Martha Elizabeth McKenney and her children, Alfred Washington Campbell and Nancy Isabel Campbell

This post covers both Martha Elizabeth McKenney and her daughter’s marriages into the same Campbell family. If any descendants ever happen this way, I would love a little more information on the families and, if they are had, some photographs.

Martha McKenney, daughter of George Washington McKenney Sr. and Isabella, was born, according to census data, abt. 1852 in Ohio. She died before 1874.

Martha married Marion CAMPBELL, son of John Campbell and Nancy Kendall, 1867 Sep 12 in Wapello County, Iowa. Their marriage is indexed in “Iowa, County Marriages, 1818-1934”.

Larry McCombs supplied the following Marion CAMPBELL obit:

Forty-four years ago Marion CAMPBELL homesteaded a quarter section of land and established his home just beyond the bridge over the Rattlesnake Creek west of St. John, and until his death last Saturday morning has been known among the leading citizens of the community. His high standard of integrity and sterling qualities as a man drew him numerous friends, and he was honored and respected by everyone. A brief life sketch as given to us by a friend of the family is reproduced in the following paragraphs:

Marion CAMPBELL was born in Marion County, West Virginia, Oct 4, 1843. He died at St. John, KS., March 8, 1919, aged 75 years months and 4 days.

He came with his parents to southwestern Missouri at the age of nine years.

He served in a Missouri regiment during the Civil War.

In 1866 he moved to Iowa and there married Miss Martha MCKINNEY. To this union two children were born, Alfred CAMPBELL, now of Albion, Idaho, and Nancy CAMPBELL, deceased. Martha MCKINNEY CAMPBELL died in 18xx (unreadable). A short time later, Marion CAMPBELL came to Eastern Kansas.

In 1873 he was married to Adelia SWAFFORD of Wilson CO., KS. To this union nine children were born: Amos CAMPBELL married Mrs. David PATON of Portland, Oregon; Ether CAMPBELL (sic) of Ingalls, KS; Mrs. G. W. CAMPBELL of San Francisco, California; Mrs. L. E. ROBERTSON of Montezuma, Kansas; John CAMPBELL, Mrs. J. D. SMITH, Mrs. W. H. MINEAR, and Alma CAMPBELL of St. John Kansas.

Left to mourn his loss, besides his widow and children are two sisters, Mrs. Geo. BRECKENRIDGE of Utah, and Mrs. G. W. MATTHEWS of Dodge City, 31 grandchildren, and 7 great-grandchildren.

He was baptized into the Church of Jesus Christ, April 6, 1876 and has been a faithful member from that time until the day of his death. He was always active in church work and was consistent in upholding and practicing the doctrines and ordinances of the church.

The funeral service was conducted by the Elders of the Church at … grave in Fairview Cemetery at 2:.. o’clock Wednesday afternoon, March 12th.

I will cover Martha’s family in a separate post and just write of the Campbells and her situation post marriage here.

Marion Campbell was born 1843 Oct 4 at Mannington, Marion, West Virginia. The Campbell family had gone out to Iowa in 1846 but had returned east to Western District, Marion, Virginia by 1848. Before 1854 the migrated to Putnam Missouri where we find them in the 1860 census in Richland, Putnam, Missouri.

The census shows two interesting things. One, they are living a couple of doors from a Peter Probasco who was in Farmington, Van Buren, Iowa in 1850, and the McKenneys and family were in Van Buren. Then, two households away we also have a Bryant Flanegin.

1860 MO Putnam Co Richand
741/621 Jno Flanegin and Ruth and family
742/622 S. B. King and Ann and family
743/623 J. P. Freeman and family
744/624 Wm LOPEMANN 23 farmer and Lydia, PA and OH
745/625 Peter PROBASCO 58 NY and Sarah 58 children born IA. 1850 census shows in Farmington, Van Buren IA.
746/626 Sandford BACCHUS 40 b. OH and Nancy b. OH
747/637 John CAMPBELL 48 farmer 1200 200 VA
Nancy 42
Dennis 24 invalid VA
Marion 16
David 14 IA
Lucy 12 VA
Virginia 9
Margaret 6 IA
James 1 MO
748/638 Saml CAMPBELL 21 VA
Jane 29 VA
Adaline 6 IA
William 4
Mary G 13
Martha 5
Martin WATSON 18 VA
749/639 Charles BATSON 32 VA and Clarissa
750/640 Bryant FLANEGIN

In the 1850 census in , Putnam, Missouri, this was the line up.

1850 District 29, Putnam, Missouri
Michael YOUNG
Brightwall MARTIN
George YOUNG
William LEVEL
John FLANEGEN (with Bryant FLANEGIN in household)

A William Level is three households from the John Flanegin family in which is Bryant. Always looking for Nemaha Reserve connections close to the McKenneys and relations, we find one here with William Level. By 1854, about the time of the migration of the Campbells to Putnam, the Level household moved to Archer, Richardson, Nebraska.


John Speery, b. in N. Y., blacksmith; 1 m. 21 up.; 1 m. und. 16; 1 f. 16 up.; 1 f. und. 16.
John P. Roy(a), b. in Mo., trader; 2 m. 21 up.; 1 m. und. 16.
Thomas Little, b. in 0., carpenter; 1 m. 21 up.


William Levell(a), b. in Ill., farmer; 2 m. 21 up. 2 m. und. 16; 4 f. 16 up.; 10 f. und. 16.
F. Helling, b. in Germany, farmer; 1 m. 21 up; 1 f. 16 up.
John C. Miller(a), b. in S. C., farmer; 5 m. 21 up.; 3 m. und. 16; 4 f. 16 up.
William McDonald, b. in 0., farmer; 3 m. 21 up.; 1 f. 16 up.
Mrs. F. E. Davenport(a), b. in 0., farmer; 1 m. 21 up.; 1 m. 16 up.; 1 f. 16 up.; 2 f. und. 16.
Louis Missplay(a) (b), b. in France, farmer; 2 m. 21 up.; 2 m. und. 16; 1 f. 16 up.; 2 f. und. 16.
Joel Harper, b. in Ind., farmer; 1 m. 21 up.; 1 m. und. 16; 1 f. 16 up.; 3 f. und. 16.
John Herkendorff(a), b. in Germany, farmer; 2 m. 21 up.; 2 m. 16 up.; 1 f. 16 up.; 1 f. und. 16.
William Tramell, b. in Tenn., farmer; 3 m. 21 up.; 2 m. und. 16; 3 16 up.; 1 f. und. 16.
R. Leachmans(a), b. in 0., farmer; 1 m. 21 up.; 2 m. und. 16; 1 f. 16 up.
A. Shelly, b. in III., farmer; 4 m. 21 up.; 2 f. 16 up.
N. J. Sharp(c), b in Ill., farmer; 2 m. 21 up.; 1 f. 16 up.
Jessee Crook(d), b. in Tenn., farmer; 6 m. 21 up.; 2 m. und. 16; 1 f. 16 up.; 1 f. und. 16.

