victor hugo noyes letter

Victor Hugo Noyes to Cora Noyes, December 1883

The date on the letter looks like Dec 1887 but Victor died in 1886. The date has been determined to be 1883, it being known that Victor was working in a tin shop in Kansas City in March of 1884. “I have many more envelopes than letters, and none of the letters were enclosed in […]


Please read the about page for information on this site. I am not only researching family lines (in particular McKenneys/McKinneys from the counties Belmont, Guernsey, Harrison, Monroe and Noble of Ohio) but also the 19th century Alphadelphia Association, and the freethought community of Liberal in Missouri, and hope to hear from families who were associated with either and individuals with information to contribute. If you have photographs please send them in! Also, of course, I'm eager to hear from individuals associated with any of the personal family lines I'm researching (see the menu, family archives) and looking forward to sharing information. Again, if you have photos and stories, please contribute! People have sent to me some of the most amazing documents and I truly feel fortunate for them and am happy to archive them.


Daniel Brewer Land Patent

Daniel Levi Brewer’s land patent in Indiana.


Marriage License of Robert Gwyn Mitchell and Lena Carhart

Marriage license of Robert Gwyn Mitchell and Lena Bell Carhart, 1891, in Macon Co., Missouri.


Ebenezer Sparhawk Jr. Sermon #103, 1762

Ebenezer Sparhawk Jr’s sermon #103, dated Templetown, Worcester, Massachusetts, June 30, 1762, preached at Templetown on July 25 1762 a.m. and preached second on December 9 1764 p.m. My grandmother, Dorothy Mitchell McClure, who had the original sermon in her possession, supplied me the photocopy many years ago.