Hiram Atwell and Rachel Scagel


Hiram’s wife Rachel died in childbirth, the baby Francis dying a few days later. An older child, Hiram, took some medicine intended for his mother, and this caused his death later. Hiram kept the home together for his young daughters. When the gold rush started in California in 1849, he decide to go. He sold […]

George Scagel and Sarah/Sally Pierce

From our Noyes line. George Scagel and Sarah/Sally Pierce were parents of Rachel Scagel who married Hiram Atwell. George was the son of Jacob Scagel and Rachel Lee. Sarah’s parents are unknown. ================================= Husband: George + Scagel (1) ================================= Born: 1765 Oct 8 – Rye, Rockingham, New Hampshire (2) Christened: Died: 1852 Dec 15 – […]