Martha Catherine Sparks

Martha Catherine Sparks, daughter of James E. and Carrie E. (Cary Ann) Burch Sparks, was born 1859 Oct in Indiana. Her birth family being covered in another post, this one will be concerned with her life after her marriages.

On 1878 June 24, at Sedan, Chautauqua, Kansas, Martha married Philemon Thomas.

They would have 7 children:

  1. Clara Gertrude b. 1880 in Kansas married William T. Moore on 1898 Feb 6 in Chautauqua Co. Kansas.
  2. Edith b. 1881 in Kansas
  3. Arthur b. 1881 March 23 in Kansas married Florence Glen who had previously been married to a John L. Cross and was in Spokane, Washington with him in 1910. 1920 finds them in Strike Axe, where John must have died. Before 1924 she married Arthur. He died 1965 July 3 and is buried at the Pawhuska cemetery. They had one son, Arthur Thomas Jr. b. abt. 1925.
  4. Carrie B. b. 1883 in Kansas married June 24 1902 in Sedan, Chautauqua Co. Kansas to Joseph Elkins who was born about 1876 in California. His parents were John W. and Mary Elkins and the 1880 census shows them in Oregon, Butte, California. Joseph and Carrie moved to Colfax, Whitman, Washington, where they are shown in the 1910 census.
  5. James Alfred (or Alfred James) was born 1885 in Kansas. On 1907 Oct 7 in Chautauqua County he married Ida Rae Tripp, daughter of James Preston “Jim” Tripp and Jennie M. Susan McWhirt. Jennie was a sister-in-law of Addie McWhirt McKenney. James Preston Tripp had married in 1899, after Jennie’s death, Mary Elizabeth Sparks, sister of Mary Catherine. This family is covered in another post.
  6. Henry Josephus was born Nov 1887 in Kansas.
  7. Noah was born 1890 Dec 14 in Sedan, Chautauqua, Kansas and died 1959 Oct 12 in , Osage, Oklahoma. He is buried at the Pawhuska Cemetery.

The family of Philemon Thomas

Philemon Thomas was born July 14 1857 in Monroe Count, Iowa, son of Alfred Thomas and Isabella Emeline Haley. Alfred Thomas was from , Rush, Indiana, and Isabella from Illinois. They were married in , Monroe, Iowa. Philemon’s father having died in 1857, the 1860 census finds him with his mother in the household of a James W. Boyd.

Source Citation: Year: 1860; Census Place: Monroe, Monroe, Iowa; Roll: M653_336; Page: 167; Image: 400. PO Albia
1168 James W. BOYD 34 farmer $560 $1000 b. TN
? BOYD 30 domestic IL
Elizabeth 26 IA
John T.23 farming
Julia 19 domestic
James W. 16 farming b. IL
Eleanore H. MOORE 44 domestic $600 $0 TN
Isabel THOMAS 25 $0 $350 b. IL
Philemon THOMAS 3 IA

In 1870 in Green, Lawrence, Missouri, the Thomas family is again in the household of the Boyds.

Source Citation: Year: 1870; Census Place: Green, Lawrence, Missouri; Roll: M593_787; Page: 445; Image: 60.
134/129 BOYD James W. 62 farmer $0 $900 TN
Louisa M. 40 keeping house IL
Julia A. 29
James W. 26 works on farm
MOORE Elen… H. 54 TN
THOMAS Isabell T. 36 IL
Philaman 13 IA

The Boyd and Haley families had been long associated. In 1850 in , Sangamon, Illinois, we find them living side by side. Isabel Emeline Haley, yet to be married to Alfred Thomas is in the Boyd household.

1850 Illinois, Sangamon Co.
774/774 Thomas HALEY 44 farmer $1600 b. VA
Malvina 33 b. KY
Benjamin 9 b. IL
Edward 8
775/775 James BOYD 42 farmer $300 b. TN
Louisa 21 b. IL
Narcisa 16
John 13
Julia Ann 9
James 6
William MOORE 77 b. SC
Edna C. 37 b. TN
Emily 35
Emeline HALEY 16 b. IL

Philemon Thomas and Martha Catherine Sparks in the Censuses

A Willis G. Hays lives next to the family of James Sparks in 1880 in Chautauqua County Kansas. His parents were John Hays and Elizabeth Hays, found in the 1860 Iowa, Monroe County census. This Willis Hays married the above Elizabeth Narcissa Boyd, daughter of James, in Iowa in 1866. Looking further down the page? We find the Boyds.

