Victor Hugo Noyes to Cora Noyes, December 1883

victor hugo noyes letter

The date on the letter looks like Dec 1887 but Victor died in 1886. The date has been determined to be 1883, it being known that Victor was working in a tin shop in Kansas City in March of 1884. “I have many more envelopes than letters, and none of the letters were enclosed in […]

Mitchell Bible Register Marriages


Carr’s Chapel Cemetery


Courtesy of Nancy Benton, this document shows the rows in which certain members of the Brewer family are buried at Carr’s Chapel Cemetery in Dade county, Missouri. In row 1 is Mary Johnson Fowler, wife of John Fowler (direct line), Catherine Hedden Brewer, wife of Daniel Levi Brewer (direct line), Alva Brewer, son of David […]

Bettie Brewer Noyes and Jessie

Bettie Brewer Noyes, wife of Ray Noyes of Liberal, Missouri, is seen here visiting her sister, Jessie, in Washington state.

Bettie Brewer Noyes Visiting Jessie Brewer Jones in Washington State

Bettie Brewer Noyes, wife of Ray Noyes of Liberal, Missouri, is seen here visiting her sister, Jessie, in Washington state.

Charles Clifford Crockett Invention

Below is an invention of Charles Clifford Crockett, son of Samuel Kelly Crockett and Sarah Elizabeth Hackney and brother of this blog’s Vera Crockett. He married Dena Montgomery, child of James Montgomery and Ellen Nott, and had children Luther and Clydene. Sept. 30, 1930. C. C CROCKETT 1,777,197 PORTABLE CABLE REEL Original Filed Aug. 24, […]

Location of Heaston and Scarborough Families in Doniphan Co., Kansas

Below are the locations of the Heaston and Scarborough families in Doniphan County, Kansas, who had moved there from Ohio. This has been of interest to me as Isabel McKenney was said to be Ioway and these families located on and next the Ioway reserve, along with others from the same area, this after Isabel […]

The Scagels

The following pages cover the Scagels concerning this blog, who eventually married into the Atwell family in 1830. Thanks to Nancy Benton for the pages. The Scagels Orson Patrick BRYAN, having married Sally, the daughter of George Scagel, the descendents of this marriage would also be part of the Scagel family. It has been a […]

First Christian Church at Liberal, Missouri

Postmarked 1907. The original image (first above) originally appeared on the now defunct website on Liberal by Barbara Irwin.

The Jones Family


Levy Jones and Jessie Brewer Jones are shown here. The identity of the child isn’t certain. Jessie was a sister of Bettie Brewer Noyes (this blog’s line) and daughter of David Nathaniel Brewer and Delana Fowler Brewer. The original photo is courtesy of Jim and Dieanna Swearngin.