Lucius and Annie Knight Simmons 50th wedding anniversary

Lucius and Annie Knight Simmons were married 1904 Nov 17 at the home of her parents in Washington Parish, Louisiana. The anniversary celebration would have taken place about 1954 Nov 17 in Washington Parish.
The photos were presented in a little blue flip book of snapshots. The individuals are the celebrated couple and their children.

Left to right: Estus Simmons, Jim Simmons, Lucius Simmons, unknown woman, Annie Simmons, unknown woman

Left to right: Lucius Simmons, Ethel (Simmons) Hennesy, Estus Simmons, Annie Simmons

Geneiva and Estus “Pete” Simmons

Jim Simmons and family

Juanita, wife of Ezra “Jodi” Simmons, and Charles

Annie (Knight) and Lucius Simmons

Not present (it seems) are Fannie Lea Simmons b. 1920 who married Fernie Foil and Lloyd Simmons b. 1915-1916 who married Willie Mae Hauser. Indeed, I don’t believe I have any photos of either one of these individuals.