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  • Obituary of Estus Pete Simmons

    Obituary of Estus Pete Simmons

    Estus D. “Pete” Simmons died March 14 1960 at Sheridan, Washintgon, Louisiana. Estus D. Simmons Dies at Sheridan Estus D. Simmons of Sheridan died at 6:30 this morning at the family residence in Sheridan. He was 52. The funeral party will leave the residence at 4 p.m. tomorrow for the Simmons Cemetery, where graveside rites…

  • Estus “Pete” Simmons

    Estus “Pete” Simmons

    Estus (Pete) Simmons 13 Dec 1908 – 14 Mar 1960 No indication of photographer, place or date. I would estimate 1930s. I added a touch of quick hazy color for definition. There are several rusted cans on the porch rail and I believe through the window one can see a bed with a metal frame.…