Victor Hugo Noyes to Cora Noyes, December 1883

victor hugo noyes letter

The date on the letter looks like Dec 1887 but Victor died in 1886. The date has been determined to be 1883, it being known that Victor was working in a tin shop in Kansas City in March of 1884. “I have many more envelopes than letters, and none of the letters were enclosed in […]

Victor Hugo Noyes


Original image courtesy of Nancy Benton. Victor Hugo Noyes was a son of James Allen Noyes and Caroline Atwell Noyes, and elder sibling of this blog’s direct line Ray Noyes. Victor Hugo NOYES was killed by a train in Florida. Because of a yellow fever epidemic, his body was buried for a year there, then […]

“The Decline of Faith” – A page from the Bengali translation from the belongings of Victor Hugo Noyes

This page from a leaflet of John E. Remsburg’s “The Decline of Faith”, noted as “translated into the Bengalee language by Kedarnath Basu M.C. a leader of the Freethought Movement in Bengal, India”, is believed to be from Victor Hugo Noyes’ travel to India pre 1886. The image is courtesy of Nancy Benton. Who was […]

Noyes Burials at Liberal City Cemetery

At Find-a-Grave, an individual has placed up memorials for Liberal City Cemetery, including members of the Noyes family. There are (sadly) no photos, just names and inscriptions on the headstones. The person must not have been a member of the family as family members are unlinked. I’ve sent a request for them to be linked, […]

Noyes Family Constitution

Being Free-thinkers who had been associated with socialist experiments and who had moved to Liberal, Missouri, which was expressly for liberals, it’s not surprising that the Noyes family would form their own family constitution. The document displays the year as being 283. The Dictionary of Missouri Biography notes that Liberal was utilizing a different dating […]

James Allen Noyes and Caroline Atwell of Liberal, Missouri

The photo, courtesy of Nancy Benton, shows James Allen Noyes and Caroline Atwell with daughters Emma Viola b. 1860 and Cora Rachel b. 1863. One will notice that the photograph is actually 2 combined. James Allen NOYES was my grandfather. He had a happy childhood at Pavilion, Mich near Kalamazoo. His father was experimenting with […]

Family Record of James A. Noyes

Family Record of James A. Noyes James A. Noyes was born in Ann Arbor Michigan December 22, 1826 Carrie Atwell wife of James A. Noyes was born in Waterbury Vermont, October 2, 1835 Married in Brady village Kalimazoo Co. Michigan June 28, 1859 Their children Emma Viola Noyes was born Wakishma Michigan December 15th 4 […]

Noyes Record of Deaths of the Family of James A. and Carrie A. Noyes

Deaths of the family of James A. and Carrie A. Noyes Victor H. Noyes died October 23 1886 Cora R. Greene died October 16th 1887 Carrie A. Noyes wife of James A. Noyes died April 18 1894 aged 58 yrs. James A. Noyes died Jan 24 1901 aged 74 years 1 month and 2 days […]