Then in 1855:

[p. 1] Charles Robinson(a) (b), b. in Tenn., farmer; 1 m. 21 up.; 1 f. 16 up.
Davids Robinson(a), b. in Tenn., farmer; 3 m. 21 up.; 1 m. 16 up.; 1 m. und. 16; 2 f. 16 up.
Joseph Boyd, b. in Mo., farmer; 1 m. 21 up.; 2 f. 16 up.; 6 f. und. 16.
Joshua Boyd, b. in Mo., farmer; 1 m. 21 up.; 2 m. und. 16; 1 f. 16 up.; 2 f und. 16.
William Level(c), b. in Ky., farmer; 1 m. 21 up.; 2 m. und. 16; 2 f. 16 up.: 8 f. und. 16.
Frank Purket(a)(d), b. In Mo., farmer; 1 m. 21 up.; 1 f. 16 up.
John Strumbo, b. in Va., farmer; 2 m. 21 up.; 1 m. 16 up.; 1 m. und. 16.
George Mayfleld(e), b. in Del., farmer; 1 m. 21 up.; 1 f. 16 up.; 2 f. und. 16.
James Miller(c), b. in Va., farmer; 1 m. 21 up.; 2 m. und. 16; 1f. 16 up.
David Boyd(c)(f), b. in Mo., farmer; 1 m. 21 up.; 2 m. und. 16; 1 f. 16 up.; 1 f. und. 16.
William Boyd(g)(h), b. in N. C., farmer; 2 m. 21 up.; 2 f. 16 up.; 2 f. and. 16.

In 1857, Dec. 6, the daughter of William Level (William S. Leavel) married Thomas C. Lytle, who we can see in the 1854 census is working on the Nemaha Reservation.

It appears, at least from the census, that the Campbells may have moved into the approximate location where the Leavels had been in Missouri up to 1854. They are at least several households from John Flanegin and Bryant Flanegin, with whom the William Leavel family would have been acquainted.

By 1866-1867, Marion Campbell had married Martha.

The 1870 census shows Marion Campbell and Martha Elizabeth in Neosho County, Kansas, where both the parent McKenney and Campbell families are observed.

1st day of August by Jonus Fletcher
pg. 185 (171
101/101 FOSTER R. F. 33 b. OH and children 15 to 1 b.IA
102/102 MORFORD Jeremiah 28 ? b. PA, Mary 50 b. PA and a 14 and 10 year old b. IA
103/103 PAGET Jaccob L. 32 b. IL and Eliza and family.
104/104 NICHOLS Joseph B. 51 and wife b. PA and James 16 b. IA
NOTE: 1852 Wapello Louisa township IA census page 5)
105/105 HIGGINS John 38 b. OH and Drucilla 22 b. IL and 5 and 2 year olds b.IA
106/106 ELLIS Albert 34 b. OH and Alice 24 b. IA and 2 year old child b. IA
107/107 CAMPBELL John 61 b. V
Nancy 54 b. VA
David 23 b. IA (family gives as born 1846 Des Moines Polk IA)
Virginia 18 b. VA (family gives as born Mannington, Marion Co. WV)
Margaret 16 b. IA (family gives as born Putnam, MO in 1854)
James 11 b. MO
108/108 CAMPBELL William 28 b. VA
Mary 28 b. VA
Thomas 11 b. MO
Martin 9 b. IA
A. G. (male) 4 b. IA
James M? 1 b. KS
ANDREW? Johnathon 29 b. MO
NOTE: John is father of Marion and William. The family was in IA in 1847, back to VA then back to IA by 1854. Then were in MO in 1859 then back in IA by 1861. John’s family is on page 400 of the WV Marion co. Western distrct census for 1850.
109/109 HUDSON? Thomas 27 b. OH and family
110/110 SANN or GANN Wm 21 KY and Emma 18 IA and Mina age 1 born Iowa
111/111 LACOMA John 35 Island of Jesus/James and wife Nancy. Children 9 t0 1 born IA. (Found it and it’s a Canadian Island way out in the Atlantic.)
112/112 CAMPBELL Marion 27 wm Farmer, real estate $300, personal $200 b. VA unable to read or write
Elizabeth 19 wf Keeping House b. OH (is not listed as illiterate)
Alfred W. 2 wm b. MO
Nancy I. 4/12 wf b. KS b. Feb
Note: Marion Campbell and Mary Elizabeth McKenney
113/113 CHAPMAN William or Millian? 68 b. KY and Martha 65 b. VA and family
114/114 CHAPMAN James 50 and Martha 47 and family all born KY

Marion and Martha had two children:

  1. Alfred Washington b. 1868 Aug 16 in , Jackson, Missouri, died 1938 July 19 in Portland, Multnomah, Oregon, will marry about 1892 Ida Louisa Bake who was born 1876 Sep 19 in Fredonia, Wilson, Kansas. Her parents are perhaps Squire and Martha Baker, observed in the St. John, Staford, Kansas census in 1880. Alfred and Ida will be in Rocky Ford, Otero, Colorado in 1910, then Albion, Cassia, Idaho in 1920, and Seaside, Clatsop, Oregon in 1930. A listing of their children is below.
  2. Nancy Isabel b. 1870 Feb 14 in Kansas, dies 1892 April 10, on 1887 April 24 in Kansas married Thomas W. Campbell b. 1852 March 18 in Clover Gap, Marion, West Virginia. He was a first cousin of Marion Campbell, Nancy’s father. I’ll list their children below.

After Martha’s death in the early 1860s, Marion married Adeline Swafford in 1873. She was born 1854 June 29 in Indiana and died 1937 Aug 8 in St. John, Stafford, Kansas. They had 9 children together: Amos Lanson b. 1874, John William b. 1877, Emma Evelyn b. 1881, Mary Elizabeth b. 1881, Rhoda May b. 1883, Esther E. b. 1886, Zelpha Etta b. 1888, Alma L. b. 1892 and Lille A. b. 1894. The family resided in St. John, Stafford, Kansas. After Marion’s death, Adeline married again, this time to John Morgan b. abt. 1848 in Pennsylvania, died 1930 July 31 in , Stafford, Kansas.

Adeline’s parents appear to be John Swafford b. 1817 in Tennessee and Mary b. 1827 in Virginia, who are observed in the 1860 Bean Blossom, Monroe, Indiana census. Adeline was listed as “Nancy A”, 6 years of age. They were still there in 1870 but by then Adeline was out of the household and I’ve yet to locate her in the 1870 census. This is my best guess on her family and has as yet been unconfirmed.

The children of Alfred Washington Campbell and Ida Louisa Baker were:

  1. Their children are Floyd Oren b. 1893 Oct 19 in St. John, Stafford, Kansas, married Nora L. Beckstrom 1920 June 24
  2. George Otto Campbell b. 1895 Feb 25 in Kansas, married Edna A. Neighbors, died 27 Feb 1982 in Portland, Multnomah, Oregon, served in the military from 11 Aug 1917 to 11 Aug 1919
  3. Harlow Henry Campbell b. 1897 March 7 in Kansas, died 1963 Feb 9 in San Francisco, married Ruth Elvina Wood
  4. Orville Raymond Campbell b. 1899 March 29 in Kansas
  5. Irving/Irwin b. abt. 1905 in Colorado.

Just as Martha Elizabeth’s life was short, so too was that of her daughter, Nancy Isabel, dying at the age of 22. Her children with Thomas W. Campbell were:

  1. Edith M. b. 1888 in Kansas. I’ve no further info on her after the 1900 census
  2. Eleanor Adaline b. 1890 Oct 12 in Kansas, died 1893 Nov 21 in Kansas, married Ferdinand Love Hall 1908 Aug 22 in Kansas and had children Lewis M., Elva L., Donald M., Owens P. and Ferdine E. In 1900 they were in Liberal, Seward, Kansas.

    After the death of Isabel, Thomas W. married Minnie Rouse. The 1900 census finds them in Liberal, Seward, Kansas, then in 1910 in Harmony, Township, Stevens, Kansas, 1920 in , Otero, Colorado, and in 1930 in Timpas, Otero, Colorado.

Larry McCombs has a notation on an Emeline or Ermeline HALL that was in the McKenney things: “Ermeline Hall wife of Lewis Hall married Apr 26, 1851. Another date on the notation could be 1858 or 1830, can’t be sure.” So, because of this, I was curious about Ferdinand Love Hall, wondering if here I might find something about Emeline Hall and if there was anything of especial significance to this family.

