizabeth Bartow) and most of the McKenneys had moved to Iowa. In 1850 the Heastons were still in Harrison County, Ohio, but by 1851 are said to have been in Holt County, Missouri. By 1857 they were residing on a homestead in the southwest quarter of section 15, Wolf River township, in Doniphan County, Kansas, other members of the Forney family locating instead on the Great Nemaha Reserve in Nebraska.

Source Citation: Year: 1860; Census Place: Wolf River, Doniphan, Kansas Territory; Roll: M653_347; Page: 0; Image: 405.
1275/1146 Jas HEASTON 50 farmer 60 500 OH
Mary 40
Geo 23 ?
Ben 17
Isaac 14
Jane 10

1870 Wolf River, Doniphan, Kansas
298/323 HEASTON Jacob 64 $2500 $820 b. PA
Jacob J. 21 b. OH
MILLER Elizabeth 37
Jacob 10 b. KS
Peter F. 7 b. KS
SEVERANTZ Henry 19 b. Holland
299/324 MILLIMAN Jacob 23 of IN and Paulina
300/325 RITTENOUR 38 $5000 $1355 b. VA
Sarah 33 b. OH
James 7
Mary E. 4
Minerva J. 2

1880 Wolf River, Doniphan, Kansas
49/52 HEASTON J 74 farmer b. PA parents b. PA
MILLER Elizabeth 51 daughter b. OH parents b. PA
Peter 17 grandson b. Colorado father b. France mother b. OH

Daughter Christina married a John White. They also resided in Doniphan.

1860 KS Doniphan Co Iowa
1608/1465 Jno WHITE 63 hotel keeper b. NY
Christine 34 OH
Mary E. 3 b. KT
M. M. WAY 18 PA
Harriet WILIAMSON 15 domestic OH
Rebecca FORNEY 16 MO?
Wm. POWLETT merchant France
Louis BUCKHART 24 farmer MD
James W. BIGGENS printer PA
N D BROWN ? silversmith TN

1624/1579 William RITNOUS 28 blacksmith $300 $200 VA
Sarah A. 23 OH
N D BROWN ? silversmith TN

1865 Iowa, Doniphan County, Kansas
304/341 John WHITE 67 blacksmith NY
Christina 39 OH
Jon 41 blacksmith IL
Thomas 22 blacksmith
Frank 19 laborer
Michel McVEY 24 laborer PA
Mary E. WHITE 9 KS
F…. WHITE 4 female
Frank CASSL 25 blacksmith OH
Hammond CONKLIN 25 laborer NY

1870 Iowa, Doniphan, Kansas
127/125 WHITE John 73 blacksmith 300 500 New York
Christine 42 Ohio
Ellen 12 KS
Fanny 6
Charles 4
McVEY Matthew 25 day laborer PA
Source Citation: Year: 1870; Census Place: Iowa, Doniphan, Kansas; Roll M593_432; Page: 93; Image: 188.

1875 Iowa, Doniphan, Kansas
194/194 John WHITE 77 farmer 200 NY
Christine 47 OH
Ellen 17 KS
Fanny 12
Charles E 9
Eugene BRADFIELD 25 farmer IN from IL

1880 Iowa, Doniphan, Kansas
Harry Edwards and family
E W Miller and Anna and family
Harry Lewis and Harriet and family
159/165 WHITE Christina 53 OH
Frances 18 servant KS
Charles 14
FORNEY Ellen 22 daughter
Mollie 2 granddaughter MO
WHITE James 20 nephew
next household Sarah Robbins etc.

John Heaston married Frances Firebaugh and moved onto the Reserve, then Falls City, Richardson, Nebraska.

Elizabeth Heaston married John Miller and can be seen in the 1870 and 1880 census in the household of her father.

Sarah Heaston married William J. Rittentour in 1858 and can be seen in the 1860 and 1870 censuses above.

Francis Jane Heaston married William Pry.

Source Citation: Year: 1870; Census Place: Wolf River, Doniphan, Kansas; Roll: M593_432; Page: 215; Image: 432.
195/214 PRY Willet A 40 VA
Francis J. 28 OH
Edward S. 5 KS
IDa M 2
John 10/12
LISLE Tressa E. 18 PA

Benjamin Franklin Heaston married Sarah Archer.

Source Citation: Year: 1870; Census Place: Wolf River, Doniphan, Kansas; Roll: M593_432; Page: 215; Image: 433.
214/221 HEASTON James 27 Farmer Ohio
Helen 19 NY
Heaston Isaac 23 farmer OH
KIZER George 20 PA
205/222 HEASTON Bejamin F 28 farmer OH
Sarah M 23
Catherine 5 KS
Mary E 3
Hester A 1
Eliza J 2/12

Bio of Francis M. McKinney, son of George and Rhoda of Guernsey, Ohio

Bio of Francis M. McKinney from “A Portrait and Biographical Record of Delaware and Randolph Counties, Ind., Containing Biographical Sketches of Many Prominent and Representative Citizens…”

Francis M. McKinney was a son of George W. McKenney (McKinney) and Rhoda Scarborough. George McKenney was a son of Robert McKenney and Margaret of Ohio. Our George W. McKenney is not a son of George W. and Rhoda, but they were relations. I would be very interested in hearing from anyone descended down the line from George and Rhoda.

The bio has a few errors. For one, there is no Custer County in Pennsylvania. George W. McKinney and Rhoda wed circa 1835. They both having been born in 1816, an 1827 marriage date was impossible.

FRANCIS M. McKINNEY, a widely known and prominent farmer of Green township, Ind., was born in Guernsey county, Ohio, March 4, 1836. He is the son of George and Rhoda (Scarbaugh) McKinney. The father was born in Custer county. Pa., in 1806. When three years of age he was taken to Guernsey county and remained on his father’s farm until he was twenty year’s of age. His education was limited to the three months of winter schooling, and this at a subscription school of “ye olden time.” In the year 1827 he was united in marriage to Miss Rhoda Scarbaugh and began his business life in Monroe county, Ohio. In 1830 he came to Indiana, making this state his home until his death, July 14, 1892. While not a recognized member of any religious society, his religious views were very strong. In politics he was a democrat, and he died in unwavering faith in the tenets of his party. His son, Francis M. McKinney, lived with his father on the farm until the twenty-second year of his age, leading the ordinary life of the farmer boy. In winter he attended the district school, where he acquired the education which stood him in such good need in after years, and so greatly assisted him in attaining his future fortune.

At the age of twenty-two Mr. McKinney was married to Miss Barbara Miller, daughter of Jacob and Sarah Miller. They were married in Indiana and took their wedding tour, in a covered wagon, through the wilds of the west, stopping at the Missouri frontier. Both were young, brave and ambitious, and willing and ready to face the dangers and vicissitudes of life together in this new and almost untried land, depending upon each other for comfort and companionship. However, not being satisfied with the far west, they turned their faces eastward and stopped in Green township, Randolph county, Ind., in 1861, and became tenants of the farm of Samuel Caylor, remaining on the place nine years, when, in 1870, Mr. McKinney bought his present home. Since his residence on this farm he has lived in the same dwelling. Though no children have been born to them, their home has been a happy and contented one. His religious faith is of the Dunkards and his politics democratic. His farm consists of eighty acres of fine land, and from it, by industry and good management, the home is well filled with the substantial comforts of country life. Mr. McKinney stands high in the esteem of his neighbors and friends and is thoroughly respected by all who know him.