Esmond Hennesy and Ethel Hennesy at Party

Esmond and Ethel Hennesy at a party. In the top picture, the left couple is unknown. In the bottom picture, Esmond is on the right. What were they celebrating? As Ethel is wearing the corsage an Esmond is wearing a carnation, they appear to be the couple being celebrated. Was it a wedding anniversary? Based […]

1951 Hennesy Reunion Photos

(left to right) Elbert Isaac Hennesy, June 27 1897 – March 12 1967; Curtis Moore Hennesy, January 28 1903 – Feb. 1973; Clarence C. Hennesy, January 6 1894 – April 8 1960; Jewel Hennesy; E. E. Hennesy, June 1 1903 – November 24 1992. What an impressive array of hats! Jewel and Curtis especially wear […]

1972 International Paper Company prejob conference showing Esmond Hennesy

June 2 1972, International Paper Company, prejob conference, Natchez Mill Right click image to view larger. Left to right back row: C. C. Ward, SEPCO; B. Kittrell, Boilermakers; G. W. Moore, Sheetmetal Workers; W. M. Fortenberry, PAPCO; H. M. Booth, PAPCO, A. T. Davis, Asbestos Workers; J. M. Martin, IPCO; L. Fuller, Ironworkers; J. Graves, […]

Old Photos of Esmond Edward Hennesy at the Paper Mill, Exterior

Esmond Hennesy is 2nd from right Esmond Hennesy is on the far right Two more photos of Esmond Hennesy at the paper mill, other individuals unknown. I don’t know if this is in Arkansas but I’m thinking it may be as he appears to be older here.

Photo of Esmond Edward Hennesy at the paper mill, 1927

Esmond Edward Hennesy at the paper mill. The back reads 23 January 1927, midnight. It must have been a special day. Most of the photos we have of Esmond are to do with paper mill activities but this is an exception for all the photos we have in that it is “industrial”. Prior to this […]

Photo of Esmond Edward Hennesy at a fair

Esmond Edward Hennesy, son of James Leon Hennesy and Lucy Myles 1 Jun 1903 – 24 Nov 1992 Circa early 1920s. This is really a pretty interesting photo in that it is a “staged” photo at a fair of some type, probably in Washington Parish, Louisiana where he lived. There is another photo of him […]

Photo of Zula, Jewel and Esmond Hennesy as children

Zula, Jewel and Esmond Hennesy Zula (1899-1925), Jewel (25 Oct 1901 – 9 Apr 1979) and Esmond (1 Jun 1903 – 24 Nov 1992) Hennesy as children in Washington Parish, LA. There was no indication on the photo of studio, photographer or date. Zula, in particular, looks pretty cute in her lovely dress, except they’re […]