McKenney Bible Images

Thanks to my cousins for sending photocopies of these pages to me. Lloyd McKenney’s bible was used for recording some family history. I didn’t see it until about 2003. The genealogy I received as a child wasn’t in the bible, it was instead on loose paper, but in the case of the Hackney and McKenney […]

James Reyburn Crockett and Elouise “Louisa” Wright

James Reyburn CROCKETT, son of Samuel CROCKETT and Margaret REYBURN (RAYBORN) was born 21 April 1803 in Montgomery County, Virginia and died 18 Aug 1870 at about 67 in Boone County, Missouri. He is buried in the Wright Cemetery at Boone Co. James married, 10 Sep 1829 at Boone Co., MO., Elouise “Louisa” WRIGHT, daughter […]