After much searching I find that Ferdinand Love Hall was the son of Louis Austin Hall b. 1841 July 14 in , Bates, Missouri, who married abt 1866 in , Council Bluffs, Iowa, Martha Ann Parson b. 1847 March 4 in Covington, Kenton, Kentucky.

Louis Austin Hall’s parents were William Hall b. 1815 March 11 in Kentucky, married 1840 July 13 in Missouri to Emaline Wright who was born abt 1818 in New York.

The census finds them in 1850 in , Lee, Iowa.

1850 Iowa Lee County, District 29
Pg. 447
900/906 Henry HENKLE 25 and family
901/907 George WILSON 41 b. TN and Rebecca and family
902/908 Noah HEWITT 34 and Maryand family
903/909 Thomas WILSON 36 Farmer b. TN
Mary 30 b. MO
Elizabeth 4 b. IA
James 3
Thomas 2
Susan WILSON 65 b. MD
Jane COLEMAN 25 b. OH
Richard DUNN 19 laborer b. IL
Benjamin DROLLINGER 19 laborer b. MO

1049/1055 William HALL 35 b.KY
Emaline 32 b. NY
Lewis A. 9 b. MO
Asbery 7 b. MO
Anna M. 5
William D. 4 b. IA
child 1

In 1860 and 1870 the are in Des Moines, Lee, Iowa.

In 1880 they are in Lindley, Mercer, Missoouri.

1880 Missouri, Mercer County, Lindley
229/230 DUNN George 32 b. KY father b. VA mother b. KY
Martha 35 b. KY parents b. KY
Wiley 10 b. MO
James 8
Margaret 6
Malcom 9/12
230/231 STANTON Hardy 21
Mary 18
George 3/12
231/231 MORRIS Jarret
232/233 PETERS W. E.
233/234 HOWARD James
235/236 H (illegible) William
236/237 HORTON O H
237/237 PARTRIDGE Hiram
238/239 HALL William 66 b. KY father b. KY mother b. VA
Emeline 51 b. PA parents b. NY
George 31 b. IA father b. KY mother b. PA
Owen 24
239/240 GRANDSTAFF James
240/241 HALL Lewis 39 b. MO father b. KY mother b. PA
Martha 33 b. KY father b. IN mother b. PA
William 16 b. IA
Nellie 14
Bruce 10
Emeline 7
Charlie 5

Seven degrees of separation department. In 1870 Mercer the family of the George Washington Martin and Mary Cutler Martin and Thadeus Cutler are living beside George Dunn. George Washington Martin was the son of John J. Martin and Mary A. Wilson. His uncle, via his mother, was Thomas Valentine Wilson m. Mary Bilkey Justus who is observed in the 1850 Lee County, Iowa census above. I 1880, George Washington Martin and his wife Mary Cutler Martin are living beside George Washington McKenney Sr. in Fayetteville, Washington, Arkansas.

So, is this the Louis/Lewis Hall family in question? Are facts remembered incorrectly and Emaline is the mother of Louis/Lewis as opposed to the wife? (I have seen this happen several times, where two generations were compressed into one.) If this is the Louis/Lewis Hall, was there another wife before Martha who was named Emaline? The timing would fit. And if so, who was she? What we have found, rooting around, is that long before Ferdinand and Eleanor married, the Halls were brushing shoulders with a family who seems to have been long associated with the McKenneys, which I write of elsewhere on this blog. It’s all a bit of a mystery and maybe one day we’ll know a little more about it.

Jesse C. Hampton and Carrie Isabel McKenney

If you’re a descendant, before reading any further why don’t you contact me? Press the contact link right up there in the navigation bar above.

Daughter of George Washington McKenney Jr. and Belle M. Sparks, Carrie Isabel was born Nov. 1897 in Kay County, OK, died 1931 March 7 in Shidler, Osage County, Oklahoma and was buried at the Oak Hill Cemetery at Belleville, Chautauqua County, Kansas.

1916 Nov 30 at Elgin, Chautauqua Kansas, Carrie married Jessie C. HAMPTON, son of Lewis R. Hampton and Nancy Hudgens. He was born 24 August 1885 at Marion, Illinois and died 8 March 1965 at Imperial, Allegheny, Pennsylvania. He was buried at the Oak Hill Cemetery in Belleville, Chautauqua County, Kansas. His name and birth and death dates were in the family record. SSDI gives last residence as Imperial, Pennsylvania.

Jessie is seen int the 1900 census:

Year: 1900; Census Place: Southern, Williamson, Illinois; Roll: T623 354; Page: 4B; Enumeration District: 123.
81/81 HAMPTON Louis head June 1843 58 b. TN parents b. TN
Nancy wife Oct 1841 59 b. TN father b. NC mother b. TN
Gertie daughter June 1872 b. IL parents b. TN
Johnie son Feb 1883 17 b. IL parents b. TN
Jessie son Aug 1885 14 b. IL parents b. TN

Then again, Jesse is in the 1910 census:

1910 AR Clay Co Oak Bluff
Series: T624 Roll: 46 Part: 1 Page: 157B Year: 1910
HAMPTON Jesse boarder 22 b. IL parents b. TN bookkeeper for stock company

Series: T624 Roll: 46 Part: 1 Page: 183A Year: 1910
114/114 HAMPTON Lew R. 67 married twice 2 years b. TN parents b. TN
Maggie wife 45 married twice 2 years 1 child 1 surviving b. TN parents b. TN
Micke Mitchell hired hand 23 b. TN parents b. TN
Jessie son 24 b. IL parents b. TN

After their marriage, the family is seen in the 1920 Chautauqua Co. Belleville census at household 70/79. Jesse C. gave himself as born in IL and his parents in TN. He was a retail salesman. In that census they had two daughters: Marie M. 1 year of age, b. KS, and Doris who was 3 months old.

14 January 1920 by Carl H. McDonald
Pg. 9B
Kiles Street
66/75 MCKENNEY George W. Head OF mw 56 md. b. IA father b. OH mother b. PA house carpenter own business
C. Belle Wife fw 50 md b. IL father b. IN mother b. IN
SPARKS James E. Father-in-law mw 87 wd b. IN father b. KY mother b. KY
70/79 HAMPTON Jesse C. Own, Free mw 34 md b. Illinois and parents in Tennessee Retail salesman, general merchandise, wages
Carrie I. fw 22 md b. Oklahoma. Father-Iowa and mother-Illinois
Marie M. fw 1 6/12 b. Kansas father b. IL mother b. OK
Doris R. (daughter) fw 3/12 b. Kansas father b. IL mother b. OK

A John R. HAMPTON (also born in IL, as was Jesse), married an Opal MCKENZIE, daughter of Joseph MCKENZIE and Florence PERSHALL. As Jesse had a brother, Johnnie, I’m considering it a good possibility that this was the Hampton who married Opal. Florence was the sister of John Wesley PERSHALL m. Lucretia Jennie Kirkpatrick, whose mother Zilpha STRICKLIN was the sister of Millie Ann STRICKLIN who married James Kelly CROCKETT who was the grandfather of Vera who married James Albert MCKENNEY, son of Belle and George, in 1904.

Children of Carrie Isabel and Jesse were:

  • Marie Maxine b. 14 June 1918 Chautauqua Co. KS
  • Doris L. b. 18 Sept. 1919 Chautauqua Co. KS
  • Jess (Mac) b. 17 Nov. 1920 Chautauqua Co. KS d. abt. 1970.
  • George b. 14 Nov. 1923 Chautauqua Co. KS.
  • Helen Lois b. 20 April 1928 in Chautauqua CO., Kansas, d. 25 Sept. 1933 in Ponca City, Osage, Oklahoma and is buried at the Oak Hill Cemetery in Belleville, Chautauqua, Kanas. Mabel Clair descendants, who have provided birthdates, note that after the death of Carrie, Frank and Mabel Clair adopted Helen, but it’s not known if it was a legal adoption or not. She is buried in the Oak Hill Cemetery listed as Helen L. HAMPTON.

