Chick incubator and Ray James Noyes, Liberal, Missouri


Courtesy of Nancy Benton, the photo is of Ray James Noyes, son of Ray Noyes and Bettie Brewer. The photo was taken by a Maud Stacy, probably about 1905 or 1906 as Ray was born Aug 8, 1903. Maud Stacy, a daughter of William and his wife Amy, would have been about 23 years of […]

Liberal in the “Fair Play” news, July 1, 1882


Fair Play, Ste. Genevieve, Mo., Saturday, July 1, 1882 The Western Missouri town of Liberal is zealously anti-Christian. Believers in Christianity cannot buy land there, and are excluded from residence as far as possible. The founder is an atheistic lawyer named Walser, and he has gathered a population of about 300 infidels, who, however, differ […]

Dorothy and Mary Lou Noyes


Dorothy (the author’s line) and Mary Lou Noyes were daughters of Ray Noyes and Elizabeth “Bettie” Brewer of Liberal, Missouri.

James Allen Noyes in Later Years


James Allen Noyes, born 1822 at Ann Arbor, Michigan, was the husband of Caroline Atwell Noyes. In 1882 they moved to the freethought community of Liberal, Missouri where this photo would have been taken in James’ later years. He died in Liberal in 1901. More information on the family is here.

Ray Noyes’ Obituaries


Ray Noyes, husband of Elizabeth Jane “Bettie” Brewer, was the son of James Allen Noyes and Caroline Atwell Noyes. He lived in Liberal, Missouri. Ray is of our line. LAMAR DEMOCRAT obituary (Tuesday, January 21, 1941) for Ray NOYES reads: “Ray Noyes dead–Ray NOYES, one of West Barton’s best known men, died at his home […]

Poems by Alice M. Walser in “The Bouquet”


Alice Walser, wife of George Walser, founder of Liberal, Missouri, contributed two poems to his volume of poetry, The Bouquet. PIMPERNEL LANGUAGE : — CHANGE Can I tide this world of danger, ‘Mid temptations, storms and strife; Can I walk the path forever As your true and faithful wife Can I feed a heart so […]

1892 Oct 17, Letter from Ray Noyes to Caroline Atwell Noyes

A letter from Ray Noyes of Liberal, Missouri to his mother Caroline Atwell Noyes. Paul and Edna Stark had married on June 8 1891 and their daughter Grace was born March of 1892. Paul and his family stayed in Miller, Oklahoma in 1892/93 in preparation for the land run of 1893. I don’t know where […]

G. H. Walser’s “The Life and Teachings of Jesus”

George Walser, the founder of the freethought town of Liberal, Missouri, late in life authored the book The Life and Teachings of Jesus. Below is the link to the full publication on Google.

John B. Ellis on the Free Love Community at Berlin Heights

I include the below as James Allen Noyes and Caroline Atwell were connected with the free love community at Berlin Heights, and it’s known that some early residents of the free-thought community of Liberal came to there from Berlin Heights. It is shortly obvious that the writer had little sympathy for the group, but then […]

Beaver Herald 1896 Report on Walser’s Conversion to the Presbyterian Faith

The Beaver Herald, Oklahoma Territory, December 10, 1896 Nevada, MO Dec 4 — The report that George A. Walser, the millionaire founder of Liberal, the noted spiritualist town, and president of the Western Spiritualist Association, has united with the Presbyterian faith at Lincoln, Neb., has caused much surprise among his followers. Link