John David Brewer and Eva Hall

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Image courtesy Shirley Cooper Castle

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Family of John David Brewer and Eva Hall

Sepia alternative

David Brewer, son of David Nathaniel, with wife Eva and daughter Addie.

Starting front left going right: Wilma, John’s mom (Delana Fowler), Monte, John, Eva holding John.

Behind them from left to right: Daisie, Flora.

Behind them left to right: Uncle Walter, Aunt Edith, Uncle Roy, Maude, Addie, Bill Smith holding Irene, (the group of 3 is of Albert, Ralph, and Lewis but Shirley isn’t sure which).

Photo courtesy of Shirley Cooper Castle

According to this then.

Wilma Brewer was born 1907 and looks to be about 3 years of age here. Delana Fowler Brewer, the matriarch of the clan here, was born in 1854. Monte Brewer was born in 1905. John David Brewer was born in 1869 and so is about 40 here. Eva Hall Brewer was born also about 1869. The child in her lap is John who was born 1909.

Daisie (Daisy), the girl standing to the left behind Delana, was born in 1898. Flora was born 1896.

Walter Brewer, son of Delana and David Nathaniel Brewer, was born 1890. His wife, Edith, was born in 1894, so she would be about 16 here. Uncle Roy and Maude would be Clara Maudline (Maude) b. 1892 and her husband Roy Carrico. Addie Brewer was born in 1890. Bill Smith would be her husband and Irene their daughter. Ralph Brewer was born 1901 and would be 9 here. Albert Brewer was born 1894 and so would have been 16 in this photo and must be the taller boy, still short. Lewis Brewer was born 1903 and would be 7.

All the children of John David and Eva had to 1910 are thus all shown here. They would have two more after this picture: Elizabeth b. 1912 and Lellia b. 1915.

John David Brewer, b. 1869 December 10 at Osage Mission, Neosho, KS, married Eva Hall about 1889.

The 1900 census showed them as living in Ozark, Barton county, Missouri. They reside by Frank Bevans, whose son Frank Jr. would marry Mary Louise “Mary Lou” Noyes in 1929:

12th June
Sheet #11
30 243/247 BREWER John Head wm 1869 30 M married 10 years Missouri f-Indiana m-illinois Farmer, can read and write, rents. (37) 7 (38) 46
31 Eva Wife wf Aug 1879 29 M married 10 years, 5 children and 5 surviving Missouri f-Indiana m-illinois can read and write,
32 Ada Daughter wf Aug 1890 9 b. MO parents b. MO
33 Maude Daughter wf Jan 1892 8 b. MO parents b. MO
34 Albert Son wm Feb 1894 6 b. MO parents b. MO
35 Flora ? Daughter wf Jan 1896 4 b. MO parents b. MO
36 Daisy Daughter wf March 1898 2 b. MO parents b. MO
37 244/248 BEVANS Frank Head wm Oct 1870 29 Married 3 years Missouri F-NY M-NY Farmer, rents
38 Lena Wife wf Oct 1873 26 2 children and 2 surviving Kansas F-England M-Ohio
39 Edward D. Son wm Sept 1898 1 b. MO father b. MO mother b. KS
40 Nellie Daughter wf May 1900 b. MO father b. MO mother b. KS

In 1930 John and Eva were in Galena, Jasper, Missouri:

Year: 1930; Census Place: Galena, Jasper, Missouri; Roll: T626_1205; Page: 2B; Enumeration District: 22; Image: 0711.
47/47 BREWER John D. Own 60 md at 19 b. MO father b. US mother b. MO unable to decipher occupation but not farmer
Evalin 59 md at 18 b. MO parents b. US
John 20 b. MO laborer
Elizabeth 28
Lila 15

To run through the children again:

1. Addie Florence b. 1890 Aug. in Barton county, Missouri, died 1977.
2. Clara Maudline (Maude) b. 1892 Jan, died 1945, married Roy Carrico.
3. Albert Lafayette b. 1894 Feb married Lena. They had three children: Elizabeth “Betty” Brewer abt. 1922, Ilene Brewer b. abt. 1927, and Sonny Brewer, b. after 1930 and died young.
4. Flora Mae b. Jan 1896, died, 1939.
5. Daisy Golden b. 1898 March, died abt. 1929, also married a Carrico.
6. Ralph b. abt 1901, died circa 1965.
7. Lewis David b. abt 1903, died about 1974.
8. Monte Monro was born about 1905.
9. Wilma Beatrice was born abt. 1907 and married Cecil Wycuff.
10. John Everette was born about 1909 and married a woman perhaps named Goldie.
11. Elizabeth Anna was born abt 1912 and married Edgar Haywood Cooper.
12. Lellia Violet Brewer was born abt. 1915, died abt 1994, and married Ira Wolfe.

