Liberal’s W. A. Martin writes to “The Inland Printer”, 1898

From “The Inland Printer”, Volume XII, October 1898, edited by A. H. McQuilkin, published out of 212-214 Monroe Street in Chicago, USA. W. A. Martin, of Liberal, Missouri, contributed to the “Notes on Job Composition” column, “The card and notehead of the Ozark Hotel are very good for work of this class. The composition on […]

1893 Liberal, Missouri Fire

On August 1st, 1893, the semi-monthly “Pharmaceutical Era” reported: “The principal business block in the town of Liberal, Barton county, Mo., was wiped out by fire a few days ago. The drug store, building and household goods of T. Webb were destroyed.”

Noyes Burials at Liberal City Cemetery

At Find-a-Grave, an individual has placed up memorials for Liberal City Cemetery, including members of the Noyes family. There are (sadly) no photos, just names and inscriptions on the headstones. The person must not have been a member of the family as family members are unlinked. I’ve sent a request for them to be linked, […]

Ray Noyes and Bettie Brewer

Ray NOYES was born 4 Jan 1874 at Anna, Union, Illinois, the youngest of 6 known children and the 4th son born to James Allen NOYES and Caroline ATWELL. The family record reports he was 10 pounds at birth. Obituary and family accounts vary as to when the move to the freethought community of Liberal, […]

Viola Sells Poultry

Chickens! It was fun to come across this ad of Viola Noyes Harmon selling chickens, especially as I have a photo of her niece, Pansy, feeding chickens, and another photo of a nephew beside a poultry incubator. The White Wyandottes that she specialized in had been standardized in 1888 and were popular in the 1890s […]

2001 Kansas City Star Article – History Of Liberal Details Small Town’s Unusual Test Of Faith

This story was published in the Kansas City Star on Saturday, December 22, 2001. One rather wonders what prompted the report. I suppose, it having been the Xmas season, a story was wanted that was a feel good, reaffirmation of Christian faith over freethought. History Of Liberal Details Small Town’s Unusual Test Of Faith Steve […]

City Park at Liberal, Missouri

Ever so lightly colored in to make the scene a little more readable Added a very light touch of color to this old image of the city park at Liberal, Missouri to make it easier to see the environment. One can see on the map this photo showing the band stand was likely taken from […]

Missouri Pacific Depot at Liberal

Photoshopped. Not sure it did anything for the image. Found this image a while back on the late Barbara Irwin’s page on Liberal, Missouri (no longer maintained). A nice photo that shows people milling about the depot, which one doesn’t often see in these small town depot shots. Would this be the depot located directly […]

Basketball Team, Liberal, Missouri, 1909

Photoshopped Original The bottom photo is from the late Barbara Irwin’s page on Liberal, Missouri which is no longer available. I worked with it some restoring it, and it happened to come out really well. What we have here is the Liberal High School basketball team in 1909, photographed at Fritts Studio. The backdrop is […]

Image of Grain Elevator at Liberal, Missouri

Grain Elevators at Liberal, Missouri, photoshopped Original An image of a grain elevator at Liberal, Missouri that I photoshopped to try to make it a bit more vivid. One can make out barely the railroad running in front. The original image above was once on Barbara Irwin’s Liberal page (no longer maintained), and gave C. […]