The Illinois Marriage database shows a Thomas J. Haley marrying a Mirassa Moore on May 16 1832 in Sangamon County, Illinois. The 1850 census shows a 44 year old Thomas with a 33 year old Malvina. It’s likely this is that couple and that Marissa/Malvina married Haley when she was but 15 years of age. I have seen girls married that young and even younger. Emeline Haley was perhaps a daughter. And Tabitha Moore, wife of James W. Moore, was likely a sister of Malvina/Mirassa Moore.

We find the family of Philemon and Mary Catherine living next to her parents.

1880 Belleville, Chautauqua, Kansas
(4) or (294 B)
ELDRIDGE Isaac 45 Farmer b. NC parents b. NC
Icey T. 33 wife b. NC parents b. NC
Charlie B. 14 son b. NC
Emma M. 12 daughter b. NC
William A. 10 son b. MO
Ellie W. 7 daughter b. KS
Kenny H. 4 son b. KS
Robert D. 2 son b. KS
THOMAS Philemon 22 farmer b. IA father b. IN mother b. IL
Martha C. 20 wife b. IN parents b. IN
Clara C. 11/12 daughter b. KS
Isabelle E. mother b. IL father b. KY mother b. TN
NOTE: Martha C. is Martha C. SPARKS, daughter of James E. and Carrie SPARKS, of the next household.
SPARKS James E. 47 stone mason b. IN Parents b. KY
Carrie 45 wife b. IN Father b. IN and mother b. MD
John 27 son b. Indiana
Belle M. 12 daughter b. Illinois
William E. 3 son b. Kansas
NOTE: Belle M. SPARKS will marry George Washington McKINNEY Jr. They appear in the 1900 Chautauqua Co. Belleville Township Census.

31/32 HAYS Willis S. 40 Farmer b. IN parents b. IN
Elizabeth 46 b. IL parents b. TN
Mary T. 13 b. IA
Lemontt 12 b. MO
M…? (f) 8
Elmina? 6
Talitha M. ? 2 b. KS
WOOLSEY (?) George W. 50 widowed physician b. TN parents b. TN
Jerimiah 25 son single farmer b. MO parents b. TN
Jane E. 14 daughter at home, rheumatic fever at time of census b. MO parents b. TN

35/37 BOYD James W. 72 b. TN father b. NC
Louisa W. 50 daughter b. IL parents b. TN
Julia A. 40 daughter
William J. 37 son
MOORE Eleanor 64 sister-in-law b. TN parents b. SC

I’m unable to locate the Thomas family in 1885 and 1895 in Chautauqua, the sons born during that time however have their birth places as Kansas. They may have been moving back and forth between Chautauqua and the Osage Reserve.

In 1900 we find them back in Belleville. Daughter, Clara, was already married and living in Leavenworth, Kansas. Daughters Edith and Carrie B. are not with the family. Edith was on the Osage Reserve, as I show below.

The couple is living with Philemon’s widowed mother.

THOMAS Philimon July 1857 42 md. 21 yr. b. IA father b. IN mother b. IL farmer rents
Martha Oct. 1859 40 7 children 7 surv. b. IN parents b. KY
illegible son 1881 19 b. KS
Alfred J. son 1885 15 b. KS
Henry J. son Nov 1887 12 b. KS
Noah son Dec 1890 9 b. KS
Emaline mother July 1834 65 widow 1 child 1 surv. b. IL father b. VA mother b. TN

Edith was over on the Osage Reserve living in the household of her cousin, Mae McCormick (mother was Mary Elizabeth Sparks) who was married to Antoine/Antwine Rodman. The families beside them were related to the Nemaha Reserve Roys. Frank Denoya was a son of Francis Denoya and Marthat Lessert, and Martha a daughter of Clemment Lessert and Julia Roy. Moses Plemondon was married to Clementine Denoya, another daughter of Martha Lessert and Francis Denoya. Elizabeth Baylis was Elizabeth Loise, whose parents were Edward Paul Loise and Mary Jane Barada. Mary Jane and Elizabeth were Nemaha Reserve allottees. (I note this because of the McKenney connection with the Ioways of the Nemaha Reserve.)

