Title Page–J. P. Moore’s “This Strange Town–Liberal, Missouri”

THIS STRANGE TOWN–LIBERAL MISSOURI A HISTORY OF THE EARLY YEARS 1880 – 1910 BY J. P. MOORE Return to the Table of Contents Title Page THIS STRANGE TOWN–LIBERAL MISSOURI FOUNDED BY G. H. WALSER As a Place Set Apart for Freethinkers A History of the Early Years of the Town, 1880-1910 With an Account of […]

C. W. Stewart, Freethought Speaker and One of the Original Freethinkers at Liberal

Who was the touted debater, C. W. Stewart, of Liberal, Missouri? One account gives him as being brought in from outside, by Walser, to speak at Liberal, but J. P. Moore, in “The Strange Town – Liberal, Missouri” states he was first among “the original hard core of Freethinkers” in Liberal. However, after J. P. […]

“This Strange Town–Liberal Missouri” by J. P. Moore

Checking with the copyright catalogue, I find copyright was made in 1963 by J. P. Moore but was never renewed, which means the book has entered the public domain. The author is long since deceased. THIS STRANGE TOWN–LIBERAL MISSOURI A HISTORY OF THE EARLY YEARS 1880 – 1910 BY J. P. MOORE COPYRIGHT J. P. […]

George H. Walser in the “Light of Truth Album”

Photo and bio of George H. Walser from the “Light of Truth Album, Containing the Photographs of Prominent Workers in the Cause of Spiritualism” issued by The Light of Truth Publishing Company, Columbus, Ohio, 1897 “G. H. Walser, poet, philanthropist, lawyer, and scientist, is a well known man all over southwest Missouri. Mr. Walser laid […]

A Question Raised by the Death of John Wade Vincent at Liberal, Missouri in 1881

“The Wade Family, Monongalia County, Virginia, now West Virginia” published by Franklin Marion Brand in 1927, includes mention of a John Wade Vincent. John Wade Vincent was preparing himself for the ministry in the Baptist church at a seminary at Liberal, Missouri. He died while a student there in the year 1881 and was buried […]

G. H. Walser at the Formation of the Kansas Liberal League in 1879

Came across Aaron Ketchell’s “The Countertradition: A History of Freethought in Kansas” and it has an interesting mention of G. H. Walser. First he covers how in “The Golden Age of Freethought”, Robert Ingersoll “was instrumental in the organizing of freethinkers into a developed body” and that out of the Free Religious Association, founded by […]

The Dead Man’s Banjo

In Gridley Adams’ “Prose and Worse” column in Volume 46 of “Everybody’s Magazine”, 1922, we find: (Liberal. Mo. News) To The Late Mr. S. W. Cooper’s Friends: Several who have been interested enough to ask me if the banjo was returned that the man borrowed from Mr. Cooper before his death. I wish to say […]

Caleb Lipscomb’s 1907 Hay Experiment

A report, “Conditions Affecting the Value of Market Hay”, published by the Department of Agriculture in July 1909 issue of the Farmers’ Bulletin (362), included an experiment conducted by Caleb Lipscomb. Caleb Lipscomb had arrived in Liberal in 1899, coming from Fort Scott, and had founded the Lipscomb Grain & Seed Co. J. P. Moore […]

The Carter-Dorsey Stone Company’s Quarries at Liberal, Missouri, 1895

From “Stone, An Illustrated Magazine”, Volume XI, June to November 1895. The Carter-Dorsey Stone Company, Liberal, Mo., have begun work preparatory to taking out stone from their quarries on the Othen place. They have erected a blacksmith shop and are building three large derricks. One large space of the store has been uncovered, and work […]

American Home Missionary Society Evangelizes in Early Liberal

“The Home Missionary”, published by the American Home Missionary Society and the Congregational Home Missionary Society, listed in its appointments for June of 1884, “Rev. Frank S. Van Eps, Verdella, Iantha, and Liberal, Mo.” Appointments for January of 1885 included, “Rev. Richard T. Marlow, Verdella, Iantha and Liberal, Mo.” Appointments in May of 1885 gave, […]