McKenney Mystery Photo



Larry McCombs sent this photo noting,

It is a CDV taken during the 1860’s, probably in the earlier part of the decade. The back stamp lists the photographer as ” J. Mitchell” New Castle, PA. The subject appears to be in his 60’s, at the very least, and perhaps older so his birthdate would be late 1700’s to very early 1800’s.

As this photo came from the archives of the McKenney Tripp line, there is a possibility that if it is not a McKenney then it has to do with the McWhirt line, though as far as I know the McWhirts came out of Virginia. Cornelius Sullivan McWhirt did marry in 1856 Mary L. O’Brine who was given as born in Pennsylvania. The Tripps came from Maine and at least down the direct line I know of no Pennsylvania connections for them.

As of yet, out of a rather large database, I have no family individual hailing from New Castle, Lawrence, Pennsylvania, and no family relations from Lawrence County that I know of.

The J. Mitchell who took the photo was perhaps the same John Mitchell living in New Castle Ward 1, Lawrence, Pennsylvania in 1870. He was 45 and his profession listed as an “artist”. That fits. Rarely do I see the profession of artist. His wife’s name is difficult to read, probably Laura, 43. Their children were William W. 19, James W. 15, Mary 12 and Kitta 1.

I don’t observe any McKenneys or McKinneys living in Lawrence County, Pennsylvania in 1870 or 1860.

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