Before going more into the descendants of Carrie Isabel, here is her obituary:


Carrie McKenney, daughter of G. W. and Bell McKenney, was born November 9, 1897 in Kay County, Oklahoma, near Ponca City. Her father moved his family to Chautauqua, Kansas, during her early childhood and she has resided in or near Chautauqua, most of her life. She graduated from high school in Independence, Kansas, in 1916 and in November of the same year was married to Jesse Hampton of Illinois. To this union five children were born, three girls and two boys. Mrs. Hampton was converted at an early age and united with the M. E. church and was always ready and willing to assist in the work of the church. For more than a year, just past, she had been a great sufferer and through it all has shown great patience and cheerfulness until it seemed that the Savior said, “It is enough, come up higher,” and at 3 o’clock on March 7, 1931, her spirit returned to God who gave it.

Her father and mother of Chautauqua, brother Albert McKenney of Sedan and sister Mrs. Mabel Tripp of Shidler, Okla., her husband and children of the home at Chautauqua and a large number of other relatives survive.

Funeral services were held at the U.B. church at Chautauqua Monday, March 9, conducted by Rev. J. B. Brown of Peru, who had performed the marriage service of Mr. and Mrs. Hampton nearly fifteen years ago while pastor of the M. E. church at Elgin, Kans.

Many relatives and friends of Oklahoma added their comforting presence to the large number of friends at Mrs. Hampton’s home town, Sedan and surrounding country who attended the funeral.

A lady friend, Mrs. Robinson from Shidler, sang a beautiful solo, two of the Chautauqua teachers Miss Dow and Miss Epperson sang “The City Four Square”, and a male quartet, composed of Messrs. Tom Burger, Mel Roberts, Earl and Raymond Delong sang “Sweet Hour of Prayer”, which was specially chosen by Mrs. Hampton and her children. “Asleep in Jesus” was also rendered by the full group of singers. The floral offerings were profuse and beautiful. Burial was in Chautauqua cemetery. Pall bearers were: Ed Anderson, H. R. Delong, Ernest Carr, Ed Findley, Bruce Findley and R. C. Gauer. Flower girls: Mary Delong, Elouise Schwab, Wiladine Smith, Nelcine Gibbons, Opal Mays and Norma Lee Loy.

Rebekah lodge members conducted the funeral service of the order at the grave.

The following was also published:

Sedan Times Star


We all want to offer our sincere thanks to all, who in any way extended help and comfort to our departed loved one, and to the bereaved friends and for the wonderful floral offerings.– Jesse Hampton and family, G. W. McKenney and wife, F. B. Tripp, wife and daughter, J. A. McKenney and family

Now, for descendants. Marie Maxine Hampton married Ralph Harland Spray, the son of Fred Manfred Spray and Claudia L. McClure who I see in the 1920 and 1930 censuses in Armstrong, Nowata, Oklahoma. He was born 1912 July 3 in Oklahoma and died 1973 July in Imperial, Allegheny, Pennsylvania. I believe they had at least two children. Other family names may be Haney and Hopkins.

Doris L. Hampton died 1998 May 7 at the Hays Medical Center in Norton Kansas. The following is her obituary:

OBIT for Doris GRAY, died at Norton County KS.

Doris L. Gray, 78, 2800 Augusta, died Thursday, May 7, 1998, at the Hays Medical Center.

She was born Sept. 1, 1919, in Chautauqua to Jesse and Carrie (McKinney) Hampton. She was a mental health technician and counselor at the Norton State Hospital until her retirement in 1982. She was active in Alcoholics Anonymous and was a Senior Companion in Hays.

Survivors include (and as these are survivors I’ll remove that information here but two were Delong sons and one was a Montgomery son in Arizona. She was listed as having 13 grandchildren and and three great-grandchildren. That’s a lot of descendants! When will any happen upon this page? Hello!)

Services will be at 1 p.m. Saturday at the Hays Memorial Chapel Funeral Home, 20th and Pine, with the Rev. William C. Miller officiating; burial in the Mount Allen Cemetery, Hays.

Visitation is from 5 to 7 p.m. Friday and from noon to 1 p.m. Saturday at the funeral home.

Memorials are suggested to the Senior Companion Program, Hospice of Hays Medical Center or Alcoholics Anonymous.

So, it seems Doris was married to a Delong, a Montgomery and a Gray. I don’t know their names or the dates of marriage.

Jesse “Mac” Hampton who was born 1920, died 1970 in February. The family record gave him as marrying a “Rae”. That’s all the info I have on him! Contact me!

George B. Hampton b. 1923 Nov 14 in Chautauqua, died 1991 Nov 29 in Los Angeles, California. I show him as living in Venice, Los Angeles, California in 1965. Did he marry? Who did he marry? Did he have any descendants? Contact me!

Update on George Berl Hampton above. I received the following information on him, and appreciate it being sent along:

“George Berl Hampton, son of Jessie Hampton and Carrie McKinney, was born 14 Nov 1922 in Chautauqua County, Kansas and died 28 Nov 1981 in Los Angeles County, California. He was buried in Inglewood Park Cemetery, Los Angeles. On 4 Jun 1951, in Los Angeles, California, George married Vera Mae Bradford, 1908-1966, daughter of Porter Theodric Bradford and Savannah Ann Holland. Vera had one daughter by a previous marriage. To my knowledge, George had no children. I remember him as being a rather large man with red hair who loved to sing and entertain. He and Vera owned a screen door and cabinet shop in Venice, California.”

William McKinney b. 1795 Ireland married Susannah Hardesty

William McKinney b. 1795 in Ireland was married 1825 Feb 17 in Belmont, Ohio, according to Belmont marriage records, to Susannah Hardesty. He is a possible relation or son of Robert McKenney b. 1770 Ireland and Margaret of Belmont>Guernsey>Monroe Ohio who were living in Richland, Belmont County, Ohio a couple of households from Susannah Hardesty in 1820.

Please if you have anything on this family, let me know!

As covered in my notes, William is too old to be a son of William McKenney in the below census. Susannah Hardesty (a widow of Samuel, son of Richard) is shown to be living close to Robert McKenney.

pg. 209
William MCKINNEY 3 2 – – – 1 1 – – – 1 – 2
(3 males under 10, 2 10 to 16, 1 45 and up, 1 female under 10, 1 45 and up)
Joseph BEEDY?
William NICHOL
pg. 213
Rudolph FARELL
Susan HARDISTEY 2 – – – – – – – – 1
(2 males under 10, 1 female 26 to 45)
Richard HARDISTEY – – – – – 1 – – – – 1
(1 male over 45, 1 female over 45)
Robert HARDISTEY 4 – – – 1 – 2 – – – 1
Robert MCKINNEY 1 1 1 2 – 1 – 1 1 – 1 – 3
(1 male under 10, 1 male 10 to 16, 1 male 16 to 18, 2 males 16 to 26, 1 45 and up, 1 female 10 to 16, 1 female 16 to 26, 1 female 45 and up. A Robert MCKINNEY in 1830 Belmont has 2 female 20 to 30, a male 10 to 15 and 1 20 to 30, plus two older adults, and could match this household.)
Dennis HALL
James BALL
William MARTIN
William BELL
Catherine DILLON

After 1820, William and Susannah disappear from the census for a couple of decades, at least I can’t find them, nor can I find the Hardesty sons of Susannah, at least one of which is likely in a separate household before 1840.

