Woman with Child on Swing

Washington Parish, Louisiana. A woman hides her face from the camera. A child swings in the background. One can see beyond a shed of some sort and before it perhaps a metal tub. In the background there is either a lake or a farmed field. (Hennesy line.)

Lucius Simmons and Annie Knight Wedding Photo

Lucius Simmons (29 Dec 1883 – 9 Sep 1963) and Annie Knight Simmons (22 Feb 1888 – 1 Sept 1961), wedding photo, November 17 1904 I am guessing the man beside Lucius may be his brother Dewitt. They were said to have been married at the home of Annie’s parents, Marion Thomas “Isaac” Knight and […]

Masonic Pine Lodge #264, 1900

Some years ago I was sent an old and poor xerox of this above image. I found a photo of the original image here, which was far better, but found distracting the flash popping off in the middle of it. I removed the hot spot but, as you can see, I decided not to take […]

Cabin of George and Martha (Johnson) Knight

George Knight (1831-1904) was a sibling of William Knight, the Knight line on this website, both being children of Charles “Charley” Knight and Susannah Williams who were married 1833 in Washington Parish, Louisiana. George Knight married Martha A. Johnson, of Pike County, Missouri, Jan 21, 1858, and perhaps in preparation for this marriage he built […]

Photo of Fannie Frances Lang Smith and Seldon Albert Lang

“This is a photo of my dad, Seldon and his sister, Fannie L. Smith. Aunt Fannie and Daddy were the only ones still living when this photo was taken. Aunt Fannie lived into her 90’s and died just a year or so before Daddy. He was the baby and the last to die.” Courtesy of […]

William Perry Lang and Sarah Phelps Family

William Perry is seated holding his daughter Jessie (b. 1897), wife Sarah on the right. Standing behind are Oscar (b. 1883) and Eula Belle. Not shown are the three oldest children, Albert Winston Lang b. 1869 who married Narcissus Lang, Charles F. Lang b. 1874 who married Rosa Lang (first cousin), William L. Lang b. […]

Obituary of Estus Pete Simmons

Estus D. “Pete” Simmons died March 14 1960 at Sheridan, Washintgon, Louisiana. Estus D. Simmons Dies at Sheridan Estus D. Simmons of Sheridan died at 6:30 this morning at the family residence in Sheridan. He was 52. The funeral party will leave the residence at 4 p.m. tomorrow for the Simmons Cemetery, where graveside rites […]

Fannie Lang (b. 1875)

Fannie Lang, daughter of James Jefferson Lang and Mary Ann Simmons Lang. James Jefferson Lang was the uncle of Albert W. Lang. James Jefferson’s wife, Mary Ann, was Narcissus Lang’s niece. Photo courtesy of Bob Ann Breland.

Photo Albert Winston Lang and Narcissus Simmons Lang, with Evie and Iva, circa 1894

Albert Winston LANG and Narcissus SIMMONS LANG 1869-1959; 1870-1944 Narcis and Albert are seen here with their two oldest children. Narcis is holding Evie (Knight), b. 1893; Albert is holding Iva, b. 1891. Photo would be circa 1894. Image courtesy of Bob Ann Breland.

Perry Lang and Sons Photo

Bob Ann Breland writes, “A distant cousin in Huntsville, Al, found this photo among her late aunt’s things and sent Bob Ann Breland a copy. It is a photo of William Perry Lang and his four sons. Shown in front, Albert Winston Lang (Bob Ann’s grandfather), William Perry Lang and Charles F. Lang. In back […]