Lela, Kathleen and Ray, circa 1933

Lena Minor (daughter of Cora Vera Noyes and John Minor), Kathleen and Ray Bryant (children of Pansy Noyes Bryant and Charles Morton Bryant), seated in the grass with sunhats. Courtesy of Nancy Benton.

Ray Noyes Family Photo circa 1921-1922

This photo, circa 1921-1922, would be from Liberal, Missouri. Nancy Benton supplied the following identification. From left to right: O.E. Harmon; Viola Harmon; Edna Noyes; Jamie Noyes; Paul Noyes; Charles Bryant–Bettie Noyes in front of him and Mary Lou Noyes in front of Bettie; Ray Noyes with Lena Minor in front of him; Pansy Noyes […]

Children of Charlie and Pansy Bryant

Courtesy of Nancy Benton. Children of Charlie and Pansy Bryant Ray Milton Bryant was born near Liberal Mo Apr 4 – 1916 Kathleen Bryant was born at Liberal Mo Mar 9 – 1923 Charles Robert and Nancy Ann Bryant, twins, was born near Liberal Mo Feb 26- 1933 Chas at 3 oclock Nancy at 3-30 […]