Nathaniel Atwell and Lydia Hunkins

DIRECT LINE Nathaniel ATWELL, son of John ATWELL and Bridget CUMMINGS , was born 15 Jun 1766 at Hollis, Hillsborough Co. NH. He died 13 Nov 1844 at Johnson, Lamoille Co. VT and is buried in the Plot Cemetery at Johnson. On 15 June 1794 at Bradford, Orange CO., VT., Nathaniel married Lydia HUNKINS, daughter […]

Pansy Noyes Bryant on the Adams Genealogy

It was once popular (likely still is) to find if one’s family had any connection to a president. Pansy Noyes Bryant (1895 – 1985) recorded, for her family, the Noyes connection to President Adams. The Henry Adams she writes of (breathless confusion follows) was father of Joseph, father of Joseph, father of John the 2nd […]

Family Record of Nathan Atwell and Lydia Hunkins

Courtesy of Nancy Benton. Family Record Nathan Atwell was born in Holis N. Hampshire June 15. 1766 Lydia Hunkins wife of Nathan Atwell was born in Newbury Vermont June 21st 1772 Married in Bradford Vermont June 15, 1794 Their children Bridgett Atwell was born in Johnson Vt. March 14, 1795 John Atwell was born in […]

Marriages of the Children of Nathan and Lydia Atwell

Courtesy of Nancy Benton. This is in Caroline Atwell Noyes’ handwriting. Marriages of the children of Nathan and Lydia Atwell Bridgett Atwell and Ralph Hill were married in Johnson Vermont March 27, 1821 Susan and Joel T. Hayford Nov. 25, 1827 And to N. Thompson July 15, 1840 John to Eveline Coats Dec 10th 1827 […]

Family Record – Deaths of the Family of Nathan and Lydia Atwell

Courtesy of Nancy Benton. Written by Caroline Atwell Noyes. Deaths of the family of Nathan and Lydia Atwell Rev. Joel T. Hayford Died Dec 21st 1831 Nathan Atwell Jr. Died March 24 1843 aged 32 years Nathan Atwell died Nov. 13 1844 aged 78 years Lydia the wife of Nathan Atwell died Jan. 20th 1846 […]