Photo Albert Winston Lang and Narcissus Simmons Lang, with Evie and Iva, circa 1894

Albert Winston LANG and Narcissus SIMMONS LANG 1869-1959; 1870-1944 Narcis and Albert are seen here with their two oldest children. Narcis is holding Evie (Knight), b. 1893; Albert is holding Iva, b. 1891. Photo would be circa 1894. Image courtesy of Bob Ann Breland.

Ezra “Jodi” Simmons, Stalag 2B POW

I attempted to bring out the writing on the back of the photo but am still unable to read it. Ezra “Jodi” Simmons Photos from Ethel Simmons Hennesy collection. Ezra “Jodi” SIMMONS, 2nd son of Lucius Theodore SIMMONS and Annie (Knight) SIMMONS , was born 8 Feb 1913 at Washington Parish, LA. Ezra served in […]

Estus “Pete” Simmons

Estus (Pete) Simmons 13 Dec 1908 – 14 Mar 1960 No indication of photographer, place or date. I would estimate 1930s. I added a touch of quick hazy color for definition. There are several rusted cans on the porch rail and I believe through the window one can see a bed with a metal frame. […]


NOTES FROM HISTORY OF (EAST) UNION BAPTIST CHURCH 1892-1992 Bob Ann Breland On September 13, 1892, twelve of God’s consecrated ones joined themselves together in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ and formed Union Baptist Church. Those members were: W.A. Phelps and wife L.J. Phelps, I.M. Phelps and wife Anna A. Phelps, Albert W. […]

Robert Reuben Simmons and Frances Smith

Robert “Reuben” SIMMONS was born about 1820 to William Seldon SIMMONS. He is believed to have been born in NC, but he is also given as born in AL in the census, and Delores Tousineau reports that his son Middleton’s death certificate gives both Robert Reuben SIMMONS and Frances SMITH being born in West Virginia. […]

Photo of Frances Smith Simmons

Frances Smith Simmons 1820 to 18 Oct 1898 Greatgrandmother of Ethel Simmons Hennesy, wife of Robert Reuben Simmons. Frances’ father, Ward Smith, was 1/2 Cherokee through his mother. It’s believed by some that she may have been also Chatha (Choctaw) through her mother’s mother’s side of the family. So many early photos were portraits made […]

Photo of Robert Reuben Simmons

Robert Reuben Simmons abt. 1820 – 1903 Robert Reuben was the greatgrandfather of Ethel Simmons Hennesy, husband of Frances Smith Simmons. This is the photocopy off which I was to work in reconstructing an image of Robert Simmons. Image courtesy of Bob Ann Breland. I played with it a little below. So many early photos […]

Simmons-Lang History on the Simmons

“William Simmons, thought to be William Seldon Simmons, although we have found no records to verify it, had at least two sons. Robert ‘Reuben’ Simmons and ‘Jim’ Simmons and probably several (maybe three) daughters. “William apparently died before Robert ‘Reuben’ and his wife, Frances Smith Simmons, came to the Mississippi Territory via Alabama from North […]

Murdock Middleton “Steve” Simmons and Louisa Clarinda Thigpen

Murdock Middleton SIMMONS and Louisa Clarinda THIGPEN Murdock Middleton “Steve” SIMMONS was born 4 Oct 1863 in Mississippi, 5th son and 6th of 7 children of Robert “Reuben” SIMMONS and Frances (Smith) SIMMONS. Robert married Louisa Clarinda THIGPEN. Louisa was born 7 Sept 1857 to James THIGPEN and Mary ELizabeth (Kennedy) THIGPEN. Granddaughter Ethel Lorena […]

Lucius Theodore Simmons and Annie Knight

Lucius Theodore SIMMONS and Annie KNIGHT Lucius (also given as Lucious) Theodore SIMMONS was born 29 Dec 1883 in Franklinton, Washington Parish, LA to Murdock Middleton SIMMONS and Louisa Clarinda (Thigpen) SIMMONS. He was the the 1st son and 2nd child of 9 born to Middleton and Louisa. Lucius married Annie KNIGHT, b. 22 Feb […]