For information on the family of David Nathaniel Brewer and Delana Louise Jane Fowler Brewer click here.

Five Generations of Brewers

Five Generations article courtesy Nancy Benton

This picture shows five generations of one family–and the infant who is the fifth generation perhaps has more living grandparents than any other child in the Ozarks; certainly more than most for she has 11.

In the center of the picture is Mrs. D. L. Brewer, 87, of Arcola, the baby’s great-greatgrandmother. At the left in the middle row is her son, Dan Brewer, 61, of Arcola; his wife is just below him at the left in the front row. They are the baby’s great-grandparents. At the top left and center are Mr. and Mrs. Schuyler Brewer, the infant’s grandparents, also of Arcola. Mr. Brewer is 40. At the right of the top is the baby’s father, Gilbert Pyle, of Jerico Springs, and his wife, Pansy Brewer Pyle, is holding their six-months-old daughter, Peggy Lou Pyle.

Peggy Lou’s other living grandparents are Mr. and Mrs. Leon Pemberton, Mrs. Schuyler Brewer’s parents; Mr. and Mrs. Cortes Pyle, her great-grandparents, and Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Pyle, her grandparents, on the father’s side of the house. Both Pyle families are of Stockton.

Delana Louise Jane Fowler Brewer (grandmother of Dorothy Noyes mcKenney) was born in 1854 and died in 1939 at the age of 85, so the article is wrong as to her age.

Her son Daniel was born in 1874 in Barton county, Missouri and was 61 in 1935, so I’ll place this article as being in 1935. His wife was Rose Trent b. 1878 in KS and died in 1948. They were married March 25 1895 in Girard, Crawford, Kansas.

Daniel and Rose had two children, Schuyler b. abt 1897 and Davie b. abt 1902. Schuyler married Gladys Pemberton who was born abt 1899 in Missouri. They had three children: Odilla b. abt 1915, Pansy b. abt 1917 and Schuyler Jr. b. abt 1919.

Pansy married Gilbert C. Pyle.

In 1920 Daniel was living in North, Dade, Missouri. His nephew, Ralph, was living with them. Ralph was a son of John David Brewer:

Roll: T625_916 Page: 1B ED: 73 Image: 0712
19/19 BREWER Dan Rent 47 b. MO father b. IN mother b. IL Farmer on General Farm
Rose 44 b. KS father b. KY mother b. KS
Davie 18 b. MO
Ralph nephew 11 b. MO father b. KS mother b.MO

The 1920 census shows the following for Schuyler in Polk, Dade, Missouri:

Roll: T625_916 Page: 8A ED: 76 Image: 0779
164/165 GILMORE Andrew J. Rent 58 wd. b. MO parents b. MO Farm laborer, working out
Paul R. son 17 b. TX father b. MO mother b. TX Farm laborer, working out
John son 15 b. TX father b. MO mother b. TX Farm laborer, working out
165/166 BREWER Schuyler 24 b. MO father b. MO mother b. KS Farmer, general farm
Gladys 21 b. MO parents b. MO
Odilla 5 b. MO
Pansy 3
Schuyler Jr. 1

Schuyler’s uncle, Robert Walter Brewer, was married to an Edith S. Gilmore. I think it likely that Andrew was a relation.

The 1930 census shows for Schuyler and Dan that they were living next to each other and that Delana was in Dan’s household:

Year: 1930; Census Place: North, Dade, Missouri; Roll: T626_1185; Page: 3A; Enumeration District: 9; Image: 0134.
Page 3A
65/67 BREWER Schuyler rent 33 married at 18 b. MO father b. MO mother b. KS
Gladys 31 married at 16 b. MO father b. MO mother b. Illinois
Odilla 15 b. MO
Pansy 13 b. MO
Schuyler Jr. 11 b. MO
66/68 BREWER Dan rent 55 married at 21 b. MO father b. IN mother b. IL
Rose 53 married at (illegible) b. KS father b. TN mother b. KS
Elana (mother) 75 married at 15 b. IL parents b. IL

Photo of Dan Brewer, son of David Nathaniel and Delana Brewer

This photo of Dan Brewer is courtesy of Dieanna and Jim Swearngin.

