Robert Eugene McKenney

Photo courtesy of Allan McKenney. I played a bit with it. Robert Eugene McKenney was born abt 1821 in Pennsylvania and died 1898 Sep 30 in Kimball, Stearns, Minnesota. He married, abt 1846 in (perhaps) Guernsey County, Ohio, Mary Bartow. Mary was born 1816 in Harrison County, Ohio and died 1879 Feb in Stearns County, […]

A Sketch of the Families and Life of Samuel Bartow McKenney, a Roamer with Literary Aspirations

Photo courtesy of Allan McKenney. I took the liberty of playing a bit with retouching and adding color. Because the census is what we have, we tend to measure a person’s existence by where they were every ten years and what the census gives them as doing. If a family or individual happens to make […]

1883 Diary of Charity Alice McKenney Reynolds Barnes

This wonderful diary was sent to me by Allan McKenney. Charity Alice McKenney was a daughter of Robert Eugene McKenney, and Allan is a descendant of a brother of hers. I transcribed it from a typewritten copy printed in a cursive font so it was digital age. The original diary was itself copied first by […]

Charity Alice McKenney

As I’m going to be posting an 1883 diary of Charity Alice McKenney, I thought it might be a good idea to first do a post giving a bit of background on her. Charity, the fifth of six known children, was born 1856 October 31 in Lake Minnetonka, Hennepin, Minnesota to Robert Eugene McKenney and […]