Annie Knight Simmons, 1904

Annie (Knight) Simmons (22 Feb 1888 – 1 Sept 1961) as a young woman. Wife of Lucius Theodore Simmons. Estimated date, around 1904.

There was no indication of photographer or date on this very damaged photo. I am guessing it was taken perhaps on the same day she married Lucius at the home of her parents, 1904 Nov 17, in Washington Parish, Louisiana. We have a wedding photo and her hairstyle and appearance looks much the same.

She’s wearing here what I think is probably a very nice and stylish dress for the time which hints of how her father was said to be fairly well to do.

Annie Knight Simmons original

Annie Knight Simmons

I tried to do a restoration. This was just when I was beginning to work in Photoshop a number of years ago. I didn’t do a great job but I think I deserve some kudos for the effort.

Annie Knight Simmons retouched

Annie Knight Simmons tinted

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E. E. Hennesy Before Car


Another photo of Ezzie Hennesy before a car. He is older than seen here, has shed the vest, has a skinnier tie, somewhat better fitting suit, but is still sporting a road cap.

The car looks like a 1923 or 1924 Ford Model T Runabout, which has a very distinctive rear. It also looks like it has seen better days, so this photo is going to be difficult to date. Based on his appearance in a 1927 photo, I’ll give it a perhaps date of 1926-1927.

Photo of E. E. and Ethel Hennesy circa 1936

There are enough images of Esmond Hennesy beside cars that I’m inclined to think he must have been fairly fond of autos. This time he’s with his wife Ethel and he looks cockily dressed to the nines with a fancy hat and tie and striped socks. Perhaps they were out for a Sunday drive.

I’ve looked through images of Fords from the 30s and there seems to be a major design change that happens between 1934 and 1936 to a more rounded form, and based on images of cars I’ve seen from that time period I’m inclined to date this about 1936. A person who really has some knowledge of autos may correct me on this.

In 1936, Ezzie would have been about 33 and Ethel about 30.

Photo of Annie Knight Simmons and…

This photo was originally identified by family to show Annie Knight Simmons and the widow of Desera Simmons, Rosa Lee, at his gravesite at the Lang-Simmons Cemetery.

I have to place a caveat with the original dating of this photo which would have been 1932, at the time of Desera’ death. Annie Knight would have been 44 and I think the photo belongs more in the range of the mid 1940s.

Desera’s gravesite

If anyone has any information on the photo, please let me know.

Esmond Hennesy and Ethel Hennesy at Party

Esmond and Ethel Hennesy at a party. In the top picture, the left couple is unknown. In the bottom picture, Esmond is on the right.

What were they celebrating? As Ethel is wearing the corsage an Esmond is wearing a carnation, they appear to be the couple being celebrated. Was it a wedding anniversary? Based on the attire, I would imagine it was the mid 1950s.

1951 Hennesy Reunion Photos

(left to right) Elbert Isaac Hennesy, June 27 1897 – March 12 1967; Curtis Moore Hennesy, January 28 1903 – Feb. 1973; Clarence C. Hennesy, January 6 1894 – April 8 1960; Jewel Hennesy; E. E. Hennesy, June 1 1903 – November 24 1992.

What an impressive array of hats! Jewel and Curtis especially wear theirs well with near Hollywood Cagney appeal. A mob of Irish Hennesies.

Curt, a son of Elbert Isaac Hennesy, identified the 3 left men. Jack and Jean Kearns identified Esmond and Jewel.

Clarence and Elbert were sons of Marion Isaac Hennesy and Fanny Samantha Crow. Curtis was son of Marion Isaac Hennesy and Maude Edith Corkern. Marion Isaac Hennesy was James Leon Hennesy’s brother and an uncle to Esmond.

The text of the letter with the photo reads:

February 2, 1951

I herewith enclose prints of the snapshots which I think you’ll be interested in having. Sorry they are no better, but you realize the material was not too good for photographing.

I am still enjoying the thoughts of our little get together, and hope we can do it again before too many years.

Have not heard from Clarence since he left here. I believe he was on his way home during that freeze.

Give my regards to the family.



P.S. Clarence arrived home safely.

The men, left to right, are Elbert Isaac Hennesy, June 27 1897 – March 12 1967; and Clarence C. Hennesy, January 6 1894 – April 8, 1960. The women are as yet unidentified. Clarence and Elbert were brothers, sons of Marion Isaac Hennesy and Fanny Samantha Crow. I love the dog in the background scratching away.

Left is Elbert Isaac Hennesy, June 27 1897 – March 12 1967. Right is Curtis Moore Hennesy, January 28 1903 – Feb. 1973 Others are unidentified as yet. Photo 1951. Elbert and Curtis were half-brothers. Elbert was a son of Marion Isaac Hennesy and Samantha Crow. Curtis was a son of Marion Isaac Hennesy and Maude Edith Corkern.

Lola and Lee Hennesy with Aunt Lucille Hennesy

Lola, Lucille and Lee, circa late 1930s to early 1940s.

Lucille Hennesy, b. 1920, was the daughter of James Leon Hennesy and his 2nd wife, Lucinda Pounds.

Lola and Lea were daughters of Esmond Hennesy and Ethel Simmons Hennesy, Lola b. 1925 and Lea born 1927.

I’m guessing this photo was made when Lea was about 13 or 14 years of age and so is dated from the early WWII years, 1940 or 1941. They certainly look dressed in classic WWII style.

Photo from Ethel Simmons Hennesy collection.