Ebenezer Sparhawk Jr. Sermon #103, 1762


Ebenezer Sparhawk Jr’s sermon #103, dated Templetown, Worcester, Massachusetts, June 30, 1762, preached at Templetown on July 25 1762 a.m. and preached second on December 9 1764 p.m. My grandmother, Dorothy Mitchell McClure, who had the original sermon in her possession, supplied me the photocopy many years ago.

Ebenezer Sparhawk Jr. and Azubah Jepherson

Ebenezer SPARHAWK Jr., son of Rev. Ebenezer SPARKHAWK Sr. and Abigail STEARNS, was born 29 May 1764 in Templeton, Worcestor Co. MA., and died 31 Oct. 1836 at Rochester, Windsor Co. VT. 23 June 1799, in Rochester, Windsor Co. VT., Ebenezer married Azubah JEPHERSON, daughter of Joseph JEPHERSON and Ruth EMERSON. Azubah was born 1779 […]