SLOCUMB ORIGINS AND ANTHONY SLOCLUMB Excerpts from “History of the Slocums, Slocumbs and Slocumbs of America” by Charles Elihu Slocum M.D., P.H.D. The Orijin of the Surname Slocombe, Slocum etc., iz of local karaketer, coming from the location ov an early setler at the Combe in southwestern England coverd by luxuriant growh ov the Sloe […]

Mention of James Kelly Crockett

James Kelly Crockett (direct line), born 1832 Sep 21 in Boone County, Missouri, died Oct 12 1909 in Chautauqua County, Kansas, is briefly mentioned in the below court case. A number of names below will be recognized by those famliar with Osage-French family histories. Joseph Revard Jr. and Franklin Revard were likely sons of Joseph […]

G. W. McKenney Jr, Belle Sparks McKenney and daughter Carrie Isabel

The photo is of George McKENNEY Jr. with Belle Sparks MCKENNEY and daughter Carrie Isabel. The photo backdrop is the same seen in the photo of James Albert McKENNEY and Vera, so is probably taken also c. 1904 about the time of James and Vera’s wedding. Carrie would have been about seven. The photo was […]

A Bold Game Tried on an Innocent Girl Near Cedarvale

A Bold Game Tried on an Innocent Girl Near Cedarvale Arkansas City Republican, August 15, 1885. A warrant is out for the arrest of Sam MCWHIRT, who lives near Hart’s Mills, charged with taking a young lady–Hettie CONKLIN–away from her home for the purpose of prostitution. The particulars are as follows: It seems that Miss […]

Belle Sparks McKenney Funeral Notice


The funeral notice of Belle Sparks McKenney, wife of George Washington McKenney Jr. FUNERAL NOTICE Belle M. McKenney Born January 14 1868 Died December 28 1935 Funeral services will be held Sunday afternoon, December 28, at 3 o’clock at the United Brethren church at Chautauqua, Kansas. Interment in Chautauqua cemetery.


MORE RECOLLECTIONS FROM LLOYD CLINTON MCKENNEY These are my notes from a conversation with Lloyd about 1981. — jk Lloyd Clinton McKENNEY started school at about the age of 6 at the Crockett schoolhouse in Chautauqua County, Kansas which was located 1/4 mile from the main house. He says the kitchen at the farm house […]

Homer Huffaker

Homer Huffaker was related to the Hackney family in this way. His parents, married May 6 1852 at Council Grove, were Thomas Sears Huffaker and Eliza Ann Baker. Eliza Ann, born in 1836, was daughter of Joshua Wells Baker and Agnes Miller Inghram. Joshua Baker was a blacksmith for the Sac and Fox in Iowa. […]

W.W. Baker Talks Interestingly of Fifty Years Ago Knew the Indian chief Wapello

William Baker, b. 1828, was the husband of Isabel Frances Hackney b. 1828, sister of our William S. Hackney who married Mary Jane Enlow. Baker was the son of Joshua Wells Baker, who worked as a blacksmith on the Sac and Fox Reserve. * * * * * * * * * * The Ottumwa […]

Thomas Strickland and Elizabeth Shock

Thomas Strickland, b. Oct 18 1802 at Williamson Co., Tennessee, was a son of Thomas Strickland Sr. and Zelpha Slocum. On June 8 1826, in Boone County, Missouri, he married Elizabeth Shock, daughter of John Shock and Mary Bealor. She was born Oct 28 1807 at Fayette Co., Kentucky and died Jan 1853. Thomas and […]

Estate Papers of Thomas Stricklin/Strickland


Courtesty of Judy Berndt, photocopies of the estate papers of Thomas Stricklin who died 1804. These are near impossible for me to read except to note names of relatives such as Zilpha Strickland and Slocumbs. Thomas Strickland Sr. died in Williamson county, Tennessee. He was married to Zelpha Slocum. They were parents of Thomas Stricklin/Strickland […]