CARRIE NOYES LETTER TO ALLEN NOYES 1887 Liberal, Barton Co. Missouri July 23d 1887 Ray Noyes was 13 at the time of this incident. Allen is noted as being in “Sunny Dale”. Where this was, I’ve not been able to discover, but Allen was in Oklahoma by at least 1889. A Dr. Clark is mentioned […]

Mention of O. E. Harmon of Liberal, Mo in the 1921 “Unitarian Register”

THE UNITARIAN REGISTER VOLUME 100 April 14, 1921 IN THE TOWN OF LIBERAL, MO Orrin E. Harmon is the only Unitarian in Barton County, Missouri. He lives in the town of Liberal, a community of interesting citizens. It seems that a man named G. H. Walser, a Spiritualist, owned a plot of land on which […]

Another View of the Noyes Home in Liberal, Missouri

Another view of the Noyes home in Liberal, Missouri. From my Noyes grandmother.

Letter from Sarah Atwell Gilbert to Caroline Atwell Noyes, 1877

Sarah Ann Lydia Atwell Gilbert was Caroline Atwell Noyes’ sister. Mention is made of a number of people in the letter. Viola, who had been apparently ill, was Caroline’s daughter and would have been about sixteen. Sarah’s husband, to the best of my knowledge, was a dentist. Uncle Best was Thomas Best Scagel b. 1805 […]

James Noyes in the Black Hawk War, 1832

From the 1869-1870 “Kalamazoo County Directory with a History of the County from its Earliest Census” compiled and published by James M. Thomas. The James Noyes mentioned was the husband of Sally Marble and father of James Allen Noyes. “On one of the last days of April, about ten at night, an express arrived from […]

Interest in Spiritualism in Freethought Settlers of Liberal, Missouri Prior the mid 1880s – Letter from N. W. Gilbert to Caroline Atwell Noyes, April 18 1879

The Noyes family of the socialist Alphadelphia Association, and the free thought community of Liberal, preserved many of the family papers and correspondence, but with the McCarthy scare in the 1950s, my Noyes grandmother, with her sister, Pansy, burned almost the entirety of the collection, fearful of exposure and retribution. A very few letters were […]

Bettie Brewer Noyes with son Ray James Noyes

Courtesy of Nancy Benton Bettie Brewer Noyes was the wife of Ray Noyes. They lived and died at Liberal, Missouri. Son Ray James was born 1903 at Liberal and died there May 15 1969. I don’t know where this photo was taken but my guess is a vacation is involved.

Walter and Edith Brewer

Robert Walter Brewer was the youngest son of David Nathaniel Brewer (b. 1850 Oct 31, Pleasant, Steuben, Indiana, died 1921 Aug 29 at Greenfield, Dade, Missouri) and Delana Jane Fowler (b. 1854 Sep 12 Bloomington, McLean, Illinois, died 1939 Nov 4, Oscaloosa, Dade, Missouri). Nancy Benton wrote, “Walter and his family lived near Oscaloosa, Missouri, […]

Haying on the Ray Noyes Farm in Liberal, Missouri

Haying on the Ray Noyes Farm in Liberal, Missouri

William Fowler and Elizabeth Louis Westmoreland

William Fowler and Elizabeth Louis Westmoreland were the parents of John B. Fowler who married Mary Jane Johnson. William Fowler was the son of Samuel Fowler and Margaret Coffer. Elizabeth Louis Westmoreland was the daughter of Davis S. Westmoreland and Rebecca Bynum. ======================================== Husband: William + > Fowler (1) ======================================== Born: 1801 Apr 14 – […]