Daniel Brewer was the third child of eleven, born Jan 13 1874 in Barton county, Missouri. He died Jan 1 in Greenfield, Dade county, Missouri. He was married to Rose E. Trent.

Dan Brewer

To learn more about Daniel Brewer, click on his name in the tags.

Photo of Russel (Russell) Dean Jones

Russell Dean Jones b. 1918 Feb 25 in Missouri, died 1920 Feb 5 in Dade county, Missouri, was the son of Elbert Jones and Blanche Griffith. Elbert was the son of William C. Jones and Luttie Steeley. And William C. Jones was the son of Fleming Jones and Mary Funk. This and related families were in Dade County early on, coming from Kentucky, and a number of Jones families in Dade descend from them.

Rosa Bell Jones, Levy Jones and Pearl Jones, all of the Jones family, married Brewers. Rosa b. 1885, who married Elmer Brewer (son of David Nathaniel and Delana Fowler Brewer) was a daughter of James Jones, who was a brother of the above William C. Levy and Pearl were siblings and children of William C. Pearl, b. May 5, 1885 in Dade county, Missouri, on July 4 1902 in Everton, Dade, Missouri married Lewis Brewer. Levy was married to Jessie Brewer.

The 1900 census shows Elbert (listed in the census as Albert) in the household of his father, William C. Pearl is also shown, listed as Emma P.

1900 District 66, Polk, Dade, Missouri
22/22 JONES Thomas J. Nov 1851 48 md 29 farmer b. MO father b. KY mother b. IL
Elvira wife April 1855 45 13 children with 10 surviving b. IN father b. MO mother b. IN
Arthur son aug 1882 17 b. MO father b. MO mother b. IN
Iva S. daughter april 1885 15
Mary F. daughter june 1889 12
Clarence son june 1890 10
Earl son sept 1892 7
Roy son aug 2895 4
Ethel daughter sept 1898 1
23/23 JONES William C. feb 1847 md 18 years b. MO father b. KY mother b. IN
Luttie wife aug 1851 5 children b. MO parents b. KY
Leroy son dec 1883 16 b. MO parents b. MO
Emma P. daughter May 1885 15
Albert son apr 1888 12
Elvy daughter july 1891 8
Deltha daughter apr 1893 7

The 1910 census shows Elbert in the household of his father William C. Jones. On one side lives William’s brother brother Thomas J., and on the other side we find Levy Jones and Jessie Brewer (daughter of David Nathaniel and Delana Brewer) and Aughty Jones, who was another son of William C. Jones through a first marriage to Angeline Hockman.

1910 District 0071, Pilgrim, Dade, Missouri
30/31 JONES Aughty 34 md 2 times 6 years b. MO parents b. MO farmer
Emma wife 25 md once b. MO father b. IN mother b. MO
31/52 JONES Levy 26 md once b. MO parents b. MO farmer
Jessie wife 22 md once 4 years 1 child b. MO father b. KY mother b. IL
Herman son 3 b. MO parents b. MO
32/33 JONES Wm C. 64 md twice 28 years b. MO father b. KY mother b. MO farmer
Lulu wife md once 28 years 5 children 5 living b. MO parents b. MO
Elbert son 22 b. MO parents b. MO farm laborer
Elva daughter 18
Deltha daughter 17
33/34 JONES Thomas J. 59 md once 40 years
Elvira Wallace wife 56 md once 40 years 12 children, 10 surviving
Clarence son 20
Earl son 18
Roy son 15
Ethel daughter 12

The 1920 census shows Elbert and Blanche with their young son.

1920 District 75 Pilgrim Dade Missouri
14/14 Jones Elbert 30 b. MO parents b. MO
Blanche wife 22 b. MO father b. TN mother b. MO
Russel D. son 1 11/12 b. MO parents b. MO
Luttie mother 70 b. MO parents b. KY
Diltha sister 25 b. MO parents b. MO

In 1930 they are living beside Roy Jones, a son of Thomas J. (Jefferson) Jones, who was beside William C. Jones in 1910.

