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Lena Carhart Mitchell a Member of Annie Helm Chapter of the NSDAR

Lena Bell Carhart Mitchell was a member of the Annie Helm Chapter of the NSDAR.

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Organized October 20, 1908


Anne Helm Chapter was organized by a group of 23 patriotic women on October 20, 1908, in Macon, Missouri

Charter Members were: Louisa William Brock, Maude Dysart Brock, Ethel Coulter Brown, Mary Craddock Doneghy, Kate Campbell Doneghy, Martha Prewitt Doneghy, Carrie Stewart Duffy, Emma Turner Dysart, Susie Mitchell Guthrie, Mattie Blincoe Howe, Hettie Coulter Lamb, Martha Gilstrap Matthews, Mary Anderson Matthews, Corrine Matthews, Lena Carhart Mitchell, Lena Trowbridge Payson, Emily Pipkin Simmons, Amy Simmons, Lucy Simmons, Mary Van Cleve, Hallie Wilkinson Wardell, Stella Turner Wilson, and Elizabeth Stickney Wilson.

The name Anne Helm was chosen in honor of Mrs. John T. Doneghy’s great-great grandmother who assisted and sacrificed members of her family for the cause of the Revolutionary War.

The Macon Public Library was founded on March 23, 1912, with Miss Sarah Larrabee as librarian. It was located in the Howe Building opposite of the Jefferson Hotel. DAR members raised funds by having “Tap Day” and several “Macon County Banquets.” The response to the library was so great that it soon became too large for the Howe Store. The library moved several times until, in 1915, the trustees voted to build a permanent library. The Anne Helm Chapter purchased the lot on the corner of Rutherford and Butler where the present library building is located.

The Anne Helm Chapter was instrumental in forming the first Red Cross Chapter in Macon and helped to raise funds to sponsor Herbert English, a volunteer for ambulance service in France during W.W.I.

On November 11, 1934, a bronze plaque was unveiled at the Macon County Court House to honor four Revolutionary Soldiers who are buried in Macon County. They are James Howell, James Lynch, Bennett Tilley, and Nicholas Tuttle.

Source: http://www.mssdar.org/ahelm/history.htm






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