Haynes Crabtree, son of Littleton Crabtree and Rebecca Cox

Marriage certificate of Haynes Crabtree and Elizabeth Evans. Right click to view larger. Haynes Crabtree, b. 1829 in , Jones, Mississippi, died March 5 1865 at the Camp Chase POW camp in Ohio. He married on 1853 Sep 7 in , Mobile, Alabama, Elizabeth Evans who was born 1836 Oct 11 in Alabama, died 1906 […]

Photo of Alfred Crabtree, son of Littleton Crabtree and Rebecca Cox

Alfred R. Crabtree, son of Littleton and Rebecca Cox, was born 1822 March 11 in North Carolina. He died 1895 Feb 3 , Lee, Mississippi and is buried at Priceville Church. Ann Storer sent me this image of her ancestor Alfred, brother of Ervin Crabtree. She says it was originally a tinotype. I don’t have […]

Samuel Crabtree, son of Irvin Crabtree and Sarah Faggard

Samuel Thomas CRABTREE was born 30 Dec. 1838 at 28 Mile Bluff, AL. He died 17 June 1923 at about 85 and is buried at Indian Springs Cemetery at Eight Mile, AL, where his tombstone reads that he was born 1838 and died in 1923. Amie Akerman notes that both Phelan B. Crabtree, son of […]

Thomas Jefferson Crabtree and Minerva Mae Hudgens

Thomas Jefferson Crabtree, b. 1870 July 1 in Mobile County Alabama, died 1918 May 18 in Mobile County, Alabama, was buried at Indian Springs Cemetery in Eight Mile, Alabama. In 1898 he married, in Mobile County, Alabama, Minerva Mae Hudgens, b. 1881 May 1, died 1938 Jan 1 in Louisiana. She was buried at Our […]

William Crabtree and Hilda Savoy

William Crabtree was born 1911 March 5 and died 1950 July 6 at Charity Hospital in New Orleans. William’s wife was Hilda Savoy who died 2002 July 26 and was buried at Matherne Cemetery. William Crabtree was Adam Bell Crabtree’s grandnephew. His line was Thomas Jefferson Crabtree and Minerva Mae Hudgens, Thomas Jefferson Crabtree being […]

Crabtree Marriage Data Compiled by Amie Akerman

Amie Akerman sent me this compilation about 2001. Crabtree, Adam and Tucker, Georgia; married 3 Jan 1870, Mobile Co., AL Crabtree, Adam Bell and Ranagier, Alice V.; married 26 Apr 1877, Mobile Co., AL Crabtree, Alfred and Sullivan, Mathilda; married 27 July 1844, Mobile County, AL Crabtree, Allen Ervin and Davis, Lelia; married 15 Aug […]

Crabtree Cemetery Data Compiled by Amie Akerman

This compilation was supplied me by Amie Akerman abt 2001: Matherne Cemetery; Bayou Blue, LA Crabtree, William Manuel (Bill) : 21 Dec 1941 – 13 Sep 2000 (32 Mason) Crabtree, Aleta Rae Best : 22 Feb 1943 – living Crabtree, Amos H. P. (Pat) : 10 Dec 1932 – living Crabtree, Jennie Jane Savoie : […]

Photos of John Wesley Ranager and Alice Ranager Crabtree

Alice Virginia Ranagier/Ranager Crabtree 3 Mar 1851 – 3 Oct 1936 wife of Adam Bell Crabtree Courtesy David Newall. This photo was taken outside the home of Alice, sometime during the 20’s to early 30’s, across from the Whistler Cemetery in Mobile County, Alabama. John Wesley Ranager c. 1847 – 1933 brother of Alice Ranager […]

Studio Photo of Alice Virginia Ranager Crabtree

Alice was born 1851 March 3 in Whistler, Mobile, Alabama and died 1936 October 3 at Whistler. She was married to Adam Bell Crabtree. I have irresponsibly misplaced the source for this photo. Restored image of Alice. I did this clean up a long time ago and was working (as with 80% of the photos) […]

Suzie Crabtree Kearns Drummond biographical letter

Suzie Crabtree Kearns Drummond biographical letter Date: Sometime in the early 1980’s. I (JK) had written her asking her for information and this was her response: …I know very little of my ancestors but will try to tell you all I can about them. My Grandfather was born in Hall Co., Ga. He was married […]