The Alphadelphia Association in The People’s Journal

“The People’s Journal” appears to have been a weekly published by John Saunders and William Howitt from Jan 1846 to Jul 1849, and then as “People’s and Howitt’s Journal” from July 1849 to June 1851.

* * * * *

Edited by
John Saunders
Vol. III

People’s Journal Office

The Wisconsin Phalanx is an association approximating to Fourier’s plan, in that State. By a printed report of their first year’s operation, it appears that this association owns in fee simple an estate of 1553 acres, with four distinct mill sites and sufficient water power. Their soil is excellent, and their property wholly unincumbered. Their moral and social condition is also spoken of as prosperous. Lastly, we have to notice the Alphadelphia Association, in the State of Michigan. It also approximates to Fourier’s plan. There is an excellent water power on the domain, which it was proposed to sell out to the capitalist portion of the society. The first wing of their mansion is completed, and is intended to be used principally as a school, and they already print and publish in the establishment the Alphadelphia Tocsin, a fairly edited paper, advocating association, and illustrated with small woodcuts by their own members.

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