Susannah and Samuel Hardesty had:

1) Richard Hardesty b. 1812 Aug 9 in Belmont
2.) Samuel Hardesty (?), who is given as born abt. 1825 in Belmont in the 1850 census, which would have to be wrong as his father died in July of 1814.

I’m unable to locate Richard Hardesty in 1840.

A Rootsweb database gives Richard Hardesty as marrying a Deborah Wilmot (Wilmott, Wilmont?) who was born 1813 Dec 14 in Darke County, Ohio and died 1835 Dec 16 in Darke County. They had a daughter, Mary Ann Hardesty, b. 1835 Dec 14 in Illinois. This girl does appear in the 1850 census and gives her instead as born in Ohio. I don’t find this marriage in online Darke County marriage records that have been transcribed.

The same Hardesty database gives Richard Hardesty as married again, before 1846, to a Margaret who the web gives as born 1809 June 30 in Darke County, Ohio and had been previously married to a James Michael Westfall. This suggests they may have been in the Darke County ohio area in 1840 but I can’t find this Westfall family on the 1840 census nor do I find a marriage record in an online database of transcribed Darke County Ohio marriages. But one can see in the 1850 and 1860 census that there may have been a previous marriage and one of the children is a Nancy J. Michael.

At least according to the 1850 census, William McKinney and Susannah had 2 children:

1) William W. McKinney b. abt. 1829 in Ohio
2.) Clark W. McKinney b. abt. 1833 in Ohio

As stated, I’m unable to find the McKinneys in 1830 and 1840, and am unable to find the Hardestys in 1840, but these families are observed in the 1850 Ursa, Adams, Illinois census.

1850 Ursa, Adams, Illinois
William MCKINNEY 55 farmer b. Ireland
Susan 55
William 21 b. OH
Clark 17 b. OH
Mary A. HARDESTY 13 b. OH
NOTE: This Mary is the daughter of Richard Hardesty and his wife Deborah Wilmont

1850 Ursa, Adams, Illinois
Richard Hardesty 38 farmer OH
Rachael 40
Andrew M. 18
Nancy 14
James 13
Susan 10
Samuel 4
Angeline 2 IL
Emeline 2
Samuel 25 farmer OH
NOTE: I guess this is Margaret. The age is right. The children Susan, 10, James 13, Nancy 14 and Andrew M. would be from that previous marriage.

William McKinney and Susannah perhaps die after 1850 as I am no longer able to locate them in the census.

William W. McKinney marries Matilda Dunlap b. 1834 in Ohio on 1852 March 15 in Adams County, Illinois.

I don’t know where Clark W. is, but in the 1860 Mendon, Adams, Illinois census we observe both Richard Hardesty and William W. McKinney.

1860 Mendon, Adams, Illiinois
3404 Wm MCKINNEY 30 OH
Matilda 25
Isora 6
Charles 4
George W. 3

Source Citation: Year: 1860; Census Place: Mendon, Adams, Illinois; Roll: M653_155; Page: 464; Image: 121.
Henry ZIMMERMAN household
3468/3554 Richard HARDESTY 49 OH
Margaret 51
Samuel 15
Nancy J. Michael 25
Susannah 20
Angeline Hardesty 12 IL
Emeline 12
Richard M. 8
Followed by William S. GUTHRIE household

The Illinois State Marriage Database gives Clark W. McKinney as marrying Susan R. McClelland on 1864 March 7 in Adams County, Illinois.

Richard Hardisty is observed in the 1870 Gilmer, Adams, Illinois census.

Source Citation: Year: 1870; Census Place: Gilmer, Adams, Illinois; Roll: M593_186; Page: 162; Image: 331.
HARDISTY Richard 58 farmer 100 Ohio
Margaret 61 OH
Samuel 26
Angeline 22 IL
REED Samuel 28 farmer 400 Ireland

William W. and Clark McKinney have moved on to Lincoln, Clark County, Missouri. Clark no longer appears to be married.

1870 Lincoln, Clark, Missouri
137 MCKENNEY Clark W 38 farmer b. OH
CROSMEIL (CROSMOND?) Mince 36 male farm laborer b. NY
Mary 30

207 MCKINNEY William 39 OH
Matilda 36 IL
Isora A. 15
Charles 13
George F. 12

By 1880, Clark is married to an Eliza and is in Spring, Butler, Kansas.

Source Citation: Year: 1880; Census Place: Spring, Butler, Kansas; Roll: T9_375; Family History Film: 1254375; Page: 158.2000; Enumeration District: 162; Image: 0198.

Clark W. McKinney 47 b. OH father b. Ireland mother b. PA
Eliza A. McKinney 45 b. KY

William W. McKinney is in Ryan, Sumner, Kansas. Isora A. is no longer with them so is perhaps married. I did a search for an appropriate Isora (age, place of birth) in the 1880 Kansas census but was unable to locate one in the county.

1880 Ryan, Sumner, Kansas
6/6 TAYLOR J W and Martha and family
7/7 MCKENNEY William 49 farmer Ohio parents b. Ireland
Matilda 41 OH father PA mother OH
C C 25 IL parents OH
George 24 IL

Clark W. McKinney gets himself into some trouble by 1884 and drops off the map. He had been found guilty of murdering a man named William H. Reeder.

The case of the State versus McKinney, was tried in the supreme court of Kansas at the January term in 1884. The defendant, Clark W. McKinney had been found guilty of murder in the first degree, in the homicide of William H. Reeder, near Augusta, when the case was tried in the local district court. The opinion of the Supreme Court was written by David J. Brewer, the Justice of the Kansas Supreme Court, later one of America’s greatest jurists, and a member of the United States Supreme Court. He affirmed the decision. McKinney was defended by A. L. Redden, T. O. Shinn, D. McKinney and J. D. Snoddy. The prosecution was handled by George Gardner and C. N. Sterry, of Emporia.

Clark brought an appeal based on numerous grounds but it was found to be without merit.

Unless Clark W. had children, say, by his first wife, that aren’t shown on the census, I think it’s safe to say that at this point in his life Clark exited the ability to download his genes and he likely has no descendants trying to find information on him who might ever find this page and say, “Oh, I know something about this family!”

Sons Charles and George are still with William W. McKinney and Susannah in 1885 in Palestine, Sumner, Kansas.

107 William MCKINNEY 55 OH
Matilda 58
108 George 28 IL
Charles C 25 ?
J M or S M LEWIS 45 OH from Iowa
S J 44
E J 21 b. IN
T J ? 20
E M 19
A M 17
J W 14

Sometimes these state census are confusing. In 1895 we find William and son George in Ryan, Sumner, Kansas.

61 PILCHER W H (william) 47 IL from NE
SF 43 OH
S B 20 NE
E W 15
L W 11
H R 6
BEURLLET? J A 50 male IN from IN
62 MCKINNEY Wm 66 IL from MO
M 60

George F. McKinney is listed alone and still unmarried in the 1900 census in Ryan. I don’t find Charles that year. Then I don’t find George in 1910. It’s a possibility that Charles died before 1900 without children and George died before 1910 without children. Which would mean the end point of finding anything for this line, unless Isora married and had chidlren.

Below is a map plotting various known and suspected points on their journey from Ohio to Kansas.

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The McKenney Family Line

For convenience of seeing where people fit into family lines, I suppose I ought to put some ancestry information here, and not just depend on the online database.

