“The Decline of Faith” – A page from the Bengali translation from the belongings of Victor Hugo Noyes

This page from a leaflet of John E. Remsburg’s “The Decline of Faith”, noted as “translated into the Bengalee language by Kedarnath Basu M.C. a leader of the Freethought Movement in Bengal, India”, is believed to be from Victor Hugo Noyes’ travel to India pre 1886. The image is courtesy of Nancy Benton. Who was […]

Freethoughter G. W. McKinney

Samuel Porter Putnam’s “400 Years of Freethought”, published by The Truth Seeker Company in 1894, appears to have been a subscription periodical as the rear of the book lists subscribers from all the states. In the list of subscribers we see, in “Indian Territory”, one subscriber, a G. W. McKinney. Perhaps I’m assuming too much, […]