Obituaries for Elizabeth “Bettie” Brewer Noyes of Liberal, Missouri


We have two obituaries for Bettie Brewer. I appear to have lost the obitnoyesbbettie1.gif of the below obituary, but still have the second. Both were courtesy of Nancy Benton. Elizabeth “Bettie” Brewer Noyes (line of the blog’s author) was the wife of Ray Noyes and daughter of David Nathaniel Brewer and Delana Louise Fowler. WIDOW […]

Obituaries of Delana Louise Fowler Brewer


Delana Louise Fowler was the wife of David Nathaniel Brewer. Her daughter, Elizabeth Jane “Bettie” Brewer was of the line of the blog’s author. Mrs. Dave Brewer 9 Nov 1939 Mrs. Dave Brewer, 85, a pioneer citizen of the Shady Grove community east of this city, died on Saturday at the home of her son, […]

William Fowler and Elizabeth Louis Westmoreland

William Fowler and Elizabeth Louis Westmoreland were the parents of John B. Fowler who married Mary Jane Johnson. William Fowler was the son of Samuel Fowler and Margaret Coffer. Elizabeth Louis Westmoreland was the daughter of Davis S. Westmoreland and Rebecca Bynum. ======================================== Husband: William + > Fowler (1) ======================================== Born: 1801 Apr 14 – […]