Starting With

Lloyd Clinton McKenney b. 1909 Jan 28, Chautauqua Co., Kansas, d. 1992 Nov 17 at Ft. Scott in Kansas
married 1928 July 27 in Girard, Crawford, Kansas
Dorothy Nadeen Noyes b. 2908 Jan 13 in Liberal, Barton, Missouri, died 1985 April 28 in Carthage, Jasper, Missouri

Next Generation Back

James Albert McKenney b. 1884 March 22 in Sedan, Chautauqua, Kansas, d. 1971 May 30 at Sedan, Chautauqua, Kansas
married 1904 Oct 23
Vera Crockett b. 1886 March 1 at , Chautauqua, Kansas, d. 1933 March 5 at , Chautauqua, Kansas
Among children: Lloyd married Dorothy Nadeen Noyes
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Next Generation Back

George Washington McKenney Jr. b. 1861 Sep 2 in , Van Buren, Iowa, d. 1947 March 3 at Sedan, Chautauqua, Kansas
married 1883 June 3 at Elgin, Chautauqua, Kansas
Belle M. Sparks b. 1868 Jan 14 at , Shelby, Illinois, d. 1935 Dec 28 in Sedan, Chautauqua, Kansas
Among children: James Albert married Vera Crockett (DIRECT LINE), Cleo May, Mabel Clair m. Franklin B. Tripp, and Carrie Isabel m. Jesse C. Hampton
Primary post on this family

Samuel Kelly Crockett b. 1855 Oct 6 , Boone, Missouri, d. 1934 March 20 in , Chautauqua, Kansas
married 1882 Dec 21 in , Washington, Kansas
Sarah Elizabeth (Sadie) Hackney b. 1857 Dec 4 in , Van Buren, Iowa, d. 1946 March 22 in , Chautauqua, Kansas
Among children: Vera married James Albert McKenney
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Next Generation Back

George Washington McKenney Sr. b. 1832 in Ohio, d. 1916 probably in , Chautauqua, Kansas
Isabella Love

b. circa 1825-1829, d. before 1874
Among children: Martha Elizabeth m. Marion Campbell, Margaret J., Lucinda W. m. Hughes then William Schalburg; William W., George Washington McKenney Jr. married Belle M. Sparks (DIRECT LINE), Addie m. Samuel Alvin McWhirt. Child by George W. McKenney Sr. and 2nd wife, Sarah F. Dodson (Dotson) was Major Eli W. McKenney

James E. Sparks b. 1832, d. 1927 in , Chautauqua, Kansas
married 1852 March 28 in , Martin, Indiana
Carrie Burch b. 1835 in , Greene, Indiana, d. 1817 in , Chautauqua, Kansas
Among children: Belle M. Sparks married George W. Mckenney Jr., Mary Elizabeth m. Samuel McCormick and James Preston Tripp, Martha Catherine m. Philemon Thomas, John and William E.
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James Kelly Crockett b. 1832 Sep 21 at , Boone, Missouri, d. 1909 Oct 12 probably in , Chautauqua, Kansas
married 1852 Sep 28 in Missouri
Millie Ann Stricklin b. in Daviess or Boone Co., Missouri, d. 1910 Nov 29 in , Chautauqua, Kansas
Among children: Samuel Kelly married Sarah Hackney
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William S. Hackney b. 1820 March 17 in Ohio, d. 1891 June 2 in , Chautauqua, Kansas
married 1842 Dec 29
Mary Jane Enlow b. 1824 Nov 15 in Ohio, d. 1895 Jan w in , Chautauqua, Kansas
Among children: Sarah Hackney married Samuel Kelly Crockett, William France m. Flora Ellen Anderson, Amos S. m. Julia E., Paris Wood m. Dora Knox, Susan, George Ross
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Next Generation Back

Unknown McKenney b. Ireland, but it is known that he is related to a William McKenney b. 1827 in Ohio who moved to , Van Buren, Iowa, and a Robert Eugene McKenney b. 1821 in Pennsylvannia. Suspect that George W. McKenney’s grandparents are Robert McKenney b. 1770-1780 in Ireland and Margaret b. 1776 Ireland, who resided in Belmont, Guernsey and Monroe counties in Ohio

James Sparks b. 1803 , Fleming, Kentucky
married 1827 in , Nicholas, Kentucky
Mary Ann Ellis b. 1806 in , Nicholas, Kentucky
Among children: Elizabeth, James E. Sparks married Carrie Burch, George T., Otho, William, Benjamin, Mary Ellen
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Joseph Burch Jr. b. 1812 Feb 18 in , Surry, North Carolina, d. 1842 July 11 in , Greene, Indiana
married 1834 in , Greene, Indiana
Elizabeth Gardner b. 1813 May 15 in , Calvert, Maryland, d. 1871 Dec 17 in , Martin, Indiana
Among children: Carrie married James E. Sparks
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James Reyburn Crockett b. 1803 April 21 in , Montgomery, Virginia, d. 1870 Aug 18 in , Boone, Missouri
married 1827 Sep 10 in , Boone, Missouri
Elouise “Louisa” Wright b. 1807 July 28 in Kentucky, d. 1875 Jan 1 in , Boone, Missouri
Among children: James Kelly married Millie Ann Stricklin
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Thomas Strickland b. 1802 Oct 18 in , Williamson, Tennessee, d. 1874 Jan in Missouri
married 1826 June 8 in , Boone, Missouri
Elizabeth Shock b. 1807 Oct 28 in , Fayette, Kentucky, d. 1853 Jan
Among children: Joseph, John Henry, Mary Martha, Zilpha Jane, Millie Ann married James Kelly Crockett (direct line), William J., James P., Michael Kelly, Thomas H. B.
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William Hackney b. 1794 in Virginia, d. before 1846 in , Logan, Illinois
married 1815 Nov 24 in , Pike, Ohio
Sarah Shannon b. abt. 1796 in Kentucky, died after 1860
Among children: William S. Hackney married Mary Jane Enlow
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Edward Wilson Enlow b. 1800 May 11 in , Carlyle, Nicholas, Maryland, d. 1872 Aug 21 in , Van Buren, Iowa
Elizabeth Wood
b. 1803 Feb in Massachusetts, d. 1877 June 17 in , Van Buren, Iowa
Among children: Amos Wood, William Henry m. Laura Stonebraker, Mary Jane Enlow married William S. Hackney
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Robert McKenney b. abt. 1770 Ireland
married Margaret b. 1776 Ireland
(Unproven connection. Currently believed by me to be the grandfather of my George W. McKenney b. 1832.)
Children: Had at least 7, 5 males and 2 females, including George W. McKenney b. 1816 in PA

George Sparks b. abt. 1764, d. 1835 in , Nicholas, Kentucky
married 1790 June 14 in , Bourbon, Kentucky
Elizabeth “Betsy” Wells b. 1770, d. before 1805
Among children: James married Mary Ann Ellis
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James Mason Ellis b. 1784 Nov 8, d. 1871 March 5 in Loogootee, Martin, Indiana
married 1806 March 20 in , Nicholas, Kentucky
Francis Fanny Doughty b. 1786 Sep 28 in Virginia, d. 1872 Sep 1 in Loogootee, Martin, Indiana
Among children: Mary Ann married James Sparks

Joseph Burch b. 1780 Aug 8 in North Carolina, d. 1852 Aug 4 in , Greene, Indiana
married 1801 June 25 in , Surry, North Carolina
Malinda Collins b. 1784 Jan 16 in North Carolina, d. 1857 March 19 in , Greene, Indiana
Among children: Joseph Burch Jr. married Elizabeth Gardner

John Gardner Sr. b. 1781 Christ Church, Calvert, Maryland, d. 1858 March 8 in , Greene, Indiana
married 1803 in , Calvert, Maryland
Elizabeth Breeden b. 1784 in , Calvert, Maryland, d. 1820 May 20 in , Greene, Indiana
Among children: Elizabeth married Joseph Burch Jr.

