Delana Fowler Brewer in her Hat

Original courtesy of Nancy Benton Some retouching Ancestor Delana Jane Fowler Brewer, b. 1854, married David Nathaniel Brewer, here has had what must have been a special hat memorialized. The photo was possibly taken about, what–1915?–in Missouri. Perhaps it was a brand spanking new Easter bonnet.

David Nathaniel Brewer and Delana Louise Fowler

I don’t recollect seeing very often early images clearly showing a woman as pregnant. The photo , courtesy of Nancy Benton, would have likely been taken in Barton County, Missouri. David Nathaniel Brewer arrived in Barton County, Missouri before the establishment of Liberal in the early 1880s. Nancy Benton writes of David and Delana: David […]

John B. Fowler and Mary Jane Johnson

John B. FOWLER was born 5 Jan 1827 in Stokes, NC to William FOWLER and Elizabeth Louis WESTMORELAND. He died 22 May 1883 at Greenfield, Dade Co., MO. His grave is near the gate as one enters Carr’s Chapel Cemetery, Greenfield, MO. John married Mary Jane JOHNSON who family history stated was born 9 Feb […]