Nancy Benton, who had this in her collection, notes Caroline Atwell Noyes (line of the blog’s author) had cut apart an envelope that had contained a letter addressed to herself and written this dream on the inside. The dream concerns her daughter Cora going on a trip, and the numbers 87. It was a powerful […]

James Allen Noyes in Later Years


James Allen Noyes, born 1822 at Ann Arbor, Michigan, was the husband of Caroline Atwell Noyes. In 1882 they moved to the freethought community of Liberal, Missouri where this photo would have been taken in James’ later years. He died in Liberal in 1901. More information on the family is here.

Asher Atwell and Charlotte Thornton and Family


Asher Atwell and Charlotte Thornton Asher E. Atwell, the brother of the author’s ancestor, Hiram Atwell, was born Nov 10 1816 in Johnson, Lamoille, Vermont, and died 1900. On Oct 29 1854 he married Charlotte Thornton, born April 11 1832 at Peru, Clinton, New York, and died March 27 1888 at Johnson, Lamoille, Vermont. Asher […]

George Copley


A photo of a George W. Copley was included in the papers of James Allen Noyes and Caroline Atwell Noyes. Because the name of the studio is included I’m able to say that the photo would have been taken between some time from the 1860s to 1890s at the studio of the Ensminger Brothers in […]

Ray Noyes’ Obituaries


Ray Noyes, husband of Elizabeth Jane “Bettie” Brewer, was the son of James Allen Noyes and Caroline Atwell Noyes. He lived in Liberal, Missouri. Ray is of our line. LAMAR DEMOCRAT obituary (Tuesday, January 21, 1941) for Ray NOYES reads: “Ray Noyes dead–Ray NOYES, one of West Barton’s best known men, died at his home […]

Paul and Ray Noyes


Paul, b. 1869, and Ray, b. 1874, were two of four sons of James Allen Noyes and Caroline Atwell Noyes. The family moved from Illinois to the freethought community of Liberal, Barton County, Missouri in 1882. Ray was about 8 at the time and Paul about 13. Allen would have been about 15 and Victor […]

Pacific Mills, Working Regulation Document of Caroline Atwell


Courtesy of Nancy Benton. The Pacific Mills working regulations document shows that Caroline Atwell was working at the mill in 1854 after the death of her parents. I may be wrong on this but it appearing that Pacific Mills was incorporated 1853, and commenced operation 1854 in Lawrence, Massachusetts. The facility had 1600 looms, 62,000 […]

Herman Jones and Junior Jones on the Wenas Valley Ranch

Herman Jones, b. 1906 in Arcola, Dade county, Missouri, was the son of Levy Jones and Jessie Brewer Jones, sister of Bettie Brewer Noyes. Herman is shown here with his son Junior Jones on the ranch in the Wenas Valley of Washington state that Junior used to manage in the early to mid 60s. The […]

Atwill Henderson and Rachel Jane Brewer and Family

Courtesy of Ed Henderson, this is a photo of Atwill Henderson, his wife Rachel Jane Brewer, and family. They lived in Chautauqua county, Kansas. Rachel Jane Brewer was sister of this blog’s David Natthaniel Brewer.

James Daniel Brewer and Anna Liafe Marriage


James Daniel Brewer married (1) Maude Mary Uhlman, then (2) Anna Dora Liafe. James Daniel Brewer was a son of Daniel Levi Brewer and Catherine Hedden. Settling in Chautauqua County, Kansas, he was a sibling of direct line. Image is courtesy of Edward Henderson.