High School Valentine’s Dance, Jack and Jean Kearns

Circa 1947-1948. Jack Kearns and Jean at a high school Valentine’s Dance in Mobile, Mobile, Alabama.

Dot, Selden, Mae and Jack Kearns, WWII Years

Middlin’ success photoshopping this one. Could have gone darker. Did a thoroughly annoying job on Dot’s skirt. Just wasn’t getting it right today. Selden served in Okinawa. I don’t know the date he entered the service. The photos would have been taken in Mobile, Alabama.

Jean Hennesy Kearns’ Sunday School Class in Camden

Annie Jean Hennesy Kearns, daughter of Esmond and Ethel Hennesy, has given this as a Sunday school class photo in Camden, Ouachita, Arkansas. She is 4th from the left, the girl smiling with her hands clasped over her chest, and looks absolutely delighted with the photo shoot. This is a photo taken after an Easter […]

Peter Reynolds and Elizabeth “Eliza” Ann Kearns

Elizabeth (Eliza) Ann KEARNS, daughter of John KEARNS and Catherine MCNULTY , was born about 1852 according to the 1860 census. There are discrepancies as to these dates, just as her brother, Michael Tearance KEARNS, is given a number of different birth dates. Elizabeth died at 11:40 P.M., September 15, 1932. Her death certificate states […]

Timothy Kearns and Abbey Bernard

Timothy, son of John Kearns and Catherine McNulty, was given as 1 year of age in the 1860 census. Dying in Mobile on 1938 Feb 10, his death certificate gives his date of birth as March 01, 1878 and states he was 59 at the time of his death. This misinformation may have had to […]

Michael Tearance Kearns and Mary McAndrews

Michael “Buddy” Tearance KEARNS was born 19 Jan 1865 or 1856 or 1860, even as early as 1853 according to the 1900 census, though the 1870 census gives him as born 1855 and the 1860 census gives him as born about 1856. He was born at Toulminville, Mobile Co. AL to John KEARNS and Catherine […]

Thomas McAndrews (McAndrew) and Catherine

It is probable that Mary MCANDREWS, who married Michael Tearance KEARNS, was a daughter of Thomas MCANDREWS and Catherine. Thomas MCANDREWS appears in the 1870 Alabama Mobile census, given there as 46, born about 1824 in Ireland, and is married to a Catherine, born abt. 1840 in Ireland. Among their children is a Mary, who […]

Suzie Crabtree Kearns Drummond biographical letter

Suzie Crabtree Kearns Drummond biographical letter Date: Sometime in the early 1980’s. I (JK) had written her asking her for information and this was her response: …I know very little of my ancestors but will try to tell you all I can about them. My Grandfather was born in Hall Co., Ga. He was married […]

Kearns at the Catholic Cemetery in Mobile

KEARNS plot at Old Catholic Cemetery in Mobile AL Map image. Section XL, Lot 3. The lot has no marker or stone. KEARNS, John, Section XL, Lot 3 KEARNS, Catherine, Section XL, Lot 3 KEARNS, Timothy, Section XL, Lot 3 REYNOLDS, William, Section XL, Lot 3 REYNOLDS, Edward, Section XL, Lot 3 Old side of […]

The Kearns Line

For convenience of seeing where people fit into family lines, I suppose I ought to put some ancestry information here, and not just depend on the online database. Names included below are Kearns, Crabtree, Faggard, Ranager, McAndrew, McNulty, Clark, Cox, Jones, Pye. Their movements were all down in the South. This is one of my […]