James Taylor McClure and Nancy Crouch


The Great-Great Grandmother is 78; The Babe Little Over Three Months


Great-Great Grandmother’s Husband Had Twice Been United in Marriage by the Rev. Dr. John McMillian, Founder of Washington and Jefferson College- Reside in Washington.

Living representatives of four generations usually attract attention, because great grandparents are by no means numerous, but five generations, reaching from the great-great-grandmother down, and particularly all females, is a case of extreme rarity. The accompanying picture presents an interesting group of the last name kind.

The great-great grandmother, Mrs. Hannah Ann McClure, was 78 years old on January 29, last. She was the third wife of James Taylor McClure, who was 58 years her senior at the time of their marriage, she being 17 and he 75. Mr. McClure came of a landed family in Donegal, Ireland, his father having been granted 200 acres for servces rendered the king of England. James came to America about 1790, leaving his home, tradition says, because his father refused him permission to wed an Irish lass of his choice. His first wife was Nancy Crouch and his second Rachel Palmer. To both he was united in wedlock by the Rev. Dr. John McMillan, founder of Washington and Jefferson College.

James McClure acquired a farm of 154 acres in the neighborhood of Thomas Station and when death overtook him his remains were interred in an orchard on his farm. The farm is now owned by the heirs of Joseph Gilkeson. Living in the region in which many of the stirring scenes of the Whisky Insurrection took place, his sympathies were strong on the side of the rebels, but history does not record the fact that he ever openly took any part in the opposition to the officers of the law.

The five persons picture in the group are: Mrs. Hannah Ann McClure, the great-great grandmother; Mrs. Martha Ann Conley, her only daughter and the wife of Charles Conley, a carrier on R & D (?) Route No. 11; Mrs. Ann Amos, daughter of Mrs. Conley and wife of James Amos, an employee of the Forest Oil Company; Mrs. Ola Martha Wharton, daughter of Mrs. Amos, and wife of James Wharton, a milk dealer, and the Wharton baby, Irene, born on January 1, 1904.

Mrs. McClure has living seven grandchildren, 28 great grandchildren and one great-great grandchild. Another great-great grandchild died recently. All of the group reside in Washington and the four women attend the Third United Presbyterian Church, presided over by the Rev. E. C. Little.

Original Source: An article from a Washington County, Pennsylvania newspaper.

Article and accompanying photo owned by Jane McClure Knarr and photographed from orig by her mother, Mrs. Anna Taylor McClure.

James Taylor McClure, b. abt 1768 in Convoy, Donegal, Ireland, married abt 1791 in , Washington, Pennsylvania to Nancy Crouch b. abt 1775 in , Washington, Pennsylvania, died 1843 in North Strabane, Washington, Pennsylvania.

Their children, all born in North Strabane, Washington, Pennsylvania, were:

  • James b. 1793
  • Sarah b. 1795 m. 1812 March 13 to George Leviston
  • Robert b. 1797
  • Jane b. 1799 m. William McMillan
  • David b. 1802 Aug 17, d. 1876, m. 1823 to Mary Cameron
  • Thomas b. 1804 Dec 25, d. 1879 June 2 in Jennings, Crawford, Indiana, m. in , Washington, Pennsylvania to Eleanor (Ellen) Wilson b. 1805 Nov 5, d. 1876 June 18 in Jennings, Crawford, Indiana
  • Nehemiah b. 1808, d. aft. 1860 in Dick Johnson, Clay, Indiana, m. Phebe who also died in Dick Johnson, Clay, Indiana
  • Rachel b. 1811 d. aft 1870 in Meigs, Muskingum, Ohio
  • Andrew b. 1814
  • Mary b. 1817

After Nancy’s death, James married Rachel Palmer. Third, he married Hannah Ann before 1845. Hannah and James had:

  • Martha Ann b. 1845 married Charles Conley

You have no idea how high my eyebrow is raised over James, aged 75, marrying a 17 year old girl. I’ve wondered what kind of a man he was…or believed himself to be.

James is in the North Strabane, Washington, Pennsylvania censuses 1800 thru 1850.