Samuel Crockett b. 1775 in Virginia, d. 1855 in likely , Boone, Missouri
married 1798 Nov 16 in Shawsville, Montgomery, Virginia
Margaret Rayborn b. 1781 abt. in , Botetourt, Virginia, d. before 1840 in , Boone, Missouri
Among children: James Reyborn married Elouise “Louisa” Wright

Samuel Wright Sr. b. 1785 in Virginia, d. 1840 Feb 29 in , Boone, Missouri
married 1806 Feb 4 in , Bourbon, Kentucky
Nancy Kelly b. 1785 in Kentucky, d. 1861
Among children: Elouise married James Reyborn Crockett

Thomas Strickland Sr. b. c. 1770, d. abt. 1804 in , Williamson, Tennessee
Zelpha Slocum
Among children: Thomas married Elizabeth Shock
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John Shock b. 1771 March 19 in Shanandoah, Virginia, d. 1852 Nov. 30 in , Boone, Missouri
Mary Bealor b. abt 1780, d. 1863 April 15 in , Boone, Missouri
Among children: Thomas Strickland married Elizabeth Shock

Patrick Shannon b. Donegal, Ulster, Ireland
Elizabeth Shepherd b. Donegal, Ulster, Ireland
Among children: Sarah married William Hackney
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Jesse Enlow b. 1768 March 10 in Baltimore, Maryland, died 1845 March 5 in Ladoga, Montgomery, Indiana
married 1795 Dec 26 in Frankfurt, Nicholas, Kentucky
Eleanor Wilson b. 1774 June 9 in , Loudon, Virginia, d. 1849 Jan 8 in Ladoga, Montgomery, Indiana
Among children: Edward Wilson married Elizabeth Wood

Next Generation Back

William Sparks b. 1738 April 27 in Church Hill, Queene Anne’s, Maryland, d. before 1786
married 1761 March 12 at St. James Church, Lancaster, Pennsylvania
Martha Moore b. abt 1741
Among children: George Sparks married Elizabeth “Betsy” Wells

James Ellis b. 1749 March 20 in Virginia or North Carolina, d. 1827 Aug 25 in , Nicholas, Kentucky
Mary Peyton b. abt. 1750 in Virginia
Among children: James Mason married Francis Fanny Doughty

Thomas Doughty b. 1750 in Basking Ridge, Somerset, New Jersey, d. 1841 in Kentucky
Mary Skillman b. abt. 1750
Among children: Francis Fanny Doughty married James Mason Ellis

William H. Burch b. 1741 in , Caroline, Virginia, d. before 1817 in , Surry, North Carolina
married in North Carolina abt 1763
Mary Ann Lawrence b. 1740 Gilford, Surry, North Carolina, d. abt 1785 in , Stokes, North Carolina
Among children: Joseph married Malinda Collins

William Collins Sr. b. 1749 , Albemarle, Virginia, d. 1829 Oct 26 in , Patrick, Virginia
married 1776 Sep 16 in , Orange, Virginia
Martha “Patsy” Snell b. abt. 1752 in Virginia, d. before 1827
Among children: Malinda married Joseph Burch

Isaac Gardner b. 1757 in , Calvert, Maryland, d. 1790 Feb in , Calvert, Maryland
married 1778 Jan 13 in Christ Church, Calvert, Maryland
Rebecca Baker b. abt 1763 in , Calvert, Maryland, d. aft. 1788
Among children: John married Elizabeth Breeden

Joseph Breeden b. abt. 1751 in Maryland, d. 1809 in , Calvert, Maryland
married 1779 Jan 21 in , Calvert, Maryland
Susannah Stallings
Among children: Elizabeth married John Gardner Sr.

Hugh Crockett b. 1730 , Lancaster, Pennsylvania, d. 1816 in , Montgomery, Virginia
married 1774
Rebecca Lorton b. 1754 June 23 in , Montgomery, Virginia, d. 1836 in , Montgomery, Virginia
Among children: Samuel married Margaret Rayborn

James Rayborn b. abt. 1756 in , Augusta, Virginia, d. 1814 Sep in , Montgomery, Virginia
Margaret Wallace b. abt. 1748 in , Botetourt, Virginia, d. 1791
Among children: Margaret married Samuel Crockett

Thomas Wright b. abt. 1745 in , Allegheny, Virginia, d. 1808 in , Bourbon, Kentucky
married abt. 1780 in , Greenbrier, Virginia
Sarah Henderson b. 1765 in Virginia, d. 1824 in , Bourbon, Kentucky
Among children: Samuel Sr. married Nancy Kelly

James Kelly
Among children: Nancy married Samuel Wright Sr.

Joseph Slocum b. 1745 Aug 2 in , Sampson, North Carolina, d. 1823 March 6 in , Boone, Missouri
Jane Riley
Among children: Zelpha married Thomas Strickland

Henry Shock b. 1740 in Germany?, d. 1818 Feb 7 in Twistville, Braxton, West Virginia
married 1768 in , York, Pennsylvania
Sarah Elizabeth Holtzapfel b. 1751 April 5 in , York, Pennsylvania, d. after 1818 in West Virginia
Among children: John Shock married Mary Bealor
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Capt. Samuel Bealor b. 1743 July 13, died 1824 July 13
Among children: Mary Bealor married John Shock

Henry Inlow b. abt. 1740 in Middle Fork River, Baltimore, Maryland, d. 1828 Feb 1 in Martha Mills, Fleming, Kentucky
married 1736 May 26
Mary Elliot b. 1744 May 24 in , Baltimore, Maryland, d. abt. 1784 in , Baltimore, Maryland
Among children: Jesse married Eleanor Wilson

Edward Wilson b. 1739, d. before 1820 in Kentucky
Phoebe Jane
Among children: Eleanor married Jesse Enlow

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Joseph Sparks b. abt. 1689, d. 1749 May 1, Monocacy Area, Frederick, Maryland
married 1723 , Queen Anne’s, Maryland
Mary Sample b. 1695 , Frederick, Maryland
Among children: William married Martha Moore

John Doughty b. 1709 June 4 in Piscataway, Union, New Jersey, d. 1757
Ocy Agatha Skillman b. abt. 1730
Among children: Thomas married Mary Skillman

Thomas Burch b. 1709 May 28 in Staffordshire, England, d. in North Carolina
married Elizabeth Hammond b. abt. 1710 in England
Among children: William H. married Mary Ann Lawrence

Thomas Collins Sr. b. 1724 , Albemarle, Virginia, d. 1791 abt. , Albemarle, Virginia
married 1739 in , Albemarle, Virginia
Susannah Wyatt b. 1721 , Albemarle, Virginia, d. in , Albemarle, Virginia
Among children: William Sr. married Martha “Patsy” Snell

Benjamin Gardner b. 1724 in , Calvert, Maryland, d. 1773 in , Calvert, Maryland
Among children: Isaac married Rebecca Baker

Mark Breeden b. abt. 1720 in St. Mary’s, Maryland
Among children: Joseph married Susannah Stallings

Capt. Joseph Louis Crockett Jr. b. 1702 May Kenmore, Bantry Bay, Cork, Ireland, d. 1767 May 17 in Roanoke, Montgomery, Virginia
Jeanne (Nugneas) De Vigne, b. 1703 in France, d. 1792

Joseph Rayborn b. 1725, d. 1800 July in , Montgomery, Virginia
married 1752 in Virginia
Margaret Woods b. 1735 in , Augusta, Virginia, d. 1807 in , Montgomery, Virginia
Among children: James Rayborn married Margaret Wallace

Samuel Wallace b. abt. 1731 in , Montgomery, Virginia
Among children: Margaret married James Rayborn

