James Noyes and Rebecca Russell

“James Noyes was a circuit rider and clergyman. He preached in several New England states. He also preached among the Indians in Canada and Michigan during his later life. He was one of the first Methodist ministers in Michigan according to his youngest daughter, Eliza Ann, and was a great student of history.” SOURCE: Noyes […]

Alphadelphia Association, a 1958 Paper by Catherine Livingston

The below history of the Alphadelphia Association by Catherine Livingston is from 1958. Thank you to Nancy Benton for supplying the paper, which I have transcribed. * * * * * ALPHADELPHIA ASSOCIATION By CATHERINE LIVINGSTON 1958 ACKNOWLEDGMENT I wish to express my appreciation for the privilege of reading these interesting and valuable documents which […]

Alphadelphia Shareholders

ALPHADELPHIA SHAREHOLDERS The names were difficult to read. Corrections are welcome. Richard MCOMBER Charles BRADFORD Jacob MILLER Cerydan M. SAWYER Alfleda KEITH Harvey KEITH Joshua ROBINSON Cornelius W. VINING Elesta WILCO Daniel S. SACCO ? Lucius N. NEWS ? P. H. BOWMAN ? Lyman TUBBS David FORD John CURTISE Henry D. HALL Rebecca HALL William […]

Family Record of James Noyes and Rebecca Russell Noyes

Courtesy of Nancy Benton Family Record of James and Rebecca Noyes. James Noyes was born Nov 17 1771 Died Oct 13 1835 Rebecca Noyes was born Aug 5 1773 Died March 27 1853 James Noyes Jr. was born Sept 14 1793 Elizabeth was born Dec 16 1795. Died July George W. was born Sept 7 […]