Basketball Team, Liberal, Missouri, 1909

Photoshopped Original The bottom photo is from the late Barbara Irwin’s page on Liberal, Missouri which is no longer available. I worked with it some restoring it, and it happened to come out really well. What we have here is the Liberal High School basketball team in 1909, photographed at Fritts Studio. The backdrop is […]

James Allen Noyes and granddaughter Pansy

James Allen Noyes strolls with granddaughter Pansy Noyes, eldest child and daughter of Ray Noyes and Bettie Brewer. I’m guessing the photo is from about 1900 when Pansy would have been 5 years of age. James Allen would have been about 74. This photo would have been taken in Liberal, Barton County, Missouri.

Image of Grain Elevator at Liberal, Missouri

Grain Elevators at Liberal, Missouri, photoshopped Original An image of a grain elevator at Liberal, Missouri that I photoshopped to try to make it a bit more vivid. One can make out barely the railroad running in front. The original image above was once on Barbara Irwin’s Liberal page (no longer maintained), and gave C. […]

Liberal, Missouri 1914 Fire Insurance Map

Missouri Digital Heritage has a 1914 Liberal Missouri Fire Insurance Map of the business district. It’s difficult to navigate as in the enlargement it doesn’t show the full map, only a small portion at a time, so I took one of the larger thumbnails, in which you can’t read the businesses, and enlarged that and […]

Photo of Dorothy and Mary Lou Noyes

Artistic license taken Original courtesy of Nancy Benton Sisters Dorothy Noyes and Mary Lou Noyes, daughters of Ray Noyes and Elizabeth “Bettie” Brewer Noyes. Gram always took pride in having been a fashionable dresser in her youth. The photo was perhaps taken in Liberal, Missouri but is not outside the family home. The style would […]

Census data for George H. Walser

Thought it would be interesting to see what census data I could find on the family of George H. Walser, founder of Liberal, Missouri. George’s father being Mark Walser, in 1830 the family was in Langley, Dearborn, Indiana Source Citation: 1830 U S Census: Langley, Dearborn, Indiana, Page: 255; NARA Roll: M19-27; Family History Film: […]

The Noyes Home at Liberal, Missouri

The Noyes home at Liberal, Missouri. Perhaps taken early evening one summer. If one looks carefully there is a person seated to the front side of the house, and a group of people standing around the back porch.

Hathia Becker’s School Report on Liberal, Missouri

Liberal’s paper, “Enterprise”, published a number of essays on Liberal which were written by school students. A now defunct page on Liberal gave the following essay, by Hathia Becker, as published in December 1895. The first schoolhouse was built in Liberal in 1884. A 2 year high school was begun in Liberal in 1897, the […]

Timothy John Leahy

Timothy Leahy was a brother of M. D. (Maurice) Leahy who founded and was president of the Freethought University at Liberal, Missouri. The University was founded when Leahy was but about 21 years of age and lasted for two years, dissolving due to some falling out with George Walser, and subsequently being unable to maintain […]

Blue Grass Blade Vs. Hough, Pt. 3: Rev. Hough Nailed Down

Continuing from Part 2 in which the Blue Grass Blade had published Hough’s letter in which he had attested M. D. Leahy’s conversion to Christianity. Here is published refutation by a C. E. Alexander. A number of new names are introduced here. First, C. E. Alexander, the individual who introduced Leahy to Freethought and who […]