Blue Grass Blade vs. Hough, Pt. 4 : The Truth is Out at Last

Continuing from part 3 with letters and editorials concerning the M. D. Leahy controversy, refuting the Rev. Hough assertion that Freethinker M. D. Leahy, who established the Freethought University, had undergone a Christian conversion. This letter which the Blue Grass Blade published in this September issue is written by M. D. (Maurice) Leahy’s brother, who […]

Blue Grass Blade vs. Hough Pt. 2 : The Blade Asks for Facts

As seen in Part 1, on June 13 1909 the Blue Grass Blade had published its doubts on the veracity of the Rev. Hough’s account that M. D. Leahy, president of Liberal’s Freethought University, had later converted to Christianity, and that the Freethought University was funded by Col. Robert G. Ingersoll. The Blue Grass Blade […]