1930 District 11 Pilgrim Dade Missouri
36/36 JONES Elbert 37 md 27 b. MO parents b. MO
Blanche wife 29 md 18 b. MO father b. FL mother b. MO
Lutie mother 79 md 24 b. MO f parents b. MO
37/37 JONES Roy 34 md 26 b. MO ” ”
Florence wife 25 md 17 b. MO father b. MO mother b. IN
Maxim daughter 5 b. MO parents b. MO
Eula M. daughter 3 and 1/12 ” ”
Hilda J. daughter 5/12 ” ”
Thomas father 77 b. MO ” “

The photo of Russell is courtesy of Dieanna and Jim Swearngin. Jessie Brewer Jones had written on the back: “Russel Dean Jones. Uncle Albert + Blanches Boy. Died of Whooping Cough.”

Courtesy of Dieanna and Jim Swearngin

Courtesy of Dieanna and Jim Swearngin

A beautiful boy and a sad entry in the photo archive.

Elizabeth “Bettie” Brewer Noyes Photo from Fritts Studio in Liberal, Missouri

The below photo had been passed down through the family to Dieanna Swearngin but she had no identification for it.

Courtesy of Dieanna and Jim Swearingen

What mesmerizing eyes, despite its age the photo beautifully captures them.

My belief is that it is of my great-grandmother Bettie Brewer Noyes. I am basing the ID on two photos. One is her wedding photo

Bettie Brewer Noyes and Ray Noyes wedding photo, 1895

Another photo is this one below.

Click here to learn more about the above photo.

Photo of Bettie Brewer Noyes and Dora Fowler taken at Fritts Studio in Liberal

Courtesy of Nancy Benton

I’ve touched it up a little below.

Dora Nancy Fowler Trent is shown here with her niece, Bettie Brewer (married Ray Noyes).

Dora Nancy Fowler was born abt 1869 at Osage Mission, Neosho, Kansas, the daughter of John B. Fowler and Mary Jane Johnson. She died at the age of 37, July 1906, and is buried at Carr’s Chapel Cemetery in Greenfield, Dade county, Missouri. She was married to Robert Lincoln Trent, who was born 1877 and died 1958.

Dora was the sister of Delana Louise Jane Fowler b. 1854, who married David Nathaniel Brewer. Bettie Brewer b. 1877, their daughter, is the girl with Dora.

It’s difficult for me to fix a date for this photo. Either there is a scratch on the photo on Bettie’s ring finger or she is already married and the ring is over her glove. If she was already married, the date of the photo is after May of 1895.

I have in my records that Robert Trent was also married to Mary Catherine Brewer, b. 1872 Jan 10, but I don’t know when this marriage might have taken place. She was married many years to George Spurling, who died in 1919. Mary Catherine was widowed in the 1920 census and by the 1930 census she was married to Deaton Rhoades.

Rose E. Trent, sister of Robert, also married into the Brewer family. March 25 1895 in Girard, Crawford, Kansas, she married Daniel Brewer, son of David Nathaniel Brewer and Delana Fowler Brewer. Their children were Schuyler and Davie and I have a post on them elsewhere in the blog.

So, the Trents perhaps first married into the family with Rose marrying Daniel Brewer in 1895, then in 1900 Robert Trent married Dan Brewer’s aunt, Dora, who was about 31 years of age, only about 4 years older than her nephew.

The Trents were children of a Matthew Trent and a woman named Mary. The 1880 census shows:

1880 Centerville, Neosho, KS
121/121 Trent Matthew m 65 b. KY parents b. KY
Mary 28 wife b. KS father b. IL father b. OH mother b. PA
Rosa 3 daugh b. KS father b. KY mother b. IL
Perry 2 son
Robet 1 son
John M. grandson 15 farm hand b. KS father b. KS mother b. IN
122/122 TRENT Matthew Jr. 23 farmer b. KS parents b. KY
Jane 18 wife b. IL father b. IL mother b. PA
illegible 1 daughter b. KS father b. KS mother b. IL
William H. 18 nephew farm hand

It’s not every day one sees a 60-something marrying a 20-something. By the 1885 Kansas state census of Centerville, Neosho they were no longer together and he was with an Elizabeth, age 44, but the children were in his household and also a year old Mary A. Perhaps Mary had died and Mary A. was her last child and was named for her. Under Elizabeth in the census is a Leander H. Anderson, 26. These two were both from Ohio. I see a family tree at Ancestry which gives Leander as a son of Daniel Anderson and Elizabeth Murdock who lived from 1842-1922. The marriage between Matthew and Elizabeth was a keeper and the 1895 census in Centerville still shows them together, Matthew by now 77 and Elizabeth 52.