Peter Wright b. 1712 in Oyster Bay, Nassau, New Jersey, d. 1793 in , Botetourt, Virginia
married about 1745 in , Augusta, Virginia
Jane Hughart b. abt. 1725 in , Armagh, Ireland, d. 1823 in , Bourbon, Kentucky
Among children: Thomas married Sarah Henderson

Josias Slocum
Elizabeth Hulbrooke
Among children: Joseph married Jane Riley

Erasmus Holtzapfel b. 1710 Sep 21 in Michelfeld, Germany, d. 1793 Nov in Manchester, York, Pennsylvania
married 1737 abt
Christina Ruscher b. 1717 circa Bas Rhine Hagenore, France, d. 1782 Dec bef., in , York, Pennsylvania
Among children: Sarah Elizabeth married Henry Shock

Christopher Bealor
Amelia Hurst
Among children: Capt. Samuel Bealor

Abraham Enloes b. abt. 1705 June in , Baltimore, Maryland, d. 1758 July in , Baltimore, Maryland
married 1730 in St. Johns Parish, Baltimore, Maryland
Mary Deason b. 1711 April 8 in , Baltimore, Maryland, d. 1879 Feb in , York, South Carolina
Among children: Henry married Mary Elliot

James Elliott b. abt. 1710 in, Baltimore, Maryland, d. abt. 1786 Sept in , Baltimore, Maryland
married 1736 Dec 29 in St. Johns Parish, Baltimore, Maryland
Mary Weecks
Among children: Mary married Henry Inlow

John Wilson
Jane Strode or Vanmeter
Among children: Edward married Phoebe Jane

Next Generation Back

William Sparks b. 1646 Aug 6 in , Hampshire, England, d. 1709 June 21 in , Queen Anne’s, Maryland
b. , Hampshire, England, d. 1730 Dec 15 in , Queene Anne’s, Maryland

Samuel Doty b. 1679 Aug 27 in Piscataway, Union, New Jersey, d. aft 1746
married 1700 Sep 19 in Piscataway, Union, New Jersey
Elizabeth Hull b. 1679 Nov 14 in Piscataway, Union, New Jersey
Among children: John married Ocy Agatha Skillman

Jan Skillman b. 1696 abt
Ann Hull
Children: Ocy Agatha married John Doughty

Thomas Burch b. abt. 1685 in Walsall, Staffordshire, England, d. 1734 in same
married 1710 June 5
Rebecca Robbingson b. in , Staffordshire, England, died in Walsall, Staffordshire, England
Among children: Thomas married Elizabeth Hammond

Anthony Andrew Collins b. 1678 in Antony, Cornwall, England, d. 11754 Feb 18 in , Charles, Maryland
married 1708 abt. in Antony, Cornwall, England
Jane Lancelott b. abt. 1678 in Antony, Cornwall, England
Among children: Thomas married Susannah Wyatt

Edward Gardner b. 1707 in , Calvert, Maryland, d. 1773 in , Calvert, Maryland
Among children: Benjamin

Edward Breeden d. 1727 May 22 in St. Mary’s, Maryland
Mary Davis
Among children: Mark married Elizabeth

James Rayborn b. , Lancaster, Pennsylvania, d. 1799 Jan 11 in Virginia
married in Virginia
Elizabeth Cole
Among children: Joseph married Margaret Woods

Adam Wright b. 1650 March in Lynn, Essex, Massachusetts, d. 1687 in Virgina
Among children: Peter married Jane Hughart

James Hughart b. France
Agness Jordan
Among children: Jane married Peter Wright

John Slocum d. 1722 Sept 19 in , Craven, North Carolina
Elizabeth Mundy
Among children: Josias married Elizabeth Hulbrooke

Harmonous Hulbrooke
Among children: Elizabeth married Josias Slocum

Abraham Enloes b. abt. 1670 in Maryland, d. 1709 July 20 in , Baltimore, Maryland
Elizabeth Silverthorn b. abt. 1668 in , Accomack, Virginia
Among children: Abraham married Mary Deason

William Deason b. abt. 1680 in , Baltimore, Maryland, d. abt. 1730 in , Baltimore, Maryland
Mary Standefer b. abt. 1684, d. 1730 May 12
Among children: Mary married Abraham Enloes

James Elliott b. 1686 in Baltimore, Maryland
Among children: James married Mary Weecks

Next Generation Back

Samuel Doty b. abt, 1643 Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts, d. 1715 Sept, Piscataway, Union, New Jersey
married 1678 Nov 13 in Piscataway, Union, New Jersey
Jane Harmon b. abt. 1661 Saco, York, Maine
Among children: Samuel married Elizabeth Hull

Samuel Hull
Mary Manning
Among children: Elizabeth married Samuel Doty

Thomas Skillman
Annetje Ateen
Among children: Jan married Ann Hull

John Gardner b. 1671 in , Calvert, Maryland, d. 1748 in , Calvert, Maryland
married 1703 Jan 7 in Christ Church Parish, Calvert, Marylland
Ann Buringham b. 1675 abt in , Calvert, Maryland, d. 1745 in , Calvert, Maryland
Among children: Edward

Joseph Rayborn b. abt. 1682 in , Staffordshire, England, d. in , Augusta, Virgina
Margaret Courtney b. in , Staffordshire, England
Among children: James married Elizabeth Cole

Anthony Slocum b. England
Among children: John married Elizabeth Mundy

Hendricks Enloes b. 1632 in Amsterdam, , Noord-Holland, Netherlands, d. 1708 May 17 in , Baltimore, Maryland
Christiana Wright d. 1709 July 20
Among children: Abraham married Elizabeth Silverthorn

William Silverthorne b. Steeple Ashton, Wiltshire, England, d. , Accomack, Virginia
married abt 1658 in Accomack, Virginia
Elizabeth Arew b. abt. 1640
Among children: Elizabeth married Abraham Enloes

William Deason b. , Baltimore, Maryland, d. 1693 April 27 in , Baltimore, Maryland
Elizabeth Ayres d. 1695 April 27 in , Baltimore, Maryland
Among children: William Deason married Mary Standefer

William Standefer
Among children: Mary married William Deason

Edward Elliott b. abt. 1539 in Scotland or England
Among children: James

Next Generation Back

Edward Doty b. England, d. 1655 Aug 23 in , Plymouth, Massachusetts
married 1634 Jan 6 in Plymouth, Massachusetts
Faith Clarke b. abt. 1618, d. 1675 Dec 21 in Marshfield, Plymouth, Massachusetts
Among children: Samuel married Jane Harmon

Jane Harmon
Sarah Clark
Among children: Jane married Samuel Doty

Thomas Skillman b. 1637 in Rotherheigh, Surrey, England, d. 1699 April 1 in Newtown, Queens, Long Island, New York
married 1669 in New York
Sarah Pettit b. 1634 in Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts, d. 1704 in Newtown, Queens, Long Island, New York
Among children: Thomas married Annetje Ateen

John Gardner b. 1650 , Calvert, Maryland, d. 1720 in , Calvert, Maryland
Ann Freeman
Among children: John married Ann Buringham

Thomas Deason b. Ireland
Among children: William Deason married Elizabeth Ayres

Next Generation Back

Thurston Clarke b. 1574 Ipswich, Suffolk, England, d. 1661, Dec 10 in Duxbury, Plymouth, Massachusetts
married in Ipswich, Suffolk, England
Faith Locs
b. England, d. 1663 June 1, Duxbury, Plymouth, Massachusetts
Among children: Faith married Edward Doty

Thomas Pettit b. 1610 in Widford, Essex, England, d. 1668 Oct in Newtown, Queens, Long Island, New York
married 1629 in Essex, England
Christian Mellows b. 1611 Boston, Lincolnshire, England, d. 1665 Sep 2 in Newtown, Queens, Long Island, New York
Among children: Sarah married Thomas Skillman