Wedding Photos of Lola Hennesy and Albert Miles Dubbrin

Albert Miles Dubbrin was born 1923 June 10 in Washington and died 1984 Dec 9 in Boyes Hot Springs, Sonoma, California. In March of 1946 he married, in Mobile, Mobile, Alabama, Lolavee “Lola” Hennesy who was born 1925 July 7 in Bogalusa, Washington Parish, Louisiana and died 2004 July 30 in Santa Rosa, California. After […]

Wedding Photo of Jack and Jean Kearns

Photoshopped. Removed some of the damage. Feel like I took it too dark at the edges but did so to camouflage some of the intense damage that couldn’t be comfortably corrected without altering the photo. Susie’s dress was too damaged for me to comfortably correct without rebuilding it, which I am usually disinclined to do. […]

Photo of Jean Playing on Car

Cars were big back then. Jean Hennesy is between perhaps 13 and 15 in the photo. I’d place her as being about 14 and this picture taken circa 1945. Family gave Buddy, her brother, as being the boy in the photo but Buddy is 3 years younger than Jean and there appears to be a […]

Albert and Narcissus Lang, “Steve” and John B. and Lou Simmons

Lou (Brown) Simmons, John B. Simmons, Narcissus (Simmons) Lang and Albert Lang Lou (Brown) Simmons, b. 1873 July 2, died 1949 Dec 5, was the wife of John Benjamin Simmons b. 1862 June 16 in Mississippi, died 1946 Feb 26. John Benjamin’s sister is Narcissus b. 1870 Jan 5 in Mississippi, died 1944 Sept 25 […]

Photo Albert Winston Lang and Narcissus Simmons Lang Photo, circa 1930s

Albert Lang b. 1969 Oct 20, died 1959 Feb 17, married 1888 in Franklinton, Washington, Louisiana to and Narcissus Simmons Lang b. 1870 Jan 5, Mississippi, died 1944 Sept 25 in Washington Parish, Louisiana. Having seen photos of the couple at their 50th wedding anniversary, I’m guessing this was taken before then and so am […]

Photo of Murdock Middleton and Clarinda Simmons and family

Original image, a multiple generations xerox. Courtesy of Delores Tousineau. An attempt I made to clean up the image a bit. And then not leave well enough (kind of) alone, though the resolution doesn’t merit it. This family photo was made the same day as the above. No children were given but I’m going to […]

Esmond Edward Hennesy Memorial Window

Esmond Edward HENNESY memorial window, First Assembly of God Church in Natchez, Mississippi. Ethel Simmons Hennesy stands third from the right, surrounded by family.

The Move to Mobile

The move to Mobile by Jean Kearns, 1991 We lived in Camden until 1942 when we moved to Citronelle, Alabama, when I was in the fifth grade. It was a traumatic move for all of us. Daddy had been transferred to Mobile, 30 miles away, but because of the war and the thousands who had […]

Camden, Arkansas

Camden, Arkansas by Jean Kearns, 1991 My father was a Paper Mill Man. From the time he became old enough to pursue a career, he worked for paper companies. Both Daddy and Uncle Jewel began working at the paper mill in Bogalusa as young men, and Uncle Jewel worked there until he retired. But Daddy […]

Memories of the Hennesy and Simmons grandparents and relations and of their situation in Louisiana

Memories of the Hennesy and Simmons grandparents and relations and of their situation in Louisiana by Jean Hennesy Kearns, 1991 I don’t remember when Grandpa Hennesy died, but I can remember being held in his lap as he sat in a large chair in his living room in Bogalusa, Louisiana. His name was James Leon […]