Source Citation: Year: 1900; Census Place: Osage Indian Reservation, Osage and Kaw Indian Reservation, Oklahoma; Roll: T623 1344; Page: 64A; Enumeration District: 255.
43/43 RODMAN Antoine IN Dec 1872 27 OK father b. KS mother b. OK Osage, father white, mother Osage
M… B. ? Nov 1881 28 KS parents b. IN
THOMAS Edith white 1882 March 18 b. KS father b. IA mother b. IN
44/44 Frank A Denoya Feb 1857 43 b. OR Osage, parents Osage 15/16 white father b. Canada mother b. MO
Mary J Denoya 1868 Oct white31 b. KY parents b.KY
Joseph F Denoya 22 June 1877 22 Osage, father Osage
Jacob A Denoya 21 Oct 1878 21
Hurbert Denoya 19 Dec 1881 19
Martha Denoya 16 July 1883 16
Ida Denoya 15 Jan 1885 15
Mable Denoya 14 May 1886 14
James E Denoya 9 June 1890 9
Clara Denoya 8 July 1891 8
Grace L Denoya 7 Nov 1892 7
Alfred R Denoya 6 ? 1894 6
Charlotto m Denoya Dec 1895 4
Myrtle G Denoya 1 Sept 1898
45/45 PLOMONDON Mose ? 1840 60 md 32 b. WA Osage, father white, mother Osage, 15/16 white parents b. Canada
Clemey ? wife Jan 1855 45 32 10 of 12 children b. WA, Osage, father white, mother Osage, 15/16 white father b. Canada mother b. MO
Louis C. son Jan 1885 15 b. OK
Rosa M. daughter IN April 1886 14 b. OK parents b. WA Osage father white mother Osage 15/16
Stella daughter IN Sept 1889 10 b. OK parents b. WA Osage father white mother Osage 15/16
Daniel B. son IN 1892 8 b. OK parents b. WA Osage father white mother Osage 15/16
Julia A. daughter IN 1894 6 b. OK parents b. WA Osage father white mother Osage 15/16
Louise C. daughter IN 1897 3 b. OK parents b. WA Osage father white mother Osage 15/16
46/46 BROCK Williwam C.
47/47 ?
48/48 BAYLIS Elizabeth May 1845 55 widow b. NE father b. MO mother b. NE Osage, father white, mother Osage, 1/4 white
Harry D. son 1882 17 b. NE father b. VA mother b. NE Osage, father white, mother Osage 1/8 white
Charles D. son June 1886 13 b. NE father b. VA mother b. NE, Osage, father white, mother Osage 1/8 white
SCOUT Weslie? nephew April ? 26? b. NE father b. IN mother b. NE, Osage, father white, mother Osage, 1/4 white

By 1910 the family is over in Pawhuska. The Indian and white families were still on separate schedules. By 1920 we find the Thomas family living beside the John and Nannie Tripp Whitehorn.

Philemon’s widowed mother continues to live with the couple.

In the census is Nannie Tripp WHITEHORN whose father was James Preston TRIPP and stepmother was Mary Elizabeth SPARKS.

A DRAKE lives beside both Philemon (given here as Phillip) THOMAS and Martha SPARKS THOMAS and James Preston TRIPP and Mary Elizabeth SPARKS THOMAS.

14/14 WHITEHORN John Ind 27 married 6 years b. OK parents b. KS (Osage full blood)
Nana 22 4 children 2 surviving b. MO father b. IL mother b. MO
Arthur b. OK

(17 of 53 pg. 292 or 9A
116/117 DRAKE ? K 45 married 22 years b. KS father b. IL mother b. US
Maggie 38 8 children, 6 surviving b. KS father b. US mother b. OH
John WW 17 b. KS
Ray A 9
George M 6
Gladis 1 b. OK
117/118 MAINE or MAINS WIlliam W. 35 married 7 years b. KS father b. Michigan
Ella 30 4 children, 4 surviving b. KS father b. English mother b. IL
Andew A. 5 b. KS
Charles E. 3 b. OK
Loyd W. 1 and 2/12
…MORE Evert L. stepson 19
118/119 THOMAS Philip 50? married 31 years b. IA father b. IN mother b. IL
Martha C. 53? 7 children, 7 surviving b. IL parents b. IN
Isibell 72 mother widowed 1 child, 1 surviving b. IL father b. KY mother b. TN
119/120 SAVAGE Amos? 27 b. IL parents b. IL
Mary 21 b. KS father b. ? mother b. IA
BAKER J. W. boarder 35 b. Texas parents b. US
(NOTE: On previous page is William SAVAGE 36 b. IL parents b. IL with Ida)
120/121 FISHER Valez M. ? 30 b. Texas father b. KY mother b. MO
France? 28 b. IL
FARQUIER brother-in-law 15
121/122 ENYART Leroy W. 43 and Alice 39 and children