1850 Pennsylvania, Washington County, North Strabane
Pg. 33
74/74 James McCluer 82 Farmer $4400 b. Ireland
Mary 33
Hannah 24
Nancy 46
Martha 5
75/75 David MCCLUER 47 farmer b. PA
Lavinah 34
Samuel 17
Mary Jane 13
Joseph 11
Isabel 7
William 5
Martha 2
76/86 George PALMER household

Source: Thank you to Shirley McClure Gillenwater

David McClure and Mary Cameron

DAVID McCLURE is a grandson of James and Nancy (Crouch) McClure, who were born in Scotland, whence they emigrated to Pennsylvania in an early day. They settled on a farm in North Strabane township, Washington county, where thirteen children were born to them, and where the father died in 1854.

David McClure (father of our subject), a son of this pioneer couple, was born in the year 1802, in North Strabane township. He grew to manhood on the home farm, and in 1823 was married to Mary Cameron, who was born in 1802, a resident of the same neighborhood. Eleven children were born to them, of whom the following are living: James, David, Samuel, Mary, Joseph, Belle (wife of William Hickson), Martha (Mrs. Robert Kerr), William and Robert. Mr. McClure was a prosperous and influential farmer. In politics he affiliated with the Democratic party, and in religious connection both he and his wife were very active members of the old Pigeon Creek Presbyterian Church, with which they were connected many years. Mr. McClure died in 1876, having been preceded by his wife in 1834.

Beers, J. H. and Co., Commemorative Biographical Record of Washington County, Pennsylvania (Chicago: J. H. Beers & Co., 1893

David McClure b. 1802 Aug 17 in North Strabane, Washington, Pennsylvania, died 1876 in , Washington, Pennsylvania, married in 1823 in , Washington, Pennsylvania to Mary Cameron b. abt. 1802, died 1835 Oct 3 in , Washington, Pennsylvania.

  • James E. McClure b. 1826 in Pennsylvania married Martha McCosh
  • David b. 1830 Oct 20 in North Strabane Township, Pennsylvania, d. 1903 June 14, married Nannie A. Thomas
  • Samuel b. 1833

Nancy died and David married 2nd, 1835 March 5 in , Washington, Pennsylvania to Lavina Hutchinson b. 1814 Feb 14, North Strabane, Washington, Pennsylvania.

Their children were:

  • Mary Jane b. 1837
  • Joseph Hutchinson b. 1839 Aug 28, died 1930 Aug 1, married Martha R. Palmer Parramore
  • Isabel b. 1843 (wife of William Hickson)
  • William b. abt. 1845
  • Martha b. abt. 1848 (Mrs. Robert Kerr)
  • Robert b. abt. 1852
  • Jackson b. abt. 1854

Son James was listed as the executor of James’ will in which he was appointed the guardian of his sisters, Mary and Martha. David grew up on his father’s farm. Source: Compiler of James Taylor McClure and Nancy Crouch information.

Census information:

Source Citation: Year: 1840; Census Place: , Washington, Pennsylvania; Roll: 499; Page: 58.
Jno MCEL…?
David MCCLURE 1111 – 1 / 1 – 1 – 1

1850 Pennsylvania, Washington County, North Strabane
Pg. 33
74/74 James McCluer 82 Farmer $4400 b. Ireland
Mary 33
Hannah 24
Nancy 46
Martha 5
75/75 David MCCLUER 47 farmer b. PA
Lavinah 34
Samuel 17
Mary Jane 13
Joseph 11
Isabel 7
William 5
Martha 2
76/86 George PALMER household

Source Citation: Year: 1860; Census Place: North Strabane, Washington, Pennsylvania; Roll: M653_1192; Page: 763; Image: 195.
137/137 David McClure 58 day laborer personal prop $200
Lovina McClure 50
Joseph McClure 18
William McClure 16 attended school
Martha McClure 14 attended school
Robert McClure 8
Jackson McClure 6
138/138 Libertine TOWES and family
139/139 Robert CROUCH and family

Source: Source: Thank you to Shirley McClure Gillenwater for pointing me to David McClure and Mary Cameron as parents of James.

James E. McClure and Martha McCosh

James E. McClure b. 1826 in Pennsylvania married Martha McCosh b. 1827 in Pennsylvania.

