Victor Hugo Noyes to Cora Noyes, December 1883

victor hugo noyes letter

The date on the letter looks like Dec 1887 but Victor died in 1886. The date has been determined to be 1883, it being known that Victor was working in a tin shop in Kansas City in March of 1884. “I have many more envelopes than letters, and none of the letters were enclosed in […]

First Christian Church at Liberal, Missouri

Postmarked 1907. The original image (first above) originally appeared on the now defunct website on Liberal by Barbara Irwin.

James Allen Noyes Photo

Courtesy of Nancy Benton, we have this photo of James Allen Noyes (direct line). James Allen Noyes was born Dec 22, 1826 in Ann Arbor, Washtenaw, Michigan to James Noyes and Sally Marble. He married Caroline Atwell in June 28 1859. They moved to the free-thought community of Liberal, Missouri, where he died Jan 24, […]

House of Banker, G. W. Baldwin


The home of Banker G. W. Baldwin. He was president of the Exchange Bank. He was a native of Schuyler County, New York. He and his family moved to Liberal in 1888 and organized the Bank of Liberal. He and his partners sold the bank to J. J. Stewart of Ft. Scott, Kansas five years […]

Pansy Noyes of Liberal, Missouri

Pansy Noyes, daughter of Ray Noyes and Bettie Brewer Noyes, was born Dec 8, 1895 and died Sep 25, 1985 at Liberal, Missouri. She married Charles Morton Bryant.

St. Louis Dispatch – An Infidel Experiment


Below is the St. Louis Dispatch article of May 2, 1885, “An Infidel Experiment”, on the free-thought town of Liberal, Missouri, founded by George Walser. It is close enough to others published that I’m not going to make a transcription.

Noyes Land, Barton County, Missouri


We can see on this map land of brothers Ray Noyes and Paul Noyes, sons of James Allen Noyes, adjoining land of Orrin Ellie Harmon in Barton County, Missouri. James Allen Noyes moved to Barton County during the infancy of Liberal, Missouri.

Denison Hotel, from “This Strange Town–Liberal Missouri” by J. P. Moore


Checking with the copyright catalogue, I find copyright was made in 1963 by J. P. Moore but was never renewed, which means the book has entered the public domain. The author is long since deceased. THIS STRANGE TOWN–LIBERAL MISSOURI A HISTORY OF THE EARLY YEARS 1880 – 1910 BY J. P. MOORE Return to the […]

Caroline Atwell Noyes Photo


Caroline Atwell, born 2 Oct 1835 at Waterbury, Washington Co. VT and died 18 April 1894 at Liberal, Barton, Missouri, was married to James Allen Noyes. Learn more about the family here. This photo was probably taken at Liberal, Missouri.

Obituaries for Elizabeth “Bettie” Brewer Noyes of Liberal, Missouri


We have two obituaries for Bettie Brewer. I appear to have lost the obitnoyesbbettie1.gif of the below obituary, but still have the second. Both were courtesy of Nancy Benton. Elizabeth “Bettie” Brewer Noyes (line of the blog’s author) was the wife of Ray Noyes and daughter of David Nathaniel Brewer and Delana Louise Fowler. WIDOW […]