Lucius and Annie Knight Simmons 50th wedding anniversary

Lucius and Annie Knight Simmons were married 1904 Nov 17 at the home of her parents in Washington Parish, Louisiana. The anniversary celebration would have taken place about 1954 Nov 17 in Washington Parish. The photos were presented in a little blue flip book of snapshots. The individuals are the celebrated couple and their children. […]

James Daniel Welch and Nancy Caroline Bullock

James Daniel WELCH is generally given as born 30 Sept 1811 in either the “Mississippi Territory” or Georgia. He was a son of John Edward WELCH and Betsey E. MOORE. I don’t know the ultimate source for the Betsey E. Moore, but I think John Welch is certain as an elder John Welch resided in […]

James Hennesy and Nancy Caroline Welch

James HENNESY was born 4 Jan 1839, the 1st son and 4th of 5 children to Isaac HENNESY and Judith Ann GILL. On 19 March 1868, at about 29 years of age, James married Nancy Caroline WELCH who was 20, born 9 Feb 1848. She was the 1st daughter and 3rd of 5 children born […]

David Bullock and Nancy Clark as possible parents of Caroline Bullock

David BULLOCK, b. abt. 1780, married Nancy CLARK and their children are given as: Clarkie b. 1813 married Samuel A. SLOCUM Jessie b. 1815 married Caroline M. FOIL Caroline b. 1816 married James D. WELCH Miles b. 1818 or 1819 m. Lumentha GRAHAM 1839, lived in Washington Parish LA. (David Schultz posting at BULLOCK Genforum […]

News Article on Ila Normon Hennesy

Ila Normon Hennesy, b. 1904 Aug 1 in Louisiana, married to Lutie S. Seal (unknown date), was the son of Meredith Bunyan “Merida” Hennesy and Lular R. Meredith was a son of James L. Hennesy and Nancy Caroline Welch. Below Ila is shown *not* slicing cheese, which seems rather unfair since that’s what he was […]

Trying to make sense of Isaac Hennesy b. 1803 and his father, David

The first “firm” Hennesy we have as a known ancestor in my husband’s line is Isaac who was born 1803 in Georgia and married Judith Ann Gill 1820 June 5 in Marion County, Mississippi. And we know this Isaac had a father named David as it was listed with the marriage. WHO WAS DAVID HENNESY […]

Photo and census info for Zoe Hennesy

This is Zoe Hennesy b. 1905 in Washington Parish, Louisiana to James Leon Hennesy and Lucy Virginia Myles. She died in 1989? So, I don’t really know. And if you do maybe you could drop me a line. She married a man named Ray Middleton and I’ve no marriage date for that. This retouching was […]

Photo of Unknown Louisiana Family, Likely from Washington Parish

All those photos out there without name attributions. Here is one. It was found in the collection of Ethel Lorena Simmons, b. 1906 in , Washington, Louisiana, married on 1924 July 17 in Franklinton, Washington, Louisiana to Esmond Edward Hennesy, also born in ,Washington, Louisiana in 1903. As the parents of both were born in […]

The Hennesy Line

For convenience of seeing where people fit into family lines, I suppose I ought to put some ancestry information here, and not just depend on the online database. The names below are Clower, Breland, Bullock, Calhoun, Dillon, Everidge, Folsom, Hennesy, Kennedy, Knight, Lott, Miller, Mizell, Moore, Myles, Nobles, Pleasant, Richardson, Rodgers, Simmons, Smith, Thigpen, Welch, […]