Memoriam for Martha Cowden Dysart Mitchell, wife of James Bourne Mitchell

This memoriam for Martha Cowden Dysart Mitchell comes to me via Jim Mitchell (descendant of Orlando), who gives it as having been written by one of her sons: Mrs. Martha C. Mitchell died at the home of Rev. Dr. and Mrs. B. P. Fullerton, her daughter, St. Louis Mo., on the 19th of Feb. last, […]

Martha Cowden Dysart Mitchell – Tribute and Obituary

Courtesy of Jim Mitchell who sent me the scans of an obituary and tribute published in a newspaper (name not preserved) on her death. Below is my transcript of the two pages. A Loving Tribute to Mrs. Martha C. Mitchell A writer has truly said: — Each day some pearl drops from the jewel of […]

Letter from Robert Gwyn Mitchell to James Thompson Mitchell, June 2d 1903


Thanks to Jim Mitchell who sent me a scan of R. G. Mitchell’s typewritten letter with his signature. Below is my transcription. Macon, Missouri, June 2d, 1903 Dr. J. T. Mitchell, Kansas City, Mo. Dear Brother: — You will find enclosed a card and a letter which I have just received from mother. You will […]

Letter from Martha Cowden Dysart Mitchell to her Son, Robert Gwyn Mitchell, June 1 1903

Coffeen June 1, 1903 Dear Robert, I don’t want you to loose sight of me entirely. I came over here May 21. Have written to Callie to meet me in St. Louis Thursday June the fourth. Aunt Mary McDavid is here since saturday. Will remain while I am here. She is cheerful as you could […]

Photo of the Five Mitchell Brothers, Sons of James Bourne Mitchell


Thanks to Jim Mitchell, descendent of Orlando for the original scan and information on it. I have endeavored to try to lighten it a little to try to bring out the features more. It’s great to have an image of all the brothers together. Too bad we don’t have one of the sisters! Jim provides […]

Excerpts from “Biography of Mrs. Susan Addie Holliday Mitchell” (b. 1853, daughter of Thompson Holliday) by Callie Mitchell Jones

Thank you to Jim Mitchell, descendant of Orlando, who sent me the typewritten copy of this excerpt. Below is my transcript, followed by some notes. In 1868, at aged 15, Addie Holliday went to McGee College. Her father Thompson Holliday was very happy to have her go to McGee College for he loved Dr. Mitchell […]

Letter from Robert Gwyn Mitchell to his brother James William Mitchell, July 31, 1908

My thanks to Jim Mitchell who sent me a copy of the letter. My transcript is below. Macon, Mo., July 31, 1908 Rev. J. W. Mitchell, Marshall, Mo. Dear Brother:– Your letter of 27th inst. to hand and contents noted. The notes that you mention are all in my hands. You ask for the dates […]

Will of James Bourne Mitchell, Attested March 6, 1900

In the Name of God, Amen. I, James B. Mitchell, of Kirksville, Adair, Co., Missouri, being of sound mind, and believing in the existence of the One true and living God, the Father and Holy Spirit, in the immortality and responsibility of man, in the verbal inspiration of the holy scriptures, in the resurrection of […]

Last Will and Testament of Robert Craig b. 1744, d. 1834 in Abingdon, Virginia

In the name of God, Amen! I Robert Craig of the county of Washington in the State of Virginia, being of sound mind and memory notwithstanding my advanced age, blessed be God for all his goodwill and mercies toward me, do make, ordain and declare this instrument which is written with my own hand and […]

1898 Letter from Robert Chambers Craig to John Thompson Mitchell with Recollections on Robert Craig

Thank you to Jim Mitchell for the photocopy of the below letter from Robert Chambers Craig to John Thompson Craig. The photocopy is of a typewritten copy of the original. Below is my transcription and following it some notes. Benham, March 26, 1898 Dear Cousin; — Your letter of March 18th is to hand, and […]