Children according to the census were:

  • John F. b. c. 1847, Pennsylvania
  • Albert B. b. c. 1849, Pennsylvania
  • Harry E. b. c. 1855, New York, married Anna M.
  • Charles James b. 1862 Aug 28 in New York, died 1935 May 18, married Jenny Priscilla Warren

1870 Ward 10 Buffalo, Erie, New York
264/262 MCCLURE Jas E. 44 m w Keg Manuf $1000 b. PA
Martha 41 f w Keeping house $5000 PA
John F. 23 m w tel. opr.
Albert B. 21 w m te. repairer
Harry E. 15 m w atts sch b. NY
Chas. 8 m w atts sch
Isabella 23 f w boarding
MCCASH Elizabeth 68 f w boarding b. PA

The Elizabeth McCash is perhaps Martha’s mother.

1880 Buffalo Erie NY Census
(pg. 154a)
James MCCLURE 54 PA barrel manufacturing b. PA parents b. PA
Martha female 53 b. PA parents b. PA
Charles 17 at school b. NY parents b. PA
Harriett TRUESDALL other relation 53 b. NY parents b. NY sewing
Harriett MCCREEDIE relation other 35 b. NY parents b. NY dressfitter

James E. McClure was still alive in 1903 and listed in his brother, David’s, obituary, as living in Buffalo, New York.

Son, Harry E. appears to be Harry Everett.

1900 District 193, Buffalo Ward 23, Erie, New York
483 Connecticut Street
101/112 McClure Harry E. head Jan 1851 49 married 22 years b. NY parents b. NY Commercial something
Anna M. Feb 1852 48 2 of 2 children surviving
Lothard son Nov 1879 20
Adrian son May 1884 16 student at college
Blasier Elizabeth servant 1880 19 b. NY father b. NY mother b. IN

1910 NY Erie Co Buffalo District 212
Connecticut Street 483
34/38 MCCLURE Harry E. 55 md 34 years b. NY parents b. PA
Anna M. 44 married 34 years, 2 children 2 surviving b. NY parents Ire. English

Harry’s son Harry Adrian is observed in the 1920 census. He graduated from the U.S. Naval Academy at Annapolis in the Class of 1907 and retired as a U.S. Navy Commodore.

District 221, Buffalo Ward 23, Erie, New York
115 Richmond Ave
29/36 McClure Harry A. 46 b. NY parents b. NY Lt. Commander U.S. Navy
Lucy M. 31 b. SC parents b. SC
Harry A. Jr. 5 b. Washington father b. NY mother b. SC
Robert 4 b. SC father b. NY mother b. SC
Julian 2 b. San Diego California
Lucy M. 1 b. SC
Murray Rebecca Servant mulatto 31 b. SC

E. Lothard was an attorney who graduated from Cornell. He moved to Oregon where he died June 20 1925. His mother Anna is in the 1920 census with his family.

1920 District 180, Bunker Hill, Coos, Oregon
267/270 McClure E. Lothard 40 b. NY parents b. NY attorney
Hally Belle wife 47 b. Oregon father b. Missouri mother b. Iowa
James E. son 1 and 10/12 months b. OR father b. NY mother b. OR
Anna M. mother 64 widowed b. NY parents b. Ireland

1930 District 27 Bunker Hill Coos Oregon
McClure, Bell rent 15 58 widowed b. OR father b. MO mother b. IA
Jame E. adopted son 12 b. OR father b. NY mother b. OR

“Oregon Voter: Magazine of Citizenship for busy men and women, Volume 21”, April 10, 1920 relates:

“E. Lothard McClure of Marshfield is referred to by the Record as ‘one of the foremost criminal lawyers of the city and rated in the front rank of civil lawyers of the state.’ He is a candidate for Coos County district attorney. Either he is a man of highest honor or is making a bid for the bootlegger vote, as his platform promises great caution in undertaking prosecutions.”

His platform is recorded on April 24 of 1900.

“E. Lothard McClure, Marshfield, Rep.
Slogan: A square deal to all. No criminal proceedings to satisfy private spite. Platform: I will, during my term of office, enforce all laws with absolute impartiality, common sense and economy. I will not resort to stool-pigeon testimony, nor compel children who have done a technical wrong to plead guilty to a felony before obtaining clemency. I will convict the boot-leggers of this county and their wealthy patrons, but will not make the poor logger the goat for a pretended law enforcement. I will see that the working men obtains the same consideration as the wealthy banker, and my slogan will be: ‘A square deal to all. No criminal proceedings to satisfy private spite.'”