James Leon Hennesy’s store

James Leon Hennesy’s store in Washington Parish, Louisiana. Original photo. My restoration. The face of one of the young women had been scratched out (it even looked as if it might have been deliberately scratched out) and I replaced it as the faces in that section are so undefined that there is no possibility of […]

First Restaurant owned by James Leon Hennesy

First Restaurant owned by James Leon Hennesy My attempt at restoration. Ethel Hennesy had written on the back of the photo that this was the first restaurant owned by James Leon Hennesy, the father of E. E. Hennesy. It was in Franklinton, Washington Parish, LA. James Leon stands behind the counter with Della Nobles Hennesy, […]

Ethel (Simmons) Hennesy on her wedding day, abt. July 17 1924, with Zoe Hennesy

Ethel (Simmons) Hennesy on her wedding day, abt. July 17 1924 (the day the license was granted), with Zoe Hennesy. She was married in Franklinton, Washington Parish, Louisiana. Original photo Restored, colored photo Not knowing the color of Ethel’s wedding dress, I tried a variety of shades. My first inclination was to go with this […]

Photo of Zula, Jewel and Esmond Hennesy as children

Zula, Jewel and Esmond Hennesy Zula (1899-1925), Jewel (25 Oct 1901 – 9 Apr 1979) and Esmond (1 Jun 1903 – 24 Nov 1992) Hennesy as children in Washington Parish, LA. There was no indication on the photo of studio, photographer or date. Zula, in particular, looks pretty cute in her lovely dress, except they’re […]

The Knight Family

The Knight Family Marian (Marion) Isaac KNIGHT and second wife Leah Corkern KNIGHT, then Annie Knight SIMMONS (married to Lucius Theodore Simmons), William E. KNIGHT Sr., Wilbur Warren KNIGHT and Lela Maye KNIGHT. Marion was born 1866 in Louisiana and died 1947, daughter Annie was born 1888 and died 1961, son William E. was born […]

Jewel Hennesy (with photo circa 1920s)

Original. Photoshopped. Intention with this restoration was just to bring out Jewel as much as possible, not rebuilding the scene. There was no note of date so I’m estimating the photographer caught Jewel lounging in the Washington Parish grass some time during the 1920s. Jewel HENNESY, the 1st son and 2nd child of James Leon […]

Milton Burns Bateman and Mary Elizabeth Simmons Bateman Photo

Milton Burns BATEMAN and Mary Elizabeth Simmons BATEMAN. Mary Elizabeth Simmons, b. 20 May 1891, was a daughter of Murdock Middleton SIMMONS and Louisa Clarinda THIGPEN. She and Milton resided in Franklinton, Washington Parish, Louisiana, and are buried at the Ellis Cemetery there. This was a scan of a xerox image. I added a little […]

Family of Lucius Theodore Simmons and Annie Knight, c. 1911

Family of Lucius Theodore Simmons and Annie Clarinda Knight. Lucius was born 1883 Dec 29 in the Franklinton area of Washington Parish, Louisiana and died 1963 Sep 9 in Bogalusa. Annie was born 1888 Feb 22 in Sheridan, Washington Parish, Louisiana and died 1961 Sep 1 in New Orleans. The pair were married 1904 Nov […]

Hennesy Cemetery

The Hennesy Cemetery in Tangipahoa Parish, Louisiana. I have listed these individuals exactly as on the paper I received from C. Hennesy, for I don’t know if these entries reflect exact inscriptions on the gravemarkers. Right click view image to examine it a larger size. Sarah Hennesy wf of C.D. Hennesy July 20, 1894-Dec.20, 1921 […]

Lucius and Annie Knight Simmons 50th wedding anniversary

Lucius and Annie Knight Simmons were married 1904 Nov 17 at the home of her parents in Washington Parish, Louisiana. The anniversary celebration would have taken place about 1954 Nov 17 in Washington Parish. The photos were presented in a little blue flip book of snapshots. The individuals are the celebrated couple and their children. […]