By 1900, Robert was in Barton county, Missouri.

District 27 South West Barton Missouri
76/79 AULL William 52 b.KY parents b. KY farmer
Nancy wife 53 b. KS father b. IL parents b. OH
TRENT Robert boarder april 1879 21 b. KS father b. KY mother b. IL farm laborer

In 1910 he was a widower living with his brother, Perry, in Howard, Elk, Kansas. By 1915 he had married a Hattie D. and is still with her in the 1930 census, but he was buried with Dora Fowler in Carr’s Chapel Cemetery, Greenfield, Dade, Missouri.

The photo was taken at Fritts studio in Liberal, Missouri. I have on the blog another photo taken at Fritts which would have been from about the same time. The individuals are unknown.

Fritts Photo Studio, Liberal, Missouri

The below image was originally on the late Barbara Irwin’s web pages on Liberal, which are no longer maintained. It was submitted to her by a Mary Jane Conrades who was seeking information on the women in the photo and stated the Missouri Historical Society Archives had dated the photo is being in the 1880s.

Taken at Fritts Photo Studio

Fritts Photo Studio retouched

Showing similar hairstyles of bangs and curls, I’ve a family photo which shows the same backdrop at Fritts, and would be from the same period.

To learn more about the above photo and the individuals in it visit this page.

I’ve been unable to discover who was the owner of the Fritts studio in Liberal. I do find this which is from the late 1880s:

Aug 6, 1887, pg 1, col 2

Died: This week we are called upon to chronicle the death of Phoebe L. Fritts, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Fritts, of Liberal, Mo. Mr. Fritts and family were formerly residents of Garland, and have many friends here who deeply sympathize with them in this the sad hour of their deep affliction. May the just God who controls the universe, and tempers the wind to the shorn lamb be with them in their deep sorrow and cause them to realize that Phoebe has gone to dwell with Him who said, “Of such is the Kingdom of Heaven.”

I find Joseph and Phebe B., ages 77 and 70, from New York, on the 1910 census in Liberal but not the 1900 census. In 1910 they aren’t listed as being in photography. They were in Macedon, Wayne county, New York in 1880 (little Phoebe was 6 years of age so she was 13 when she died), but Joseph was given as a farmer and gardener, not a photographer. So, we know Joseph Fritts and his wife were early residents of Liberal, who would have been attracted to the area during Walser’s freethought period, but we don’t know if he owned the studio. Joseph is the only Fritts in Liberal in 1910, and there are no Fritts families there in 1900, Joseph and Phoebe were then living in Drywood, Bourbon, Kansas, and Joseph was again listed as a gardener. If they did run a Fritts studio and it was still in Liberal as late as 1909, they may have sold it by that time. Or perhaps they had nothing at all to do with the Fritts photo studio.

John David Brewer and Eva Hall Brewer, circa 1941

John David Brewer, son of David Nathaniel Brewer and Delana Fowler Brewer, was born 1869 at Osage Mission, Neosho, Kansas. He married Eva Hall, b. 1869, before 1890, and they lived in Barton and Jasper counties, Missouri. John David died in Joplin, Jasper county, Missouri in 1943. This photo was from about 1941.

The original digital file.

Image courtesy of Nancy Benton

A bit of a touch-up.

John David Brewer and Eva Hall Brewer

Livening things up with some fun color.

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John David Brewer, Eva Hall Brewer and Addie, 1890

John David Brewer, b. 1869 Dec 10, in Osage Mission, Neosho, Kansas, was a son of David Nathaniel Brewer and Delana Fowler Brewer. He married Eva Hall and in August of 1890 their first child, Addie Florence, was born in Barton county, Missouri, where this photo was likely taken.

Courtesy of Nancy Benton

I instead had some fun playing around with it rather than just touching it up.

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