Timothy Kearns and Abbey Bernard

Timothy, son of John Kearns and Catherine McNulty, was given as 1 year of age in the 1860 census. Dying in Mobile on 1938 Feb 10, his death certificate gives his date of birth as March 01, 1878 and states he was 59 at the time of his death. This misinformation may have had to […]

Michael Tearance Kearns and Mary McAndrews

Michael “Buddy” Tearance KEARNS was born 19 Jan 1865 or 1856 or 1860, even as early as 1853 according to the 1900 census, though the 1870 census gives him as born 1855 and the 1860 census gives him as born about 1856. He was born at Toulminville, Mobile Co. AL to John KEARNS and Catherine […]