Lloyd and Dorothy’s Home in Carthage

The home of Lloyd and Dorothy Mckenney on Riverside Drive in Carthage, Missouri. They lived here in the 50s through the 80s. Dorothy had decorated it in a combination of mid-twentieth century modern and antiques, with some Japanese flavor sprinkled about here and there, textiles and walls in predominately green hues that were cool and […]

George Shaffer b. April 14, 1791 and Margaret Saltzgiver

The family of George Shaffer was entwined with ours, living beside them in Van Buren County, Iowa, and a possible relation married with our family. They and family and neighbors had a kind of exodus from Harrison County, Ohio to Iowa in the late 1840s, another group of relations and neighbors moving a state further […]

Benjamin Sparks

The below is from the “Sparks Quarterly”, giving a fairly comprehensive profile on Benjamin Sparks, son of James Sparks and Mary Ellis Sparks, brother of Belle who married G. W. McKenney Jr. (this blog’s direct line). He was a puzzler to sort out for, as with all the Sparks, I began with zero information on […]

Indenture Paper of Robert Eugene McKenney 1872


Indenture land document of Robert Eugene McKenney, 1872, Pope County, Minnesota. Robert E. McKenney is believed a cousin or brother of George Washington McKenney Sr. (blog’s direct line). See the tags for more information on Robert Eugene.

James Noyes Sr., b. 1793


James Noyes Sr., b. 1793 Sep 13 at Worcester Co. Massachusetts, died 1864 Aug 26 at Pavillion, Kalamazoo, Michigan was married to Sally Marble and Susan Waters. Direct line concerning this blog is through his son James Allen Noyes. James Noyes was a member of the Alphadelphia Association commune. He is observed here holding a […]

John Edward Welch and Betsey Moore, died in Washington Parish, Lousiana

John Edward Welch and Betsey E. Moore were the parents of James Daniel Welch (direct line of my husband on the Hennesy side). James Daniel Welch was father of Nancy Caroline Welch, father of James Leon Hennesy, father of Esmond Edward Hennesy. A family genealogical question sheet that, in the early 1980s, I requested Ethel […]


SLOCUMB ORIGINS AND ANTHONY SLOCLUMB Excerpts from “History of the Slocums, Slocumbs and Slocumbs of America” by Charles Elihu Slocum M.D., P.H.D. The Orijin of the Surname Slocombe, Slocum etc., iz of local karaketer, coming from the location ov an early setler at the Combe in southwestern England coverd by luxuriant growh ov the Sloe […]

Marriage License of Belle Sparks and George W. McKenney Jr.


Marriage license of George W. McKenney Jr. and Belle Sparks (line of the author). Issued in Chautauqua Co. Kansas on the 2nd day of June 1883. Thank you to Francis Partch for the copy.

Rebecca Russell Noyes


Rebecca Russell, daughter of Samuel Russell and Lydia Wheeler, was the wife of James Noyes. She was born Aug 3 1773 in Worcester, Massachusetts, and died March 27, 1853 in Fremont, Steuben, Indiana. Much of her life was spent in Kalamazoo County, Michigan. The photo is courtesy Nancy Benton.

Mention of James Kelly Crockett

James Kelly Crockett (direct line), born 1832 Sep 21 in Boone County, Missouri, died Oct 12 1909 in Chautauqua County, Kansas, is briefly mentioned in the below court case. A number of names below will be recognized by those famliar with Osage-French family histories. Joseph Revard Jr. and Franklin Revard were likely sons of Joseph […]