Obituaries for Elizabeth “Bettie” Brewer Noyes of Liberal, Missouri


We have two obituaries for Bettie Brewer. I appear to have lost the obitnoyesbbettie1.gif of the below obituary, but still have the second. Both were courtesy of Nancy Benton. Elizabeth “Bettie” Brewer Noyes (line of the blog’s author) was the wife of Ray Noyes and daughter of David Nathaniel Brewer and Delana Louise Fowler. WIDOW […]

Obituaries of Delana Louise Fowler Brewer


Delana Louise Fowler was the wife of David Nathaniel Brewer. Her daughter, Elizabeth Jane “Bettie” Brewer was of the line of the blog’s author. Mrs. Dave Brewer 9 Nov 1939 Mrs. Dave Brewer, 85, a pioneer citizen of the Shady Grove community east of this city, died on Saturday at the home of her son, […]

Obituary for Sarah Melissa Noyes Slater Anderson


Sarah Melissa Noyes was a sister of James Allen Noyes of my line. A post with census information on her and her marriages may be found here. CENTENARIAN DIES HERE LAST WEEK Mrs. Sarah Melissa Anderson Had Been Resident of Berryville for Thirty Years Mrs. Sarah Melissa Noyes Anderson, who was 100 years old, died […]

George Atwell


George E. Atwell, son of Asher E. Atwell and Charlotte Thornton, and a cousin of our Caroline Atwell, was born in Johnson, Lamoille, Vermont about 1862. The photo of Lowella is courtesy Greg Chase.

Mrs. Lawrence Colburn


This picture of Mrs. Lawrence Colburn was in the papers of James Allen Noyes and Caroline Atwell. I have been unable to identify her.

Chick incubator and Ray James Noyes, Liberal, Missouri


Courtesy of Nancy Benton, the photo is of Ray James Noyes, son of Ray Noyes and Bettie Brewer. The photo was taken by a Maud Stacy, probably about 1905 or 1906 as Ray was born Aug 8, 1903. Maud Stacy, a daughter of William and his wife Amy, would have been about 23 years of […]

Lowella Atwell


Lowella “Celia” A. Atwell, daughter of Asher E. Atwell and Charlotte Thornton, and a cousin of our Caroline Atwell, was born in Johnson, Lamoille, Vermont about 1857. The photo of Lowella is courtesy Greg Chase.

Charlotte Thornton Atwell


Charlotte Thornton, born about 1870, was wife to Asher atwell, brother of our Hiram Atwell. The photo, taken perhaps, July 4 1882, the same date as Asher’s photo, is courtesy of Greg Chase, descendant, and possessor of the original. They would have been residing in Johnson, Lamoille, Vermont.

Photos of Arvilla Atwell Chase and husband Irving Chase


Arvilla Atwell Chase, daughter of Asher Atwell and Charlotte Thornton, was first cousin to our Caroline Atwell Noyes. Arvilla was born about 1856 in Johnson, Lamoille, Vermont and died Nov 20 1890 in Westford Chittenden, Vermont. On Oct 28 1882 she married Irving Chase who was born Feb 20 1860 n Westford, Chittenden, Vermont. The […]

Dorothy and Mary Lou Noyes


Dorothy (the author’s line) and Mary Lou Noyes were daughters of Ray Noyes and Elizabeth “Bettie” Brewer of Liberal, Missouri.