In 1920 they are in Strike Axe living next to John and Nannie Tripp Whitehorn. Son Alfred and his wife Ida Rae Tripp live nearby. (I’ve been unable to locate James Alfred Thomas in 1910, and have been unable to locate Arthur Thomas in either 1910 or 1920. Ditto Henry Josephus, I’ve been unable to find him in 1910 or 1920 either. Noah Thomas likewise can’t be found in the 1910 and 1920 censuses. Where did they go?? And yet in 1917-1918 when son Noah registered with the military, he was living in Pawhuska and was a “transfer driver” for “J. P. Thomas” who is likely his father. Josephus also registered out of Pawhuska, giving his birthdate as Nov 28 1887, born in Sedan. He was farming and working for Jim Brown? The name is illegible. But he was employed at what looks like C. S. W. Pawhuska.)

Alfred THOMAS and Ray TRIPP THOMAS, Philemon THOMAS and Martha SPARKS THOMAS, John WHITEHORN and Nannie TRIPP live in a cluster.

1920 Osage Co. OK Srike Axe census:
43/48 PLUMMER James F. and Bertie C. (and children)
44/49 THOMAS Phil rent 62 b. IA father b. IL mother b. IL farmer
Martha 60 b. IN parents b. IN
45/50 WHITEHORN John Indian 39 b. OK parents b. IL
Nannie 24 b. MO father b. IL mother b. MO (and children)
Arthur J. 14
Charles 12
Waneta 7
Christie or Christine?? 4
John M. 2
Walker K. 8/12
NOTE: Nannie is Nannie TRIPP, a daughter of James Preston TRIPP, who married 2nd Mary SPARKS, a sister of Martha SPARKS.
46/51 GAREN Thomas Indian 52 b. NY father b. NY mother b. Canada
Ida Indian 40 b. Minnesota father b. NY mother b. Illinois (and children)
47/52 BROWN Frank and Clara E. and children
48/53 HENDRICKS William Indian b. OK parents b. OK
May white b. Nebraska parents b. IA
49/54 THOMAS Alfred 27 b. KS father b. IN mother b. IL
Ray 24 b. KS father b. IL mother b. MO
Henry 11 b. OK
Martha J. 4 b. OK
NOTE: Ray is the daughter of James Preston TRIPP
50/55 BROWN John A. b. AR parents b. AR
Minnie M. b. MO father b. unknown mother b. MO

1930 shows them again in Strike Axe, sons Noah and Josephus both in the household, Noah a veteran of WWI. Son Arthur is living next to Lloyd McWhirt and his wife Dora Strikeaxe.

Year: 1930; Census Place: Strike Axe, Osage, Oklahoma; Roll: T626_1923; Page: 5B; Enumeration District: 40; Image: 0429.
93/95 WHITEHORN James 30 and June (probably brother of John who is by now divorced from Nannie TRIPP)
98/100 THOMAS, Philemon 72 md at 19 b. IA parents b. IA Farming General Farm
Martha wife 70 md at 18 b. IN father b. KY mother b. IN
Noah son 38 D md at 21 b. KS father b. IA mother b. IN Labor on General Farm Veteran of WWI
Josephus son 40 S b. KS father b. IA mother b. IN Laborer on Cattle Ranch Veteran of WWI
99/101 CUMMING WIlliam and Susanna and family
100/102 BARKER Lile
101/103 POSTON Thomas and Naomie and family
102/104 STRIKEAXE Pendleton 50 Full blood Osage and Mamie E. wife full blood Winnebago (probably relations of Dora Strikeaxe. Son Arthur THOMAS lived near Dora Strikeaxe MCWHIRT)

