In August of 1882, James Allen Noyes and wife Caroline Atwell, set out from their home in Anna, Union, Illinois for their new home in Liberal, Barton, Missouri, a town founded by George H. Walser in 1880 and intended for freethinkers, “no priest, preachers, saloon, God, or Hell” welcome. With Caroline and James would have […]

Orrin Ellie Harmon, Who Loved Poetry and to Gaze Upon the Stars

One has to like a man who desired to give up the practice of law for writing poetry and studying the stars, which can be in itself a poetic pursuit of grand visions and soul refining reflections on the nature of one’s place in the grand scheme of things. Orrin Ellie Harmon, who authored The […]

Tombstone of James Allen Noyes and Caroline Atwell Noyes

The tombstone of James Allen Noyes and Caroline Atwell Noyes at the Liberal Cemetery in Barton County, Missouri.

James Allen Noyes and Caroline Atwell of Liberal, Missouri

The photo, courtesy of Nancy Benton, shows James Allen Noyes and Caroline Atwell with daughters Emma Viola b. 1860 and Cora Rachel b. 1863. One will notice that the photograph is actually 2 combined. James Allen NOYES was my grandfather. He had a happy childhood at Pavilion, Mich near Kalamazoo. His father was experimenting with […]

James Allen Noyes Placed in Battle Creek in 1849

Even the littlest scrap of paper can provide information on a life. The above debt helps us place James Allen Noyes in Battle Creek, Michigan in 1849. Battle Creek Dec 14th 1849 For value received I promised to pay to James A Noyes (illegible) the sum of twenty three dollars and sixty cents on or […]

James Allen Noyes 1881 Deed in Barton County, Missouri

This deed, Made the 7th day of October 1881 between R. Holt Easley, Samuel H. Holt executor of the last will of James S. Easley, late of Halifax County, State of Virginia, deceased, of the one part and J. A. Noyes, of the County of Barton and State of Missouri of the other part: (illegible) […]

Family Record of James A. Noyes

Family Record of James A. Noyes James A. Noyes was born in Ann Arbor Michigan December 22, 1826 Carrie Atwell wife of James A. Noyes was born in Waterbury Vermont, October 2, 1835 Married in Brady village Kalimazoo Co. Michigan June 28, 1859 Their children Emma Viola Noyes was born Wakishma Michigan December 15th 4 […]

Noyes Record of Deaths of the Family of James A. and Carrie A. Noyes

Deaths of the family of James A. and Carrie A. Noyes Victor H. Noyes died October 23 1886 Cora R. Greene died October 16th 1887 Carrie A. Noyes wife of James A. Noyes died April 18 1894 aged 58 yrs. James A. Noyes died Jan 24 1901 aged 74 years 1 month and 2 days […]

Caroline Atwell’s Record of Marriages of Children Of Hiram and Rachel Atwell

Marriages of the children of Hiram and Rachel Atwell Sarah A. L. Atwell to N. W. Gilbert in Waterbury Vermont on the 7th March 1852 Caroline Atwell to J. A. Noyes in Brady Village Kalamazoo Co. Michigan June 28th 1859

Noyes Family Record, 1848

James Noyes born Sept 13 1793 Sally Noyes born Sept. 6 1796 Deceased Aug 10. 1838 Ezra Noyes born July 7 1817. Deceased June 17 1841 Elizabeth Noyes born March 22. 1819. Deceased Sept 11 1850 Ja. Noyes Jur. born July 13. 1821. Deceased Apr. 1823 B. J. Noyes born Oct 4. 1823. Deceased March […]