Betty Brewer Noyes at 14

Photoshopped to remove yellow cast makes it a little clearer Betty Brewer at 14 years of age Courtesy of Nancy Benton Elizabeth Jane “Bettie” Brewer was born 1877 in Liberal, Barton, Missouri to David Nathaniel Brewer and Delana L. Jane Fowler. In 1895, she married Ray Noyes, son of James Allen Noyes and Caroline Atwell. […]

Noyes Home, Liberal, Missouri

Not a great job photoshopping this, but OK. Did it a number of years ago when I was first trying to learn to restore photos and was getting a little better at it. Another view of the Noyes home at Liberal, Missouri, which appears to have been taken some years later. The tree has been […]

George W. Chapman, Free-thinker and Co-Founder of the Cawker City Hesperian Library

Several months ago I received an email from Steven Richardson, president of the Hesperian Historical Society of Cawker City, Kansas, asking if I knew anything about a George W. Chapman’s interest in Liberal, Missouri. Chapman was a physician who gave up his practice for the making of shoes, and a geologist who donated his collection […]

1898 Ad for an Evercirculator from Liberal, Missouri

I found the below posted from Liberal, Missouri in 1898. THE PHONOGRAPHIC MAGAZINE Volume XII. January 1898, No. 1 Cincinnati, Ohio WANTED – Five or six correspondents in Benn Pitman phonography to form an evercirculator. JAMES H ROBERTS, Box 91, Liberal, Missouri So, what was an “evercirculator”? I go to an article in the Sep […]

The Owram and Murray Families of Liberal, Missouri and “Murray Loop”

Sitting next to me is the book, Murray Loop, written by Ted W. Cox, which is the “Journey of an Oregon Family 1808-1949”. The book covers in significant detail five generations of the family, their identity as immigrants and Oregonians, and happens to take the Owram side also through the free love community of Berlin […]

Stories of Liberal, Missouri from George Ashley’s “Reminiscences of a Circuit Rider”

Note: Thanks to Greg Olson for sending me the pages of the book from which I made the following transcription. It was a surprise to see Mrs. Harmon mentioned by Ashley. This would have been Emma Viola Noyes, wife of Orrin Ellie Harmon. She was born 1860 and was the daughter of my ancestors James […]

The Spiritual Science Association and the Old Spook Hall – This Strange Town

THIS STRANGE TOWN–LIBERAL MISSOURI A HISTORY OF THE EARLY YEARS 1880 – 1910 BY J. P. MOORE Return to the Table of Contents The Spiritual Science Association and the Old Spook Hall [pages 84-90] The last of the early public buildings associated with the Freethought-Spiritualist era of Liberal to succumb to the caprice of fate […]

The P. J. Umbrite Drug Store in Liberal, Missouri, 1895

I tried photoshopping it some. Just for the fun of play. Original from web This photo was originally up at the late Barbara Irwin’s web page on Liberal. The information on it was: “In 1895, the Umbrite and Son Drug Store was the oldest one in western Barton County. P. J. Umbrite had lived in […]

Production of “The Corner Store”, Liberal, Missouri

    The above image was originally on the late Barbara Irwin’s web pages on Liberal, which are no longer maintained. I photoshopped it some and looked around hoping to find some information on the play. Thanks to John Talbot Smith’s 1917 “The Parish Theatre, A Brief Account of its Rise, its Present Condition, an […]

Like Shifting Sands – J. P. Moore’s “This Strange Town–Liberal, Missouri”

Checking with the copyright catalogue, I find copyright was made in 1963 by J. P. Moore but was never renewed, which means the book has entered the public domain. The author is long since deceased. THIS STRANGE TOWN–LIBERAL MISSOURI A HISTORY OF THE EARLY YEARS 1880 – 1910 BY J. P. MOORE Return to the […]