Year: 1930; Census Place: Strike Axe, Osage, Oklahoma; Roll: T626_1923; Page: 4A; Enumeration District: 39; Image: 0402.
3/3 THOMAS Arthur 49 md at 44 b.KS parents b.KY
Flora M. 46 md at 15 b. MO parents b.MO
Arthur Jr. son 4 b. OK father b. KS mother b. MO
FRESE? Mildred stepdaughter 15 b. OK father b. KS mother b. MO
Jimmie ? Lee Stepson 8 b. OK father b. KS mother b. MO
5.5 MCWHIRT Lloyd Head R mw 23 md at 20 b. OK father b. MO mother b. OK
Dora J. wife Indian 24 md at 16 b. OK Mixed blood mother b. OK
MURPHY Bourdon? Indian stepson 7 b. OK father b. KS mother b. OK, Osage
MURPHY Roscoe Indian stepson 5 b. OK father b. KS mother b. OK, Osage
MURPHY Norma Jane Indian step daughter 4 b. OK father b. KS mother b. OK, Osage
MCWHIRT Helen Marie Indian Daughter 1 and 6/12 b. OK Mixed blood Osage
LONG Leo Lodger 26
EDWARDS Noah Servant (Race “Neg”) 27 md. md at 20 b. OK parents b. OK
NOTE: Lloyd MCWHIRT was a nephew of Addie MCKENNEY MCWHIRT.

Philemon died 1936 May 21 in , Osage, Oklahoma. Martha died 1942 Aug 14 in , Osage, Oklahoma. Both are buried at the Pawhuska Cemetery.

Arthur Thomas Jr. Obituary

Arthur Thomas Jr. was the son of Arthur Thomas Sr. and Florence Glenn. Arthur Thomas Sr. was a son of Philemon Thomas and Martha Catherine Sparks.

* * * * *

Sedan Times-Star – June 01, 2005


SEDAN, Kan. – Arthur Thomas, Jr. 79, of Sedan, Kan., died Sunday night, May 29, 2005, at Sedan City Hospital.

He was born Dec. 20, 1925 at Pawhuska, Okla. to Arthur, Sr. and Florence Virginia (Glenn) Cross Thomas. He was raised in the Pawhuska area.

On Dec. 20, 1943, he married Juanita Lois Cables at Pawhuska. Following their marriage, they made their home in the Hula, Okla. area, where they were both employed at the Cross Bell Ranch. He was a ranch hand and she was a housekeeper in the main house.

He was a Veteran of World War II, serving in the U.S. Army as a Private with the 387th Infantry in the European Theatre. While serving in the Rhineland campaign, he was one of only seven survivors of a group of 48 Infantryman that crossed the Rhine River on a mission. He received an Honorable Discharge in 1945.

Following his discharge, he returned to Osage County, Okla., where he continued in his fathers’ footsteps as a cowboy. He worked for over 30 years on ranches in the Pawhuska area, including the famous Chapman-Barnard Ranch. In the mid 1950’s, they started a dairy in Pershing, Okla. When the venture did not work out as planned, they moved to Sedan in 1956, where he was employed by Tru-Flavor. Later they operated Art’s Conoco Service Station and also operated the last dairy in Sedan that bottled and delivered raw milk.

Later he moved his family to Ontario, Ore., where he bought and sold horses. They also lived in Picabo, Idaho, where he worked on the Crown Ranch. Art and his family made a two week trip to Chicago and ended up staying for four years. He worked for a Wire Company while they were there.

In 1969, Art moved his wife and family back to Chautauqua County, where they bought 80 acres between Sedan and Peru, and they raised hogs and registered dogs. He also worked at Jones Feed Store. During this time, he began a long career as an Auctioneer, operating Art’s Auction Service. His wife preceded him in death on Nov. 16, 1993. He retired from the Auction business shortly after his wife’s death and continued to make his home in Sedan…

In addition to his wife and parents, he was preceded in death by one son, Johnnie Lee Thomas, in 2002 and one grandson, Aaron Scott Thomas, in 2003.

Services will be at 10 a.m. on Tuesday, June 7, 2005, in the Ackarman Chapel, behind the First Christian Church. Burial will be in Greenwood Cemetery in Sedan. Friends may call on Monday, June 6, 2005, from 9-8 p.m. at David W. Barnes Funeral Home of Sedan is in charge of arrangements.